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Bunch of absolute sharks
October 30, 2023

Bunch of absolute sharks, stay away. They screw you for every dollar and lock you in to ridiculous agreements.

I want my retainer
September 28, 2023
I requested my retainer on 7/31/23 and according their policy I should receive my retainer in 30 days. Guess what? No retainer and it's going on 60 days. Other then communication with the site office managers, all communication has been via email and the help desk keeps telling me the same thing. On Sept 15th I was told it would be deposited into my checking account within 5-7 business days and that time has passed and nothing. I keep putting in request via the help desk and I speak with the community managers and still nothing. I have asked for a phone call but you guessed it, nothing. I rented from Regus for 3 years and never missed a rent payment and still I can't get my retainer. This is unprofessional and frustrating but obviously they don't care. The community site managers have been helpful but it's obvious there's only so much they can do. Just give me my money please!!!

August 6, 2023

Worst customer service. I signed up in May for virtual mailbox paid joining fee plus May, paid June notice they charged me an extra $25 a month to send mail to me I never wanted they snuck it in.

I went away in July and couldn't pay as soon as I came back I informed them I had difficulty paying g but paid as soon as I was in America from a European trip. I asked for refund of late fee they said no and refused to provide it.

They don't care they are over charging. If you react virtual mailbox don't use them terrible customer service and can't get out of contact even though I have been there for 3 months. Very disappointing and terrible way to start a relationship.

Communication and unfair Practices
July 17, 2023

One star is too much. I discussed my needs with the local salesperson and was quoted a price. I signed the agreement online and paid the monthly fee in full although it was on the 13th of the month. I later inquired about the services I needed and was told that I signed the wrong agreement, and the cost would be more to receive what I needed.

Three days later I was charged the full amount again. I did not sign the new agreement and did not use any of their services. I tried continuously to contact someone by phone, emails and the portal to cancel my membership agreement. I received an email stating I signed an agreement and do not reply to this email. I am also receiving emails demanding my monthly payments or full payment of the agreement. I do not want to do business with a company that has so little respect for their customers that they won't speak with them after they get their business

Terrible Company
May 23, 2023
Awful company, horrendous customer service. Continuous overcharging and then delays upon delays trying to get your money back. It takes endless emails and months to resolve any issues. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Be prepared to pay them for 2 years no matter what
May 20, 2023

The worst company I've ever dealt with, and yes I said EVER!!!! They took money that they shouldn't have and of course when the bank automatically blocked them I needed to cancel the lease with Regus because how will they get paid... Basically you are trapped for 2 years so think about that before dealing with them.

Do not sign a lease with Regus for more than one year.
December 20, 2022

Regus is extremely dishonest. I signed a three year lease during the pandemic with the promise that the lease would not increase for three years. I just received what they call an annual indexation fee.

The person who leased the space to me is no longer with the company. I am sorry that I did not read the reviews before leasing with Regus in Yonkers NY at Ridge Hill Plaza.

Why Do They Have 1 Star? Hidden Fees!!! Do Not Sign Up With Them.
December 14, 2022

If I could give a zero (0) rating I would. From the beginning they had overcharged my account for things I did not agree on. When I first talked to someone that registered me I precisely told them that I do not want any automatic renewal and someone needs to let me know if I need to renew. Not even 9 months later they automatically renewed without me accepting plus it went from $49 a month to $71 a month without any agreements from me. I called them and they told me I signed and accepted which I didn’t and I asked them to cancel they said they did but the cancellation only goes for 2023. What I do not understand is my renewal was supposed to start in November and in September when I contacted them they are telling me all nonsense why they could not. So I went to my bank and closed the account. They will be sending me to collection as per their email, which is fine. I’ll Deal with the collection people instead of them. Just little credit down which is ok.

December 6, 2022

It says on their website no hidden fees and that was not the case when i opened an account with them they are hiding the activation fees deeply in their website till this second i can't find it and they requested that from me and kept adding late fees till it got to 235 and then they want to report it to the credit bureau i did send screenshots and videos of it is not visible to anyone opening a new account and they said sorry we can't do anything regarding that

I rarely review any business but those are literally thieves WATCH OUT GUYS

Scam Artist!
August 30, 2022

My company singed up for Regus services last August. In my due diligence I requested a copy of a fully-executed agreement binding my company. They refused to provide such saying that the on-line "sign-up" constituted a formal binding agreement.

