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About Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College was founded in 1900 in Minnesota with the goal of provided “career focused education” to their students, and over one hundred years later, they claim to have stayed true to their goal.

With twenty-four campuses that students can physically attend, and more than forty different online degree programs, Rasmussen promises to make education available to students around the world.

With their career focused education, Rasmussen College decided to design their course programs with the concept of fast tracked graduation, so that their students can enter the workforce and begin earning money faster.

Many of their programs can be completed within nine, twelve, or eighteen months, and their website says that more than 85% of their graduated students currently work in their chosen field.

Rasmussen offers Certification programs for jobs like an EKG Technician, Phlebotomist, Paralegal, or Software Application Development Specialist, and more. They also offer a huge range of Associate’s Degrees programs.

Their on campus and online Bachelor’s Degree programs include diplomas in areas like Health Information Management, Accounting, Business Management, Early Childhood Education, Nursing, Computer Science, and more.

If you choose to enter into an online degree program, Rasmussen promises that all their coursework will be held to the highest standards under federally recognized organizations of educational accreditation. You will interact with all teachers through fully capable student portals.

For students who are interested in attending one of their on campus locations, they have multiple campuses located in the states of Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

And as a further incentive for their prospective students, they have something they call “Straightforward Tuition.” This means that whenever you sign up for your particular program, your tuition costs will be locked in place until you finish all your coursework and graduate. Your costs will never increase while you are earning your degree.

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September20, 2020

I went there and all I have to show is 62k for a 2 year BS...I am trying my best to get out from under this financial rip off any way I can

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