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Successfully capturing the public’s interest with a classified ad is reliant upon the seller’s ability to endorse their item and its attractiveness to potential buyers. Reachoo is an online interactive classified ad service to connect local communities of sellers and buyers to one another. You can find and post classifieds for jobs, services, items, and houses through their website or even through their mobile application.

Many sites with classified ad listings offer sellers and buyers minimal services and functionality, but Reachoo has enhanced the traditional means of online advertising with free video classifieds. Their database has millions of listings in thousands of locations.

As of right now they are in a beta-testing stage so their service is free to members. There isn’t a limit on the number of postings that each seller can list and each one expires 45 days from the post date.

Sellers have the potential to captivate the market with the use of video content. Sellers can use the videos to demonstrate the working condition of items and ultimately put the buyers mind at ease as they evaluate their decision. In addition, sellers’ ads are also posted to Reachoo’s syndicated partners’ websites increasing their exposure even further.

If you are searching through classified ads for an item or service it can often be tedious and time consuming. There are so many different sites with classified postings to browse and not enough time to evaluate whether or not to buy the item before someone else grabs it. Reachoo Alerts can be set up in your online account to receive updates when new postings match your specified saved searches.

To enhance the future experiences of other users who will also have transactions with the person whom you conducted your transaction through, you can write a review. This feedback will be helpful to them as they continue to build their reputation in the Reachoo community.

Complaints and concerns from Reachoo users pertain to scam emails they received. Setting up a separate email account may help reduce potential issues you could encounter while scrolling through these unsolicited emails. Other problems noted by users pertainted to canceling accounts and reaching customer service reps.

There are many benefits of Reachoo for sellers and buyers using classified ads. Once Reachoo comes out of their beta testing period and payments are required by members, the spam content may be able to be controlled and monitored more effectively.

In the meantime, while their service is still free, it is probably a good idea to try it out and evaluate the effectiveness of unique ad features. Once a payment structure is put into place, you will then be able to decide if the value of the service in relation to the monetary requirement will be worth it in the end.

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March28, 2016

So I was selling a boat on Craigslist and just out of curiosity, I google searched my boat model to see others out there. When I clicked on google images, I was surprised to see an image of my specific boat! When I clicked on the image, it directed me to a site called Mitula. Then I found several ads that some scammer placed using my photos and description! Basically, someone copied my photos and description from my Craigslist ad and placed a fake ad out there! When I clicked on one of these fake ads, it got directed to a site called Reachoo. I contacted both Mitula and Reachoo and informed them of these bogus scam attempts but never got any response! The ads are still up there and neither Mitula or Reachoo will do anything about it! I've never heard of either Mitula or Reachoo, nor do I know if they are legitimate sites, but I would strongly suggest NOT using these sites. Either they are behind the scam attempts, or simply do not care! Still can't believe some low-life would copy and paste someone's ad and create a fake ad like that. I hope these scammers get what they deserve at the end!

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Jerry K.

No Response

August7, 2013

I looked up drivers for Napa tours through Craig's List and was somehow forwarded to Reachoo for a driver. I could not contact anyone without registering on Reachoo, so I reluctantly did so.
I used a weird password rather than some more familiar one's since I simply did not feel comfortable with them collecting data on me.

They were supposed to confirm my registration immediately through email, which was certainly correct, but I received nothing. I now suspect they may be trying to use combinations of my email and the password I supplied for my Facebook access etc. For all I know, this site is sponsored by Obama's and his cronies.

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