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November 27, 2014

It is not only scam also fraud and false advertising crime

I had purchased today in canada and I reaised that all webs are not accessible or at all not exist

only for advertising that is accessible in canada this scamers should go to jail

Dandre Mosley December 05, 2014

i'm here in the us and i cant receive the service anymore.i got a message saying my laptop probably yours too wont support it anymore. i want my money back the rip offs. do not buy or you will be sorry

Personally speaking, I was scammed..
November 19, 2014
I bought Rabbit TV about a year ago. I tried it on 4 different computers and used 3 different web browsers and it never worked. I contacted customer support & they told me to return it to where I bought it (Wal-Mart). Wal0Mart wouldn't return it or exchange it because the package was opened. I received an email today from Rabbit TV informing me that my service is up and being terminated but I can renew now for $10. I contacted rabbit TV and asked "What service?, I have never been able to use the devise and have tried everything possible". They told me that I need to pay $`10 to renew my service and then they will trouble shoot and figure out why it isn't working. I asked why they couldn't do that over the past year when I tried to use it? They had no answer. I told them I don't feel comfortable spending more money just to take a gamble if it will work or not being as I have never been able to use this and see it actually work. They said paying $10 was my only option. I told them I will instead contact the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and Best Buy Consumer Reports and fraud... I know some say it is only $10 BUT.. as a Disabled Veteran on VERY limited income, $10 is a lot of money to just throw away for me at least... If I could afford to just throw $10 away to buy it and throw another $10 away just to see if there is something wrong.. I'd probably be able to afford cable TV...

eugene November 27, 2014

Yes not only BBB should stop them but should Federal Burew of Investigation close this fraud

joseph.patrinostro January 05, 2016

I have it for over a year now, no problems at all.It is a bargain. Joseph Patrinostro

kalie hennings June 09, 2017

my husband bought it a while ago and I just signed up for it but is said that my expiration date was April of last year now they want to charge me $24.00 to use it Netflix and Hulu are way cheaper than that.

Price is Right
August 26, 2014
I've been reading through all of bad reviews on here claiming Rabbit TV is a ripoff and/or a scam. Seriously? First off, Rabbit TV doesn't claim to own any of the content, if you look it up you can see they identify themselves as an e-media guide to all the Internets free content. For $10 this thing goes above and beyond expectations. If you were looking for something to replace your cable for only $10 you're dreaming, but Rabbit TV IS actually a useful product. Fantastic library of on-demand TV shows for a low-low price.

Darlene Ratliff March 30, 2015

below alot of the show the message said --on demand---what's meant by this message?

The Rabbit, the Wacky Wabbit
May 8, 2014

I ordered this device in May or 2013, got a Confirmation Order from the company but never got the product. I was reminded of this a few nights ago while visiting Fry's Electronics and seeing them being sold for $4.98 - TV or Movie versions - and I became both curious and furious. I did a search on my computer and found their official confirmation, got their number 855-235-2084 and I spoke with a low level employee who was extremely frustrating. I asked for the supervisor and eventually spoke with a Mr. Victor Wright - hope I got that right because his English was terrible - and he could not find my order in the system; could not provide me with an email address to which I would gladly send my confirmation; and he insisted that I give him my credit card information over the phone. He said they had no record of my order and that they could not help me. Yes, the device is a fake since it only provides hyperlinks to sites that already provide free movies. But to take money and provide nothing is criminal. Stay away from these sleaze-usb-wabbits; it's a rickety-wackety-racket.

