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Liz Swann Miller, a Naturopath and best-selling Amazon author, has discovered the red tea detox. In an effort to help so many other men and women benefit the same way she has, has put together the red tea detox program.

The red tea detox program includes the recipe to make the red tea, which consists of ingredients you can find at your local grocery store, as well as books and pdfs that detail the program.

Miller explains that she struggled to lose weight after a complicated pregnancy. As a professional weight-loss expert, she was very unhappy with her body and her inability to shed the weight she had gained even though she had tried everything she knew.

Miller first heard of the red tea from a South African college exchange student who had told her a legend about a Kenyan tribe that drank the tea to stop all their feelings of hunger and to gain a feeling of unlimited energy.

Miller braved the African wilderness to obtain this tea. A confrontation with a dangerous snake found her in the midst of an African tribe that had discovered her and was taking care of her. The tribe’s Shaman eventually gave her a cup of the red tea that she discovered made her burn fat quickly and eliminated hunger cravings.


Liz Miller’s goal for her business is to share the red tea detox with other men and women who are looking for a way to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off. She does not want to just help people lose weight, but she also wants to give people back the confidence that they may have lost after gaining weight.

In addition to that, she hopes to inspire freedom and empowerment in those who lose weight, and she hopes to give people back control over their bodies.

Miller’s detox program is different from other similar programs because it forces fat from fat cells while detoxing and purifying your body, cleansing away toxins.

The red tea detox is simple, having only five ingredients, and Miller breaks down for us how each ingredient works. To make it even better, all of her information is backed up by science. All these factors combined are something that many products cannot boast.

Liz Miller’s main product here is her secret Red Tea Detox Program, but when you buy this product from her page, you get several of her other books and a dvd, which range from meal guides to motivation books to a weight loss dvd, as bonus gifts.

Some of these books include The Ultimate Super Food: Guide for Super Health, The 5 Detox Methods of Fabulous Celebrities, and 100 Great-tasting Green Smoothis Fat-loss Recipes, and the bonus dvd is Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis.

How does it Work?

The Red Tea Detox Program works by drinking a tea that is made of five secret ingredients – you won’t know the ingredients without purchasing the program though. The red tea claims to detoxify and purify the body by forcing fat from fat cells to cleanse away toxins.

This detox is meant to help you shed unwanted weight that your body is holding onto and to boost your metabolism by “resetting” your body.


The Red Tea Detox Program is advertised at one low price - $37. The website also claims to provide a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. $37 is the only price mentioned, and it includes all of the bonus gifts listed above.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most of the reviews point out that the program is very inexpensive. After that, opinions vary greatly. Some of the positives point out that the program is effective at aiding in weight loss when used according to the program guide.

One of the positive reviews points out that this program works quickly, showing results after just one week. Another plus is that all the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.

Reviewers also liked that this was a detox instead of just a diet, and that the pdf book emphasizes the importance of how eating, exercising, and personal motivation all work hand in hand.

In addition to all of this, another thing to keep in mind is that the entire detoxifying and healthy eating process is very safe and healthy for anybody. This isn’t like crash-dieting, where you deprive your body of calories. This is a lifestyle change that, even if it doesn’t work the way it claims to, will (worst case scenario) still benefit your body and overall health tremendously.

But for all the positive reviews, there are still many that are negative. Of the negative reviews, one of the biggest comments is that the author does not exist. This is due to the fact that the program’s creator, Liz Swann Miller, uses a stock internet photo and supposedly steals pictures and reviews from other places.

The Red Tea Detox Program is also pointed out to be affiliated with other similar diet and detox programs, all of which are thought to be a part of the same pyramid scheme. Negative reviews also point out that the scientific research is not sound or does not support the claims made on the program’s website.

Competitors and Alternatives

Other detox teas are available. One alternate detox tea to try is the Wellness 14-day Detox Tea, which has received lots of positive attention. The ingredients include many natural body-healthy ingredients, such as dandelion, burdock, rosehip, and honeybush, just to name a few. The only downside to this product is that while it is effective, the toxin elimination process can be a little harsh.

Another alternative is the Baetea 28 Day Detox. This product is sold by a well-known company and is an Amazon’s Choice product. It contains several types of tea – rooibos, green tea, matcha green tea, and oolong tea – as well as other common weight loss ingredients, such as ginger, guarana seed, and garcinia cambogia. These probably sound familiar if you’ve ever looked into weight loss products.

Yogi’s Detox Tea is also a top choice because it is a very popular, high-quality company. Yogi teas are carried in many grocery stores and can be purchased on Amazon, where it has thousands of positive reviews. The only downside to this is that some people may find it to be a little too harsh on their stomachs or a little too spicy for their tastes.

Other options include: Skinny Bunny Tea, FruitTeaTox, and FitTea.

Where to Buy?

The Red Tea Detox Program book can be purchased by itself on Amazon for around $15, but it is just the book. The entire program, complete with all of the program components and the bonus gifts, seems to be sold exclusively on the website for $37.


The idea of dieting and trying the dozens of different fad diets available seems to have lost ground as the concept of detoxing the body has gained momentum. Many detox teas are available, but the Red Tea Detox Program is more than just a tea – it’s an entire program.

The benefits of detoxing your body are countless and can help you begin an entirely new lifestyle in which you find confidence, freedom, and empowerment. And with a 60 day money back guarantee, you really can’t go wrong.

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