In Florida, where I am located a party must provide a copy of such upon request - however they have refused. I will be filing a law suit against Regus - others should do the same! Buyer Beware!

Chris OllinWhite October 13, 2022

I agree Steve! I've been using shared office space for over a decade. Have worked with many different companies. My experience with Regus has been 1 star and that's being nice. I will never be going back to them. All the best to you and I would also caution others to look elsewhere. - Chris in Denver

Buyer Beware!
July 28, 2022

Intentionally designed to prevent you from ending contract. Neither the local office or customer support can help. Happened to me last year despite many calls, and the same thing is happening again this year. Google "Regus reviews" and you'll see half the complaints say the same. It's like a horrible maze w/no exits and I must believe it's intentional due to hundreds of reviewers having the same experience.

Bad tenant support
July 14, 2022

To whom this may concern, please be aware and read carefully. I was only like 2 weeks late on getting Regus their monthly payment and they treated me as if I was 2 months behind because they instantly sent my account to collections.

So make sure if you're going to start a contract with this company make sure that you are able to pay on time with no exceptions because your situation will not matter no matter the history that you have with this company even if it has been good.

They have no courtesy for tenants. This could explain why their office floor is so empty. First off one of the collection agents I spoke with insulted me with a statement saying if I would have read my contract then etc... which I explained to her that I clearly understand the contract but the issue that I am having has nothing to do with the contract.

I explained to her that I noticed that no representative ever checks the account before reaching out threatening a tenant to see if a situation has changed. The system shows that the issue is resolved but Regus still try to pursue legal action even after a situation has completely been resolved, one of the collection agents I spoke with a couple hours before this person said she could see where I made the payments, she can see that I am current and she can see that the payment was made days before prior to the email I received from Regus threatening to take legal action.

So I reached out to see why Regus is threatening to take legal action knowing that they can see the issue resolved and she brought up the contract to diminish my concern. I mean if one representative can see it that means everyone can, correct?

YES! I've been with this company for 2 years and I've been late before but never experienced this type of treatment. Out of the 2 years of being with this company I've only been late 4 times making this situation the 4th due to the slow period of my business which all companies have slow periods. I'm an independent company so I'm guessing that's why I have been treated as such.

Even the receptionist at the Regus office front desk stated to me that this happens to independent businesses all the time at Regus so if for any reason if you can't afford it anymore I could just move out and she could terminate my contract, send it to collections, take me to court and put it on my credit. WHAT? What type of courtesy and care for a tenant who's been 95% of a contract paying on time is this?

They treat me as if we have constant issues. She went straight in if I can't afford it which is not the case at hand. Communication is key, something I see that Regus nor its representatives have for tenants. Regus and its employees need to work on addressing situations with loyal tenants.

After so many years or months of current payments you would think to have a little more courtesy with tenants instead of threatening to take legal action without even knowing the tenants' situations.

I would never recommend anyone to this company ever and once this binding entrapped contract that this company has in place expires I will be more than excited to move my business elsewhere. I will be taking this review to Google, Yelp, Bing, etc... and any other social spot that I could leave a review on this company. I thought Regus would be better at resolving issues such as mine but I was completely wrong. 

Fraudulent Billing
March 2, 2022

DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS TO THIS COMPANY!! You will regret it. Their business tactic is unethical!!

I have not entered into a contract with them and yet they have billed me for $ 1000.00. for inquiring about the virtual office service!! I did not authorize this contract! I have not used this company or their service NOT 1 day. I inquired about the services, I still had questions that I needed more information on, I did reply. Yes, I was looking for a virtual office service. Did I enter into a contract with them? No!! Unfortunately, their online app requires you to input your information to get the through their site and to have an agent to contact you! (This is their devil den...right here.... don't fill in the app!!!!)

or you'll be right here with me!