Obadiah Robert Robinson September 21, 2014

You can get the Rabbit TV USB dongle literally anywhere and usually cheaper than what the website sells them for. I got mine from Amazon.com for about $7.99 + $2.00 shipping= $10.00. So what? It was worth a try for $10.00 a year. I got it and plugged it into my Mac and everything went perfectly in the set up. After I registered the device, I started looking around. It is much more than hyper links, it is an actual website with a video player, with direct links to the websites that play within the rabbit tv website, it does not open a different window but you stay right where you are. very nice. I started using it testing exactly what I was able to get. I can get actual live streaming internet TV stations that continually play everything from live broadcast television to recorded videos of every kind of tv show you can imagine. One station plays nothing but SciFi movies, another plays horror movies, another plays comedy, drama, thriller, old sit coms. They have the TV stations divided up into different decades from the 60s all the way to the 2000s and beyond.

then there are the movies, most of them come from hulu but so what? the recordedvideos usually come from youtube but again, so what? And its not just one video that plays then stops and you have to search for another and click to start the next one, no, but the automatically keep playing one right after another. Just like regular TV. I found out something very interesting, most of the live news stations are coming from a website called filmon.com, so I went to that website and behold, I hit the GOLD MINE for live streaming internet television. FilmOn.com is an internet TV network bought by a billionaire Greek man who correlated hundreds of live streaming real television stations broadcasting over the internet. I installed their app on my computer and now I can watch literally hundreds of internet television stations in 51 different subjects. most of them broadcast in english.

Anyway I give Rabbit two thumbs up and 10 stars for content and ease of access. I AM VERY GLAD I GOT IT.

Carolyn Stansberry December 18, 2014

Sorry to burst your bubble but you don't need rabbit tv to access these channels you download the apps on there own for no cost yearly or otherwise

Rabbit TV Blows
April 18, 2014

Such a waste of money. Anyone who has a computer and knows different sites to watch programs is doing the samething as rabbit tv does.Supposedly free tv with this, wrong.Some stuff would come up and would charge you if you wanted to watch it.

I've wasted money on stuff but nothing compares to paying good money for absolutely nothing

Caitlin Benbella August 26, 2014

Okay did you ever think that not EVERYONE is computer and tech-savvy enough to figure out ALL the places online that free TV and movies are available? For $10 its really all about convenience. Can most all the links found on Rabbit TV be found elsewhere online? Sure. But the time it would take to compile the library that they already have available (and updated!) would take loads of time. Unless you sit at home all day in-front of the computer (which I am sure most of us don't) it would take forever to do what they have done. So yeah, it could be useful for some people who are willing to pay $10 PER YEAR! (so costly, I know).

laurie May 31, 2017

Where are you getting $10?? I tried to renew and they now want $25 a year but they'll give an extra year free????

Can't see me going for it after reading all the reviews.

I too never got it up and running when I bought into it three years ago......

Been Scammed
March 7, 2014

I first bought the Rabbit Tv USB plug in at walmart for $9.98 plus tax the first year it worked pretty good, I updated or renewed online for 5 years for $45.00 sounded like a good deal.

I had noticed after my first year Subscription had expired the drop down menu had a bunch of little white writing over it. I just thought it was because my first year subscription had expired But after it was reneed it still done it. I contacted their Tech support by email they sent me instructions on how to fix it. said it was the fonts were too large on my computer. I did everything they instructed me to do to the letter and still no good, They told me to send my USB plug in back to them I did that , first they said no defects in an email, then sent another that it was defective, this started on 12/28/2013 and its 03/07/2014. And still no t able to see anything. I have asked for a refund of my money several times now and I keep getting their BS and runarounds My Patiance has wore out

December 12, 2013
A dozen e-mail responses to "lost password". All of them are dead links. Selling worthless piece of junk to get your money and to sell your personal info. Please pass the word.

Caitlin Benbella August 26, 2014

Did you try RabbitTVSpport.com? I know for a fact the live support agents can help recover lost usernames and accounts as well as registered emails.

Don't trust it!
October 29, 2013

Immediately it filled my computer with unwanted stuff , slowed my computer 100% and was difficult to navigate through. Their 24/7

help line charged a hefty price to "fix it". I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

Jon, C November 10, 2013

Thanks for all of you for your reviews. As a consumer I've always looked into reviewing the products before I make a purchase. All your comments really help. Always look up the item before a purchase. Seems like this product should not even have a star.

