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Rabbit TV is USB stick which, according to their website, promises to provide its users with free access to internet television, including over 5,000 television stations and 9,000 radio stations.

Purchasing the Rabbit TV USB stick costs $10, plus a $6.99 Shipping & Handling fee, or if you can find a store which sells “As Seen On TV” products, Rabbit TV will cost a flat $10 fee for annual use. If you choose to continue service the following year, you will be charged another $10 annual fee.

Potential purchasers of Rabbit TV often wonder “How does it work?” Well, instead of providing you with direct service from a cable provider, you are given access to a system of websites which feature full television episodes.

All you have to do is insert the USB stick into any computer device in your home, select your home country, and then choose the television show you want to watch. The website promises that installation only takes seconds, and there is no limitation on how often or how much you watch.

When it comes to internet based television, many people first think of smart boxes, or products like the brand name Roku. When comparing Rabbit TV vs Roku, the first thing you should know is that Roku – or other smart boxes – are stationary. They connect your television to the internet and give you access to television through paid for providers like Hulu or Netflix.

Since Rabbit TV is a USB stick, it connects to any PC, desktop, or laptop, so therefore it can travel with you wherever your electronic devices do.

However, real customer comments show many complaints that Rabbit TV simply sends them to a variety of websites which offer partial episodes, or partial seasons, since these websites are not considered full service providers like the networks you have access to when you subscribe to cable, or alternative providers like Hulu and Netlix.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Rabbit TV reviews below.

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Rabbit TV is not for me.

April20, 2013

This item is NOT $10.00 because the company is appearing to scam people by adding additional and unwanted items to the bill. The total amount is around $67.00 I just seen this thing selling at Walgreens for $19.95 (Only one in the package). I wanted to check reviews B4 buying it.

I don't think many people are crying over the lost $10.00 its the $67.00 and loss of personal information that is driving people crazy.

One can Google internet TV and Radio stations and use your "bookmarks" feature to create your very own customized list of TV and Radio stations for FREE. For radio I already use: www.TuneIn.com, aol radio and sometimes pandora. I watch TV FREE on Hulu.com, TVLand and others. You can watch Full FREE Episodes of most shows simply by going to the network it airs on such as abc.com, nbc, cbs, AETV.com, etc. . .

Is it a scam? sure sounds like it. Would I buy Rabbit TV? Never in a million years.

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April 23, 2013

The rabbit and the rabbit company is a scam. Don't use your credit card to purchase because they will illegally charge you over sixty dollars to pay for the next 6 years. A charge I did not authorize. The owner of the company and all those representatives will lose everything they own and be hungry for what they are doing. Mark my words. They steal your money. They better repent and refund or ....

Don't buy the rabbit, IT IS A SCAM
April 23, 2013

Don't buy the rabbit, the rabbit and the company is ripping people off.
IT is a scam. May they rot in hell.

May 13, 2013

Buy yourself a disc off ebay for a few bucks free shipping and get a list & links to free TV & Movies.

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Rabbit Tv Reviewer

Bought today! Returned today!

April16, 2013

No live person for support. No phone # unless you pay for premium service? Shows are delayed in playing, like cheap webcams.Can get same "access" as they call it on internet yourself. Joke! Just purchased today and mine is going back to store today.

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I WON'T BUY IT!!!!!!

April11, 2013

After reading all the bad reviews about USB Rabbit TV™ I won't risk my $10.00 plus who knows other additional charges. A review up the thread saying that USB Rabbit TV™ asks for personal information and will be selling it to others is a CLEAR NO NO DO NOT BUY this junk for $10.00. Thanks for your input guys! You saved me from buying this product.

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April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013 at 5:21 pm
they stole 71.99 from me, that they insist they didnt take.
I have incurred bank fees of 35.00 because of that charge.
they told me to prove they took it and I faxed them bank statements
and more. they wont give me my money back and i didnt order from them.
what they fail to tell us here in the states is they are based in the
middle east and you can only talk to people in the middle east when you call.
all the same places where the people from 911 and where the boston bombers
learned from, need I say more or would you like to fund terrorisim

April 26, 2013

That's a pretty ignorant comment. Need I say more...

Star man
May 02, 2013

These negative reviews don't make sense. They obviously didn't use the product. For $10 it's a decent Hulu

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riley parks

it is what it is !!!

April10, 2013

you people are stupid !!!! what do you expect for 10.00 it is what it is.

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dave c


April10, 2013

They ask you in the registration for all sorts of personal information. They then tell you they will sell that information to anybody. This info is required to activate. I declined.

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May 19, 2013

Just bought one at Walgreen's for the $10 and am heading bck to return it. If this Rabbit is passing on or selling my info, that's SURELY not needed. Thanks for the comments.

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Christina Fraser

no star for rabbit tv

April3, 2013

This is a scam. I called and ordered one and got one extra free. What I received was two rabbit SUBs. Then I read the bill. $67.12!!! They added a six year warranty to my order. I called them and they REFUSED to remove the charge. Total scam and I 'm notifying the Better Business Bureau next.

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April 06, 2013

You could have called your card issuer to refund that amount... still can

April 16, 2013

Christina --

If what you wrote above is true, then I would say that IceQueen is right. Immediately contact your creditcard company and have them take back the money from RabbitTV and credit it to your account.

Also, UNLESS whatever the "fine print" of your sign-up agreement with RabbitTV CLEARLY gives RabbitTV permission to add-on that "warranty", you could possibly have a strong case for (a) going after RabbitTV legally (i.e., via a lawsuit) and/or (b) filing an official complaint with your state's Attorney-General (and the New Jersey state Attorney-General, because RabbitTV's address is given as NJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.gov), which you can do online.

For that matter, perhaps it would be an idea to at least contact the NJ state AG's office and ask them if they have any information about, or cases regarding, RabbitTV and issues such as yours.

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Sucks bro

March31, 2013

it frickin stinks...

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June 12, 2013

it sounded like a "to good to be true" story to me. I am so happy I decided to check out some reviews first. after the things I have just read, rabbit TV is a gimmick I can do without ! thanks.

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I wouldn't run out and cancel your existing TV plan anytime soon...

March30, 2013

Nothing but a bunch of Malware to infect your computer. You can do a Google search and find all the same stuff. This implies that you'll be be in some exclusive club that only they provide. For $10 it Seems way to good to be true, you know the rest. It lasted plugged in my computer for 8 min. Take it back, find your nearest Dollar Tree, and buy 10 dancing solar bunnies. A much better investment.

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April 11, 2013

10 dancing bunnies? Is that another provider

June 01, 2013

The solar bunnies are far more entertaining (and cheaper) than that Rabbits*it TV scam.

Old Gus
July 09, 2013

You are right about the malware. I declined to register and removed the item from my USB port. At 2 am my computer came on with a loud Rabbit TV commercial. Then, 24 hours later, I got a phony warning about a virus with instructions to "click here". The warning said the Microsoft Security Essentials found the virus. I have Windows 8 with Windows Defender. I am running virus and malware scan right now on that computer. Don't plug it in if you bought it. I am complaining to Walgreens and suggesting they stop carrying Rabbit TV.

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