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April 29, 2013
The Rabbit TV is really cool. It actually does have a large arsenal of shows and stuff which is why I am giving it 5 stars. It is easy to use and looks like any internet TV interface. For $10 it is cheaper than other websites like Hulu and gives the same content.

MSVEEHERE August 24, 2013


Robert October 29, 2013

I don't believe this review.

Funkin Awsum
April 25, 2013
People it is $10 and if your worried about them charging u after the year is a bunch of money just got buy 5 of them from Walmart and replace it once a year with a new rabbit usb.... just got it at Walmart for $10 gives you ALOT and is organized....time saver...live news feeds from all channels and classic shows and movies from the 1920 to today....

Bah April 28, 2013

You must work for the company - this thing is a piece of crap that only gives you what you could already find for free on the internet.

$10 May 01, 2013

yea but it gives you everything at one site without searching for hours..... i dont work for the company.... i just dont let $10 chump change get me down for a good buy like the RABBIT TV USB..... Great deal fro $10 bucks........

Harry T July 11, 2013

So what's your interest in this device...? Just by your tone I can tell you have some reason to post Positive feedback. "i just dont let $10 chump change get me down for a good buy like the RABBIT TV USB"... what's that supposed to mean...? don't sweat it if it doesn't work or allows Viruses to piggy back into your Computer when downloading Google Crome as that's what they want ppl who buy them to use as their Default Browser...? You are so Transparent in your review it's laughable. No Bias with you Right...? If you believe that your comment is being taken in a positive way you are Mistaken... when the Neg out shines the Pos comments it's plain to see who's right and who's trying to Defend something that obviously is a SCAM...!! Your as much as saying "hey ppl what's yer problem, it's only $10 of your hard earned money youe Wasting"... I'd like to shake some sense into you for being a FN Liar...!!

To write out the entire name "Rabbit TV USB" just shows that you are posting that line as a form of Advertising the product. You're obviously not from the USA as we don't speak like you write... nobody would write out bthe whole name of the product just for the purpose of being sure there is no mistake as to what Product your talikng about... and the "Great Deal For $10" was the Topper... It's Straight Up Advertising...!!! Jerk Wad...!!

Bret D August 24, 2013

They ask you to make hidden system files visible make damn sure the internet isn't loaded if you do this and change back before you go back on the internet

MSVEEHERE August 24, 2013


Exactly what I need
April 23, 2013
I'm not really that much of an Internet person, so Rabbit TV is a godsend. They have all of my shows neatly organized, which is great. I've also started exploring their movie section. So many movies! Thanks to whoever made this product and decided to sell it for only $10.

Shiva L August 23, 2013

then you got jipped foo.

Thanks for everything
April 23, 2013
After reading your reviews I will definitely not be buyin this. As a computer person I wondered what they offered that bookmarks and google didn't and now I know. Exorbited charges and loss of privacy. Thanks to those who dared spend the money

Rabbit TV is not for me.
April 20, 2013

This item is NOT $10.00 because the company is appearing to scam people by adding additional and unwanted items to the bill. The total amount is around $67.00 I just seen this thing selling at Walgreens for $19.95 (Only one in the package). I wanted to check reviews B4 buying it.

I don't think many people are crying over the lost $10.00 its the $67.00 and loss of personal information that is driving people crazy.

One can Google internet TV and Radio stations and use your "bookmarks" feature to create your very own customized list of TV and Radio stations for FREE. For radio I already use: www.TuneIn.com, aol radio and sometimes pandora. I watch TV FREE on Hulu.com, TVLand and others. You can watch Full FREE Episodes of most shows simply by going to the network it airs on such as abc.com, nbc, cbs, AETV.com, etc. . .

Is it a scam? sure sounds like it. Would I buy Rabbit TV? Never in a million years.

Mary April 23, 2013

The rabbit and the rabbit company is a scam. Don't use your credit card to purchase because they will illegally charge you over sixty dollars to pay for the next 6 years. A charge I did not authorize. The owner of the company and all those representatives will lose everything they own and be hungry for what they are doing. Mark my words. They steal your money. They better repent and refund or ....

Don't b April 23, 2013

Don't buy the rabbit, the rabbit and the company is ripping people off.

IT is a scam. May they rot in hell.

H-Henry May 13, 2013

Buy yourself a disc off ebay for a few bucks free shipping and get a list & links to free TV & Movies.

Bought today! Returned today!
April 16, 2013
No live person for support. No phone # unless you pay for premium service? Shows are delayed in playing, like cheap webcams.Can get same "access" as they call it on internet yourself. Joke! Just purchased today and mine is going back to store today.

I WON'T BUY IT!!!!!!
April 11, 2013
After reading all the bad reviews about USB Rabbit TV™ I won't risk my $10.00 plus who knows other additional charges. A review up the thread saying that USB Rabbit TV™ asks for personal information and will be selling it to others is a CLEAR NO NO DO NOT BUY this junk for $10.00. Thanks for your input guys! You saved me from buying this product.

Whisper813 April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013 at 5:21 pm

they stole 71.99 from me, that they insist they didnt take.

I have incurred bank fees of 35.00 because of that charge.

they told me to prove they took it and I faxed them bank statements

and more. they wont give me my money back and i didnt order from them.

what they fail to tell us here in the states is they are based in the

middle east and you can only talk to people in the middle east when you call.

all the same places where the people from 911 and where the boston bombers

learned from, need I say more or would you like to fund terrorisim

Saudishot April 26, 2013

That's a pretty ignorant comment. Need I say more...