Imani November 10, 2013

The worst piece of crisp I have ever purchased. Unfortunately like talking to dummies. The USB was not compatible for my Mac air, so I requested a download. I did so and had to write back four time to get registered but it took four times for them to understand DOWNLOAD. This crap is going back to the store it came from. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY .WORST EVER

Poor customer service that forces customers to go through endless Chat platform only to have to reiterate same issue over and over again. PIck up the phone and talk to your customers.

rabbit tv review
September 28, 2013
Absolutely a waste of $10.00. I installed went to the comedy channel and it was 1 comedian id never heard of from a 2007 youtube download. I uninstalled and returned to the store without problem however I have unsubscribed 3 times now and am still getting auto email. worthless product that I would score a -5 stars if it were an option.

Caitlin Benbella August 26, 2014

As far as I can see, there are currently two live TV stations for the comedy category -- Sketch Comedy TV and Comedy Time.

Screw up my Dell 610 w/XP
September 3, 2013
I would try to simply copy a CD with my newly acquired Rabbit TV installed - no dice. Both Roxio and Nero would lock - REALLY lock - with no way of shutting either down. I would shut down Windows and reboot (this process took at least a 1/2 hour - whoa!) I tried this several times with the same result. During the last attempt to shut down, I took a guess, and unplugged Rabbit TV. Windows IMMEDIATELY shut down. Then I rebooted and copied a couple CD's normally. Rabbit TV was definitely the problem. No error messages, so I have no idea why it did (does) this. I am surprised no one else has written about this problem. I suppose I could just unplug it while copying CD's, but now my trust level of this thing is at zero. (Try it for yourself, if you don't beieive me.)

Fred October 23, 2013

Thank you for your in put , it helped me make up my mind not to waste money on this piece of junk someone is trying to make millions off of .

Trojan horse I do not NEED
August 13, 2013
When I discovered a Trojan being blocked by my anti-virus; I unplugged the RabbitTV and consigned it to the trash bin. A $9.95 lesson.

now i know i will not buy one
August 4, 2013

doesn't BETTER Business Bureau or some govt agency check

into these phony offers.why does our uncaring govt want us to

get cheated out of our well-earned money?????

July 27, 2013





Gloria August 01, 2013

My husband bought it so I could watch a program I like. The device does not work half the time. I told him he wasted 10 dollars. And I am telling everyone to save your money!!!!!! Not worth it.

VEE H August 24, 2013


BSAlert September 16, 2013

This is Junk in MAIMI? Really? Can't spell where they live,even tho they type it tons of times per day? I don't think so. Wasted ten dollars? That is a buck fifty a month. Even if it only works half the time,at a buck fifty a month that is a pretty big bargain. I have been researching this product for a month and compiling positive and negative reviews. This product is rated positively by a large percentage over it negative ratings. Out of 287 reviews read,63 have been negative. Not sure what is going on here but there seems to be some false reviewers posting.

Just got it from WM
July 16, 2013

I got this for my laptop with Win 8. It installed with no problem. Went to the site to look around. Haven't really used it yet that's why it only got 3 stars. That will probably change one way or the other.

As far a prices go, it's $10 a YEAR. The first year is paid for when you buy it. After that, if you don't want it, you just cancel. They have a toll free number. It may not be "live" TV at the time, but you can still be up to date watching a day later. And right now, since I can't afford cable or satellite, it's better than no TV.

Chris August 24, 2013

Why write a review when you havnt tried it. IDIOT

Charles r August 28, 2013

because its a scam and am out 15400dollars

Horrifying experience
July 8, 2013

IF you buy this, do so FROM A RETAIL STORE WHERE YOU CAN RETURN This "Possibly Faulty" product w/ ease!