Trying to warn others, while working with the BBB and other legal councils. taking time away from your building business to fighting those trying to bully in theirs!! lessons Learned!! Defiantly check with the BBB and company reviews FIRST!!! FRAUDULENT!! UNETHICAL!! SCAM!! DISHONEST!!

Fraudulent Company! Changing contracts with white-out!
February 9, 2022

Regus changes contracts with white-out behind your back! Always get copies.

A little back story - Had to transfer to a different location because current location (plaza 600) was a joke. 6 months never received my mail, couldn't leave voice messages because Voice mailbox was always full. Contacted area managers/HQ’s for over 4 months but never heard anything back. Good luck trying to receive contact from anyone from Regus until you threaten to leave. “Then you’re affecting their pockets”

I requested a transfer to a different location, signed a new contract, moved all mail and stuff over to the new location. Little did I know they pulled a fast one a couple days later. They took white-out to the new contract and added funds, then charged me.?. Oh, I called Regus out and showed my original contract. They stated, nope this new white-out contract is a binding contract because the person who did it put there initials beside the corrected area...??..

At this point I was done; I would never stay with a company so dishonest and full of scams. So, I sent an email out stating affective immediately I was terminating my service with Regus. This was the response I received

“As outlined in your T&Cs + House Rule, No less than 1 months’ notice from the 1st day of any calendar month, termination made this month will end agreement March 31, 2022”. Plus, transfer fees.

I put my email out in January. So they're making me pay for February & March for a contract they forged.

This fight is not over, I’m reaching out to legal. If anyone is already fighting the battle with Regus please let me know how this or I can help you.

See for yourself, I’ve attached old & new contract, exactly the same besides the white-out areas. Sorry I blacked out personal info.

LaShaunnaKellybrew February 18, 2022

There should be something that can be done to this unethical scam-full company " REGUS"

Regus won't refund for Covid-19 concerns
February 3, 2022

- I tested positive for Covid

- I notified Regus in advance of that reservation that I needed to quarantine per CDC Guidelines

- And they said sorry that’s not a valid concern, that’s outside the scope of our Guidelines and refused to refund the money

I am a trained medical doctor and entrepreneur and this is absolutely unacceptable. We issued a chargeback on Regus and we’ll never use your services again.

The Most Petty Company Ever
September 10, 2021

I needed a Google compliant office. The person I talked to assured me that it was Google compliant so I signed up. An hour later I was advised that it was not Google compliant and I called them back to cancel. Was led on a journey through many different people who said some other department could take care of it, until eventually, 2 days later I was told it could not be cancelled because I signed agreement, but I could be upgraded to a Google compliant office.

This really soured me on them but they have kept on harassing me for this $56 a month office like their lives depend on it, and they keep bringing up the signed agreement, but never respond when I tell them for the millionth time that I signed having been given the wrong information by the agent. They had a chance to keep me in another office, but their pettiness turned me and my whole country-wide company off to using them ever again.

Don't ever trust their word. They are the most petty company I have ever run across.

After various unauthorized charges and an absentee approach to the Coronavirus, it's clear everyone should avoid Regus
May 19, 2020

I worked at a dedicated desk at Spaces (Near North Chicago) for about five months, then signed for a private Regus office at 605 N Michigan Ave.

Both buildings were nice changes of pace for me, as a freelance writer who wanted more human interaction. But in that short time, several problems occurred:

- After two months, Troy Trevino (Area Sales Manager Chicago) asked to renew my contract. I felt I had just moved in. It was January. He wanted me to sign for a May renewal, for another 6 to 12 months.

- That renewal had a $50 rent increase. I asked for reasoning. Troy replied, "I can reduce that a bit for you..." It felt like working with a car salesman. No explanation. Only weird, baseless haggling. Regus seems to sneak in rate increases/fees, taking advantage of busy lives.

- In February, I moved offices. I asked Troy Trevino twice if the new $308 rent would increase later. It was comical watching him avoid the question, looking down and mumbling, half shaking his head and walking away. (I'm thinking, okay whatever, I'll decline if they increase it again.)

- Troy Trevino only gave me two pages from the "House Rules." I later found the actual contract is 12 pages.

- Regus charged an unauthorized "restoration services" fee when I moved offices.