Star m May 02, 2013

These negative reviews don't make sense. They obviously didn't use the product. For $10 it's a decent Hulu

it is what it is !!!
April 10, 2013
you people are stupid !!!! what do you expect for 10.00 it is what it is.

April 10, 2013
They ask you in the registration for all sorts of personal information. They then tell you they will sell that information to anybody. This info is required to activate. I declined.

Mrx May 19, 2013

Just bought one at Walgreen's for the $10 and am heading bck to return it. If this Rabbit is passing on or selling my info, that's SURELY not needed. Thanks for the comments.

no star for rabbit tv
April 3, 2013
This is a scam. I called and ordered one and got one extra free. What I received was two rabbit SUBs. Then I read the bill. $67.12!!! They added a six year warranty to my order. I called them and they REFUSED to remove the charge. Total scam and I 'm notifying the Better Business Bureau next.

IceQueen April 06, 2013

You could have called your card issuer to refund that amount... still can

Protonius April 16, 2013

Christina --

If what you wrote above is true, then I would say that IceQueen is right. Immediately contact your creditcard company and have them take back the money from RabbitTV and credit it to your account.

Also, UNLESS whatever the "fine print" of your sign-up agreement with RabbitTV CLEARLY gives RabbitTV permission to add-on that "warranty", you could possibly have a strong case for (a) going after RabbitTV legally (i.e., via a lawsuit) and/or (b) filing an official complaint with your state's Attorney-General (and the New Jersey state Attorney-General, because RabbitTV's address is given as NJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.gov), which you can do online.

For that matter, perhaps it would be an idea to at least contact the NJ state AG's office and ask them if they have any information about, or cases regarding, RabbitTV and issues such as yours.

Sucks bro
March 31, 2013
it frickin stinks...

Toloufo June 12, 2013

it sounded like a "to good to be true" story to me. I am so happy I decided to check out some reviews first. after the things I have just read, rabbit TV is a gimmick I can do without ! thanks.

I wouldn't run out and cancel your existing TV plan anytime soon...
March 30, 2013
Nothing but a bunch of Malware to infect your computer. You can do a Google search and find all the same stuff. This implies that you'll be be in some exclusive club that only they provide. For $10 it Seems way to good to be true, you know the rest. It lasted plugged in my computer for 8 min. Take it back, find your nearest Dollar Tree, and buy 10 dancing solar bunnies. A much better investment.

Wd5iah April 11, 2013

10 dancing bunnies? Is that another provider

Jim June 01, 2013

The solar bunnies are far more entertaining (and cheaper) than that Rabbits*it TV scam.

Old G July 09, 2013

You are right about the malware. I declined to register and removed the item from my USB port. At 2 am my computer came on with a loud Rabbit TV commercial. Then, 24 hours later, I got a phony warning about a virus with instructions to "click here". The warning said the Microsoft Security Essentials found the virus. I have Windows 8 with Windows Defender. I am running virus and malware scan right now on that computer. Don't plug it in if you bought it. I am complaining to Walgreens and suggesting they stop carrying Rabbit TV.

It doesn't provide the shows
March 27, 2013
This was not what I expected.I expected I was buying a subscription like you do with Netflix etc..It directs you to a web site like Hulu that provides shows,and the shows are only free if they are free on the certain site.Example,if Amazon is the provider of the show you want to watch you need to pay Amazon to watch it.If your getting this to watch "free" internet TV,save the space on your computer and just get a subscription To Hulu or Netflix.

Andrea March 28, 2013

Forgot to add...It's basically just a fancy search engine.

March 27, 2013
All this thing does is take you to the tv networks website and a lot of them don't even have full episodes on their websites its the worst $10 I ever spent!!!!

Rabbit TV total fraud
March 25, 2013
This thing is such a scam, The USB doesnt work like it shows, and you use the USB to direct you to their site, while everything they have that you can watch you can already find elsewhere online it just redirects you to another site to watch it so there are just a middle man getting paid to do nothing. don't forget all the over charges!!!!

Debby March 27, 2013

Does it charge more when you use it ??

I love it
March 25, 2013
I think it works great. It's really easy to get started and basically gives you everything up front. There are tons of movies and shows that I wouldn't even think to search for online so I think its worth it, especially for the price. Only $10. Get it.

Not t April 03, 2013

Nice one Rabbit TV employee/investor!!!!! ha!!!!!111

Already p April 16, 2013

So it's only $10 bucks and I almost bought one. I like to do research before I get involved in anything that cost money online. I've made up my mind, I'll keep going to cbs and my free hulu account to watch my favorite shows. Why give out personal info that you tell me you will sell, and I will get junk mail and unwanted phone calls. Mr. investor needed to come up with the next hulu or netflix. You might get a few thousand subscribers, but if you put in the time and money it would be millions. You're really just scamming yourself. Good luck getting any renewal subscriptions. The people on scambook, (another site I visited about this product) are really mad, and they want their $70 back.

lasted 2 days
March 19, 2013
worked good for two days and now my laptop can't find it so I tried another netbook could not find it says drive e must be reformated

Bugcatcher April 11, 2013


FlaScubaMan April 14, 2013

Sounds like you erased the rabbit. Its basically just a cheap thumb drive with a web site programmed into it.