My friend ordered online and when we installed it on her computer she got a "Trojan virus threat" and her computer shut down and would not operate the Rabbit TV at all. She also had her Facbook and email hacked within hours of installing this on her computer. She sent it back 4 months ago and still has not seen her refund of $150 back. BUY IN STORE or else they slam you with a $14 shipping fee, and $45 for "insurance". She was outraged and also was charged $1.00 a minute to call customer support which got her nowhere due to the heavy Iranian accent the rep ended up hanging up on her cause he couldn't figure out the problem. I would also like to point out that I am Certified in Computer Networking and Technology, so it was NOT an "Operator Error"... Enough said.

Jeanne July 16, 2013

true if send back which im about to do it said it takes 14-21 days and they did give me a additional 1 year and a web site to go to for 30 days till I get the usb back so im about to see wish me luck

Nikkoli September 06, 2013

Wait... did she buy 15 of them? $150 refund for a $10 item?

no joy
June 4, 2013
It would be all good if it worked it doesn't I spent 5-6 hours trying myself and over 2 hours with the online chat service rep they are slow to respond and keep u waiting between answering questions ..first thing they want u to do is make chrome your default browser ...why do u get a kick back from Google? it says it should work with explorer ... I finally tried the chrome default thing and it still doesn't work I am stuck on the sign in page and have never gotten past the u are signed in on another computer error despite unplugging and re plugging it ,switching browsers , clearing out all the cookies and catches and everything else the help people suggested ...I even deleted the program from the computer when I cleared out all the browser catches and cookies figured it would think it was bran new and make me sign up again but it must have some crap ( trogon ? ) hidden in my because it still recognized me .... I thought it interesting that since I cleared everything I had to use my password to sign into my-yahoo and I immediately got a message from yahoo saying someone in CA had just tried to sign in using the correct password ...so something u do steals passwords or opens up something to make us vulnerable to password theft (a trogon u reportedly plant?) it is a pain to change them middle finger salute to you for that .. bottom line u have great advertising and it would be all good if it worked but it doesn't Ill have to try and get my money back from Wal-Mart next time I go to town ... Hell no I wont return it to you so u can credit my credit card u aren't trustworthy enough to have my card number....

June 1, 2013
Don't bother buying one, even at $10.00 at Wally World. Very unstable software is installed (crashes quite frequently in Windows 7), asks for too much personal information, and the very frequent complaint that the $10.00 charge mushrooms to $70.00. Customer service is a f*cking joke. I am glad I could get my money back from Walgreens after buying that thing. Save your receipt. I'll guarentee you that you will be returning it within a week. Utter garbage.

MSVEEHERE August 24, 2013


Wanted to like it, but...
May 16, 2013
Thought it was a great idea to have someone else organize all the links for me, but never got it to work. Said it would work with Windows XP, but wouldn't work when I plugged it in. Went to the website and downloaded it from there. Then every time I tried to run the program, it would simply disappear. In a way I'm grateful. Freed up a lot of time to be doing more productive things. ymmv

Jim J June 14, 2013

I agree with everyone else here; this thing DOESN'T WORK & besides that, they may offer what seems like a lot of different channels, but most of what I found was junk. OLD TV series & with only the 1st 5 episodes, nothing current. The same with movies, just a lot of the older movies that take for ever to buffer & then there seemed to be a commercial every 5 minutes to 10 minutes which made it worse than regular TV shows. I wouldn't tell any one to buy this item!

MSVEEHERE August 24, 2013


Total scam
May 7, 2013

The $10 ad is a come on. Basically they charge you $67 for collecting your personal info and reselling it to other scams.

You can find all the same radio and TV free with an internet search.

I wish I could give zero stars.

MSVEEHERE August 24, 2013


Caitlin Benbella August 26, 2014

Not true. $10 for 1 year subscription...and to renew its the same. No additional fees.

una mierda papa!!!
May 6, 2013
its a piece of crap!!! that simple ,after 30 mins of trying to log in it sent me a million times to the same page of enabling cookies etc etc . don't waste your time and money.