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Rare Carat is a startup company launched in October 2016 and has produced an e-commerce platform for comparing and buying various diamonds and diamond rings.

Based in New York, this company stands out because of its usage of data science and technology to streamline the entire process.

Having experienced much difficulty when buying diamonds, which he knew next to nothing about, the founder decided to eradicate the problem and help others in the same situation by establishing this company.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a business-themed reality TV show that has won multiple Emmy Awards. The show allows entrepreneurs to give pitches about their business and hopefully win themselves some investments from the Sharks on the show.

That said, the CEO of Rare Carat, Ajay Anand, travelled to Dallas to audition for a place on this illustrious TV show.


This platform allows you to search for diamonds online, find the exact stone that you’re looking for and also helps you to compare the prices for them at the same time.

The search engine on the main page of the website lets you use different parameters to dig for your favored diamond. Among these parameters are shape, cut, carat, color, certification and more.

To make the buying process as painless as possible for its clients, the Rare Carat website also has an artificial intelligence bot named Rocky.

This bot is able to answer all your questions in layman’s terms. This smart program was created by partnering with IBM and can be helpful for both veterans and newbies to the diamond-buying game.

How Does it Work?

What makes Rare Carat a unique and useful platform is not just its ability to compare the diamonds you’re looking at. Rather, the AI bot on the website is what truly makes it shine.

Rocky, the AI bot mentioned previously, can do many things. It is an education intensive program that can teach you about diamonds and what affects the value and price these diamonds on the fly.

An enormous treasure trove of data and information is used to produce the system on Rare Carat. Besides this, Rocky the bot is capable of learning every day that it is used.

It can get smarter with each usage and become even more helpful and knowledgeable while carrying out its prime directive of guiding you to your diamond best friend.

Cost and Price Plans

Rare Carat does not charge its customers for the service it provides. In fact, they aren’t the ones selling the diamonds.

Instead, Rare Carat just guides potential diamond-buyers to various retailers such as DreamStone, Ritani and Zoara.

Customer Service

The people at Rare Carat do not provide any guarantees, cash back or anything of the like. This is because they are providing a service and essentially, only act as an intermediary.

However, should you have any issues with using the website or anything related to that, the website has a chat box where you are able to get help. Alternatively, you may use e-mail to get in contact with the company at [email protected]

Online Reviews & Complaints

While the company and website are still relatively new, it has gained a large following and a community of users more than 2 million strong.

Practically all the reviews found online sing the website and company praises. Users have commented that the platform has not only helped them find the perfect diamond at the best price, but also to learn more about the diamonds they are purchasing.

Competitors and Alternatives

However, Rare Carat isn’t the only website that offers a service where you compare diamonds. In fact, there are many websites out there.

That said, these are the top three alternatives, namely: Diamond Hedge, Magnum Jewelers and Blue Nile.

Rare Carat vs Diamond Hedge - Diamond Hedge lets you choose the diamond rings you favor and even lets you try them on using artificial reality technology.

It also provides the service of comparing the rings from different companies that sell them, letting you find the best deal.

Rare Carat vs Magnum Jewelers - Magnum Jewelers serves as the online interface for the company’s boutique based in St. Thomas. The website has a search engine that can let you filter through various diamonds based on your preferences.

Rare Carat vs Blue Nile - Blue Nile, compared to Rare Carat, is the first online jeweler, having started its service back in 1999.

Much like Rare Carat, it also provides various tips to help you find the right diamond. However, it doesn’t have an AI bot like Rare Carat does.

Where to Buy?

The Rare Carat website can be accessed at www.RareCarat.com.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to purchase a diamond or diamond ring but have no idea where to start looking, Rare Carat is a good place to check out.

It will help you get to know more about diamonds and discover your preferences as well as find you the best deal that’s available.

If you have any experience with Rare Carat or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Easy to Compare
April 29, 2022
I love Rare carat's search engine to find diamonds. Very easy to use and compare.