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Growing companies expanding into other states as well as other countries often find that setting up offices at each new location is quite expensive.  These companies find they can save money simply by renting a Regus virtual office.

Flexible workspace is the primary focus of what affords to the evolving workforce. They have over 1500 locations in 600 cities across 100 countries. Their business centers have products and services that are more cost effective for companies. Regus is afforded with the opportunity to provide customers office space, virtual offices, meeting rooms, mailing addresses, receptionists and much more. At Regus you can rent office space per hour, per day, per month, or yearly. If you are in need of an office at minute notice they can make it happen.

They have staff on duty at all times at all of their locations to assist their customers. Regus receptionists will answer calls on behalf of your company. Their staff will also type, fax, bind, copy documents and if you need them to do so. They will also arrange couriers, rental cars, flower deliverer, dry-cleaning, and set up catered lunches. In addition, their offices have the latest technology and nice furniture to make it feel like an office where you want to be and where you want others to visit.

This is also a great solution for outside sales persons who want to portray a more professional atmosphere in which they conduct their business. It is also beneficial for those who are part of a virtual office and need assistance. Time is limited in the fast paced society we live in, Regus can also help you work more efficiently and save you valuable time.

Using Regus office space is advantageous as far as testing the waters in their new locations prior to committing themselves to a long lease and spending money setting up an office not knowing the outcome of the success and profit that may or may not pan out in the end. It is a great temporary solution for them as their commitment is not in stone.

Online complaints are primarily centered on hidden fees that are listed in their contract. They also have been known to increase rent with each new lease your sign. This may be an unavoidable situation for Regus as they do not own the buildings they occupy. While some of their offices have long term leases and have created some sort of partnership with the property owner, there are some that do not hold that same advantage. If the property owner increases their amount of their lease rent they will pass on the increase to their customers.

Read through the entire contract and lease information before signing it. Make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed the fees and have a complete understanding of their fee structure.

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Regus is worse than used-car salesmen. Extremely sketchy, unprofessional. Stay Away!

February22, 2018

Regus is worse than used-car salesmen. Extremely sketchy, unprofessional. Stay Away!

I was setting up a new business, and just wanted to purchase a business mail address while I still figuring some other details, like co-working office space. I thought I was purchasing a month-to-month business mail address.

First, the sketchy salesperson NEVER explained they had any options for term length: month-to-month, 3-month contract, and 12-month contracts. She told me the monthly rate and could waive one of the two month deposit fees (they call them "retainer" fees, which is bogus; you aren't retaining them for service. It's a deposit fee). So I paid for a one-month deposit and my first month of the agreement when I signed up for the Virtual Office Mail Box.

Second, I only agreed to the price because the sketchy salesperson made it sound like mail service also included phone reception. At $60+/month that would have been a good deal. It isn't. She mentioned they had that service *also*, but for that service, it's $220/month. $60+/month for only a mailbox is a terrible deal. But I since I figured I would get a more permanent office space solution with a co-working center and planned to then change my mailbox address, I let it slide. I shouldn't have.

Third, two days (just 2!) after I signed up and entered my credit card info, I got a nasty-gram email from Regus saying my invoice was past due. What? How on Earth could that possibly be? I just paid them two days prior. I complained and they said "oh sorry...that was auto-generated". Not professional. Not a good customer experience.

Four, I logged into my account to end the agreement after I found a suitable co-working space, and click through the screens to "Terminate the Agreement." They even sent me an email titled "Confirmation of Termination". But as I find out two weeks after receiving this email, it's only confirming that my agreement will terminate.... at the end of 12 months!

Five, I get a notification from my bank that I've been billed after I thought I cancelled my agreement. I call Regus to find out what's going and on and discover for the **first time ever** that my agreement is for 12 months. The customer service representative tells me that they have month-to-month agreements, 3-month agreements and 12-month agreements at this time. NEVER BEFORE was this mentioned to me at all.

Six, their contract terms (the ones you never read) state you must notify Regus, in writing, 3 months BEFORE your contract end date if you wish to cancel --- OR it automatically renews on you for the same term. That's right: You didn't know you were in a 12 month agreement, and failed to state in writing you want to cancel by month 9 -- guess what: you're on the hook for another 12 months!!

Seven, their contract also says that Regus may cancel the contract on you at their **sole discretion** and if they do, you still owe them ALL of the money for the entire contract length, as if you hadn't been cancelled.

It's one thing to provide the client options and let them choose with full information; it's another to try to trick people into deceptive contracts. Regus is the later.

Like I said: sketchy and unprofessional. Stay away from Regus. They're worse than used-car salesmen.

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June 24, 2018

so what did you do ? did you pay it eventally ? i had similar case when they gave me invoice for service i have never use

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