- This one's my favorite. Regus has a coffee machine at 605 N Michigan. It costs $30 per month to use. I told Troy and Iwona (the nice receptionist) that I don't drink coffee. Don't charge me, please. Every invoice since then has included that $30 coffee charge. I finally got it removed for one invoice. But guess what? After the Coronavirus hit, the coffee charge was on my invoice again.

Finally, the Coronavirus.

I understand everyone is in the same boat, but Regus failed to address the virus in any civilized, human way. There was no outreach. Instead, Regus opted for silence and to keep locations open. My lawyer said it's because if they close doors they must stop invoicing.

Regus eventually made "offers" after many tenants scolded them online.

I asked for a brief rent pause. This is my biggest expense as a freelancer and Regus can't uphold their part of the contract. Regus replied with this offer: Extend my agreement for three months. In exchange, they'll cut the next two month's fees by 50%. I mulled this over, and came to the conclusion that Regus is, in fact, attempting to profit off a global crisis.

Let's break that down. My rent is about $300 per month. They're saying that if you pay us $900 more in the future, we'll save you $300 now. Even during normal times, that's a horrible deal. That's almost the exact definition of profiteering.

I'll end with advice for other Regus tenants (given by my small business lawyer):

- Block credit cards from Regus.

- Write online reviews to warn future tenants and get Regus' attention.

- Go to the press. I've contacted WGN and the Chicago Trib. Journalists are writing stories about the good/bad companies of the Coronavirus.

- Don't accept an offer that extends your lease.

- Keep an open, communicative mind, even if Regus doesn't.

- DON'T PAY REGUS until they agree to one of YOUR offers.

- It's probably not cost-effective for Regus to sue for non-payment. The lawyer said they'll probably send you to collections. She said you're often better off dealing with collections. It may ding your credit, but that's fixable. Collections agencies negotiate. They may accept a few hundred bucks to settle.

- Document every potential way Regus breached the contract.

Overall, Regus facilities are nice. Unfortunately, Regus seems to embrace an archaic billing system, along with predatory sales practices and minimal customer service.

Pair that with the absentee approach to the Coronavirus and it's clear that I'll never pay for a Regus office again.

Please stay away from Regus. Spend your money designing a beautiful home office or to support a smaller coworking spot. Good luck to all current Regus tenants! My email is mail (at) joewarnimont (dot) com if you'd like to reach out.

Couldn't be any Worse
March 11, 2020
Double billing, hidden charges, staff turnover, no responses from corporate, and leaving is just as bad. They will forward your mail, but for a small fee of $60 a month. Really have nothing nice to say other than it was a convenient location.

I would Give Them No Stars
February 26, 2020
Don't do it. Don't use them. I put up with the garbage for 6 years and even trying to leave them is horrible. They won't release my phone number and want to charge me $60 a month to forward the mail. And I am leaving because they are shutting down my location.

September 12, 2019

I travel around western Washington state as a mediator and though using Regus offices in various locations where I would conduct foreclosure mediations was a good idea. I quit using them almost four years ago because they would try and book me twice at two different times of the day for the same mediation and then try to double bill me. I now rent conference rooms at law firms- very handy. My account at Regus had a zero balance at the time of my parting ways with them.

A few weeks ago, a Regus representative started calling me on my business phone and has been harassing regarding four alleged invoices that just suddenly appeared and claiming that I owe them $196. Their "proof" is an Excel spreadsheet. As is common with foreclosure mediations, often the parties will come to a resolution in the days prior to the mediation session and I would cancel my conference room reservation with Regus. I believe that these suddenly surfaced invoices were from sessions that canceled 48 hour in advance for which there was no billing and now they are trying to bill me again. The Regus representative has been so aggressive I had to block the telephone number with Verizon. She also told me I had to prove I paid them - my online bank has no records from four years ago. I told her they had to prove that I was there and used the conference room. I am now doing my part when mentoring law students to inform them against using Regus offices when they graduate and begin their own practice. Doing my part to save future victims from this horrible business.

PDC October 24, 2022

Would you consider leading a class action suit. There are 1000’s of others I assure you. Seek punitive damages to teach them a lesson.

TashaDennis October 30, 2022

I am interested also