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About is a website that claims to pay you to read and rate articles.  ReadBud says that you choose your topics of interest, read and rate articles on those topics, and you will be rewarded at the rate of $0.05 per article.

ReadBud allows you to change your topic of interest once every 24 hours, so if you tire of reading articles about the automotive industry, you can choose to move on to articles about camping and fishing.

You must have a PayPal account in order to receive payment from ReadBud, and you are allowed to cash out your account once you reach earnings of $50.00.

There are some complaints that offers a very low payment rate – $0.05 – with a very high cash out limit – $50.00.  This is a warning sign because there is a large variety of problems that could occur between the time you start earning money and the time you reach your cash out limit, and any one of them could result in your not being paid.  This means you may do a ton of work for, essentially for free.

Many customers complain that while they received a high volume of articles in the beginning of their membership, once their account started nearing $50.00, their article volume dropped substantially.  Other members report that they were locked out of the site once they got close to their pay out sum.

Another issue with ReadBud comes from where they source their articles.  Many of their articles can be found on other websites and from sources like Ezine, however all the author information is removed.  This indicates that they can be copying articles from other sources without permission, and without paying for them.

Finally, as you read ReadBud articles, you’ll see a box pop up bringing your attention to the ads posted in the article, and encouraging you to click on the links.  This is a practice that's against policy for many advertisers, as it negatively affects the data they collect for their advertisers and falsely generates money for ReadBud.  Google AdSense has already dropped ReadBud for this practice and it’s possible that other advertisers will as well.

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Scam or are they even keeping up with it?

March2, 2018

I have learned a lot working in this industry that is not just that they are lots of SCAM ARTIST but there is the possibility that they just couldn’t keep up anymore so they are not even keeping up with their end of their deal.
That’s my intake on this, we need to be more aware of what we get ourselves into and hey is not like we invested any money in it.
Here’s the trick if you don’t see any income been deposited into your PayPal then pal is time to move to a different side job, now I am not defending them I am only looking at it from my perspective and my experience.

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Readbud false pormise

November13, 2012

I encountered same situation from those who had given their experience with readbud. I signed up two years ago, I was reading articles regularly, first I got 3 to 5 articles a day but when I reach $40 I hardly got 2-3 articles a day.

The reviews from the readers are right, they are just making false promises to the reader just to attract more readers for them to use free of cost.

Now, I got $49 in for the said pay out but the site is non accessible, how can we claim the payments.
Readbud is cheater, scam, and user.

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December 21, 2012

yes....i got $49 but now i site is non accessible.......i wasted my time past one year

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japyang thakuri

Why is ReadBud not working?

August19, 2012

I have been using read bud for months but these days, it's not responding. I dont know why?

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March 27, 2019

What's the problem with collecting payment is this company with BBB.

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Louisse Sousa


August11, 2012

Beware, Readbud is a big SCAM. They don not pay. They owe my and my wife 50 Dollars each, the money never arrived. Do not waste your time!!! They cheated me!!!!

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They Cheat

August6, 2012

About 2 years ago I heard about it, and started to read the articles. The payout target is $50, but when i reached close to $40 they stopped giving me articles regularly. Sometime i get one or two articles after 15 to 30 days. Now i reached $48.something and tried to log in the site and get a message from my browser (Oops! Google Chrome could not find i'ts really a SCAM.

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October 10, 2012

readbud is a total fraud

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Kelvion Fontwell

Scam Site

September30, 2011

When I first stumbled across this site I thought all my Christmases had come at once. The deal is - you read an article rate from one to five and then collect any amount of money between 3c to 15c per article. In the first day I made $1.20 and the same again the next day and the day after that.

It allows you to cash out when you reach $50 but beware as time goes on and you get nearer and nearer to the $50 the available articles drops to as low as 5c per day

For me I reached my target after a long and laborious seven months. I finally reached my target requested payout but six months later there is no sign of any cash in my PayPal account. I have read many similar stories about these charlatans too. Avoid!

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July 03, 2012

Yeah, I have the same common problem as well and it took me longer than 7 months, it's already a year now. My current balance is up to $47.99 which I only need another 2 bucks to redeem my first $50. I wish someone who has read this article can banned them legally for goods, it is totally a SCAM.

August 04, 2012

Yes he is correct i also read some article and i get $37 but now i try to login this site but i can't i got a message from my browser (Oops! Google Chrome could not find i think they block my IP or my account i'ts really SCAM..

March 26, 2016

Okey it is correct.

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