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Interactive robotic kiosks don’t have to be interesting to everyone. However, combine the interactivity of robotic kiosks with serving delicious frozen yogurt and you’ll get everyone’s attention.

Even those people who aren’t much into meddling with tech stuff would want to see their froyo being poured and served by an actual robot. Add a plethora of combinations of flavors, blends, layered servings and toppings and everyone will want to try out this self-operated candy wonder.

If you’ve thought this is just a pitch for some future hi-tech project, Robofusion®, Inc. is way ahead of you. They have not only realized this idea, but also have it functioning as a quite developed franchise business with the yogurt machine dispensing Reis & Irvy’s frozen yogurt.

Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot serves anything you pick out of the wide range of tastes, ingredients and toppings. You are even able to choose how it’s served – if it’s a blend or a cup of layered serving. 



Besides being an interesting refreshment stop during a walk, this kind of kiosk, which involves both technology and food serving, seems to be a failure-proof business as well. One reason behind this is the fact that it triggers everyone’s curiosity – both children’s or adults’.

Kids are guaranteed to come back many times just to see what happens if they choose this flavor or that topping and, of course, how all of those taste. Adults won’t be far behind them either, so it is clear that it is highly unlikely that there’ll be customer shortage.

Another feature that looks like an upside of owning this franchise is the company’s claim that you’ll have their support every step of the way if you opt to start doing business with them.

They’ll install your robot, ship the consumables once you run out of them and you only need to take care of refilling the machine. In addition, the robot does all the work itself, so you don’t need an employee to operate it. Thus, you will be able to cut your costs notably.

Of course, it can work non-stop, which is another plus for the profits. The best trait of all: the franchise cost is significantly lower than the price of other franchises, which is quite important if you don’t have too big of a start-up budget.

Cost and Price Plans

The minimum you are able to invest in launching this franchise business is $150,000 and that gives you three machines to work with. The other business packages are 6 robots for $285,000, 9 for $405,000 and finally, 12 for $510,000.

These prices seem acceptable for an already developed business with full support from the company.

Customer Service

In accordance with their tech-savvy image, Reis & Irvy’s are active on most social media platforms, so that is one way to contact them.

Another way you are able to reach out and ask anything you would like to know about franchise opportunities with them is through the phone at 1-855-385-5333, or via email address at [email protected] That said, these are contacts for the US territory.

If you are interested in setting up a franchise in Canada, the phone number you need to call for further information is 604.928.2618 and the email address is [email protected]

Another option is to launch their franchise elsewhere in the world and the person to contact regarding that kind of business operation is Andrew Beach – Director of International Licenses. 

You are able to reach him on the phone number (858) 210-4229 and via email address at [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

This concept of automated interactive frozen yogurt kiosks is seen in the industry as a trailblazing idea. In fact, the likes of Forbes Magazine has expressed their positive predictions regarding the place this machine will have in the future vending industry trends.

However, not all the franchise owners are satisfied with the support they were recently provided with by the company, i.e. by the lack thereof.

Namely, the first owners of Reis & Irvy’s weren’t really concentrated on creating a true franchise support network as they were on selling the robots. Now, the owners of these “old” franchises are lacking the support from the new company owners as well.

This is why it would be wise to further investigate this issue and inform yourself very well before finally deciding on investing in this franchise.

Competitors and Alternatives

Menchie’s is one of the competitors on the frozen yogurt market and it looks like a well-developed company. However, it doesn’t have the self-operating feature and you’ll still have to employ restaurant staff, which means more expenses.

The Yeh! Yogurt company also offers franchising opportunities and it’s perfect for colder areas where you can’t eat frozen yogurt all year long. Additionally, they state that one of their top interests is supporting their business partners – the franchise owners.

However, you will need quite a big budget, considering that it’s also a restaurant-style business, rather than a self-operating vending machine.

The Happy Cow Froyo founders claim that they will provide you with support through each and every phase of opening your franchise and they boast the lowest franchise fees on the market. 

Still, considering we’re talking about setting up a restaurant, these fees are only one part of the costs, which might turn out to be quite higher.

Where to Buy?

If you are willing to set up your Reis & Irvy’s franchise, you are able to apply through the company’s website at


The market analyses are showing that this kind of interactive vending machine, which lets you make a product to your liking, is the future of the frozen yogurt industry.

Reis & Irvy’s is at the forefront of this innovative technology and is perfect for those prospective franchisers who don’t have enormous start-up capital.

The only thing to check before actually applying for opening your franchise is how much and what kind of support you will get from the company throughout your cooperation.

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Waste of money
December 30, 2019

Better to buy a different ice cream than this, u will get 1/3rd of the cup and end up paying 7$.

Total waste of money

Very less quantity
November 24, 2019

I want to try it and I paid 7$ for like few spoons and the quantity is very very less and I got 1/3rd only of my cup.

Waste of money

Machine at NewsMuseum
August 9, 2019
The machine at the NewsMuseum in DC dispenses a half a cup of yogurt tor $5.00 and there is no way to get toppings. Employees told me that no one services thee machines

March 30, 2019
I have spoken several times to the Franchise owner about opening one of these desert machines and I don't remember him saying anything about re-stocking. He just kept suggesting support was there without giving a lot of detail. I will do more research on my own and ask around and talk to someone that actually owns these. I mean hey, who has 6 figures to just give away.