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If done wisely and carefully investing in real estate can be one of the most lucrative business endeavors.  There are many different methods and strategies for investing in real estate.

It's important to invest with a method that will not put you at complete risk.  Even though the current mortgage "crisis" is being blamed on the sub-prime loan debacle many of the people that lost the most were middle class investors.

Taking advantage of lax lending policies they overextended themselves in an effort to quickly flip additional properties.  Yet when the market slowed and they weren't able to sell they spiraled into economic down fall.  This is why it's crucial to invest within your means.  This is why if you are new to real estate investing you should build up your cash reserves and savings, in an effort to avoid a situation in which one bad deal can leave you bankrupt.

Some popular methods being taught today for creative real estate investment include no credit or cash up front, such as flipping houses, lease options, and "subject to" transactions, alternative financing methods, and more. If implemented properly these techniques are low-risk and can net you thousands of dollars with each successful deal.

One of the most important things to understand about real estate investing is that everything takes time.  Even though you may see commercials or read advertisements about people getting rich over night, that is simply not the case.

Here are a few basic real estate strategies for investing in Single Family Homes:

1. Buy and Hold: The idea is to purchase a house with the intent of renting it out.  Ideally, the rent should cover your mortgage, giving you positive cash flow and a long term wealth building strategy.

2. Buy Low-Sell High: You want to buy a home in an area that has real estate activity whether up and coming or reinvigorated.  After buying the home you make repairs both structural and cosmetic and put the home back up for sale at a higher price.  Ideally the initial price of the home should be low enough to cover repair costs, one or two mortgage payments, resale costs, and enough profit to make it worth the time and effort.

3. Leasing: This strategy allows you to control the property without owning it.  Again you can sublease the property at a higher cost than your lease for positive cash flow.  The important thing is to try to obtain the sublease for as long as possible with the favorable terms.

Just remember that in any real estate investor's career there is a list of bad decisions, the key to becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur is to learn from those mistakes.

Real Estate Course and Guru Reviews

Foreclosure Investing-

Foreclosure Investing is at an all time high, simply because foreclosures have risen incredibly over the past few years.  This form of investing allows RE investors a chance to purchase distressed properties below market value.  There is a lot to learn about when dealing with foreclosures and many laws to follow to ensure your deals don't get flagged.

When a home owner fails to make a loan payment they are served with a summons from their creditors.  This failure to pay becomes a matter of public record at the county clerk's office and oftne hinders the home owner from further borrowing to repay the initial loan.

The home owner is given a limited amount of time to pay the loan, sell the home, or come to some form of agreement with the creditor.  If they are unable to complete any of these steps a foreclosure sale will be scheduled.

At this stage investors can bid on the the amount owed otherwise the property becomes REO, simply owned by the lender.  At this point it is no longer possible for investors to deal with the former home owner on any deals.  This is why the Preforeclosure market is booming, it allows investors to deal with home owners directly and avoid this stage.

It is estimated that currently in the US one out of every four homes is in some stage of the foreclosure process.  There are many opportunities for investors to buy low since banks or mortgage companies are satisfied with not selling for more than they have pledged against the property.

As a foreclosure investor it's very important to learn as much as you can about the general foreclosure process.  Then you must learn about state specific procedures and laws in order to confidently work with homeowners in order to help them avoid the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure Investment Course and Guru Reviews

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