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Lisa Huard

Stop smoking for good!

November4, 2011

I've been a smoker for years and I smoke atleast a pack a day.. and it's hard to stop when no one else is helping. I was searching for a community that is dedicated to stop smoking and I found a really great one online, it's quitnet.com. Theres a lot of people on there trying to quit and with everyones help, it really does push you to stop smoking. You can share your stories and if you're having a problem, theres people going through the same thing that can offer their advice. You really have to put a lot of dedication into this or you will never stop, you have to just keep pushing yourself. I haven't smoked in 5 months and I'm doing well. I can now stand to be around people who smoke and it doesn't bother me. I really am grateful for the people I met on that site that fought with me!

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February 05, 2016

I wish my experience had been so positive. Quitnet is the only smoking cessation program available through Humana, and it has been frustrating beyond words. First of all, the customer service reps put me on hold and then disconnected me. After this happened several times, I asked them to call me back if it happened again. They said they could not.

Finally I got an appointment for my first Quitnet coaching session. At the appointed time, I was ready, by I received no call. When I called Quitnet customer service the next day to find out what had happened, they insisted that my coach HAD called and left a message. Finally, I asked what phone number they had for me, and tha was when I discovered customer service agen #3 o #4 had transposed two numbers in my telephone number. So the coach HAD called; she just had not called ME.

So I had to reschedule with a different coach, which meant yet another delay. Finally, that appointment came around, and it was almost as bad as not being called at all. He could not tall me what his credentials are beyond saying he'd received a whole lot of training. I asked his who provided the training, and he did not know. I asked whether the program or he is certified, and he said he had a certificate. Aha! Finally, I thought I was getting somewhere. I asked him WHO gave him the certificate. His answer -- Humana.

Seriously. My health insurance referred me to AND WOULD ONLY COVER a healthcare provider that they train and certify???? I wonder if they also train and survey other health care providers? All sarcasm aside, in any other health care situation -- seeing a doctor, a physical therapist, psychologist, etc., it would not only be a conflict of interest for a health insurance to train the providers, it would be insane. But that's exactly what is happening. And make no mistake, smoking cessation treatment is health care that insurance is required to cover under ACA.

But at least I could get nicotine replacement gum through Quitnet. Well, yes, and no. I was able to get the gum in the 2 mg dosage. Which is not the correct dosage according to Quitnet, the Humana Vitality health coach, my family doctor, and the instructions of the box of the gum. But the Quitnet coach said that I could not get the correct dosage -- only the inadequate dosage.

Today I had my second appointment with my Quitnet coach, and I mentioned the issue of not having the correct dosage of nicotine replacement gum. Today, he told me that he would be able to switch it to the higher dosage, but not until I had finished the gum I have and had gotten two more shipments of the WRONG dosage. So I told him is sounded insane that I would have to be on a lower dosage for three months, and THEN switch to the HIGHER dosage of nicotine!!!!! Rather than agreeing, he said that was how I had to do it.

At my wit's end, I asked to speak with his supervisor. My coach said he'd have the supervisor call me, and I told him that given the number of times different people at Quitnet had failed to follow through, that that simply was not acceptable. So he asked me to hold. When someone answered, it was not the supervisor -- it was the initial contact customer service, and I had to start back at the beginning -- again.

Since I decided to quit smoking six weeks ago, I have spent over 600 minutes on the phone with Humana and Quitnet trying to get the service that I need and that through my health insurance premiums, I am paying for. When I realized that's more than 10 hours, I stopped counting.

I hope I am able to quit smoking. But if I am successful it will not be because I had Quitnet's help -- it will be despite them.

February 05, 2016

I just spent 45 minutes reviewing Quitnet, outlining all the difficulties I've had and obstacles they've created to my quitting smoking. Somehow, that review was lost.

Bottom line -- using Quitnet has been one of the most frustrating things I've ever done. Along the lines -- frustration wise -- of convincing the cable company they've made a mistake on your bill. Except that instead of lasting for an afternoon, the frustration with Quitnet has been going on for over.six weeks.

I hope I will be successful in quitting smoking. But if I do succeed, it will not be because of Quitnet -- it will be I. Spite of them.

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