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Josh - Scammy Pants

January30, 2013

Rates F by the BBB... need I say more.

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Same potential scam issue as and Josh Fraser

January28, 2013

This, unfortunately, is yet another website, of the 120 different websites with Josh Fraser as the sole contact. As seen in his numerous websites, when you believe you are signing up for a one dollar charge, you end up getting charged 120+ dollars over the course of 6 months through pretty devious practices.

Also, charges can come from one of his multiple websites, making it difficult for a bank to block, apart from canceling the full account.

Chances are "Josh" will post a response on here soon saying to just go through him. I encourage anyone that has dealt with this guy to go through the FTC complaint department and the BBB. This has got to stop.

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Bill A.
January 29, 2013

Josh Fraser recently released a press release saying that people get get frustrated with the customer service his company has provided and vent their frustrations through blogs and on review sites. He further states that he is going to seek out these people to find an "equitable solution". The ONLY response I have read about him seeking this "equitable solution" through a blog complaint was by threatening a lawsuit to force them to stop posting negative reviews (

To read this laughable press release, see the link below

To will
January 29, 2013

FTCJanuary 23, 2013FTC attorney Kathryn Decker
Federal Trade Commission
[email protected]

She headed up the case against Jessie -- and Mobile Web Media's Elizabeth Graver.

Perhaps we should all send her an email and "inconvenience" Josh for a change.

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