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About Qoins App

The Qoins App, found online at Qoins.io, is a new mobile application which describes themselves as providing people with a way to get “freedom from debt, faster than ever.”

How Does It Work?

According to their website, people today are having serious trouble getting ahead, and the traditional financial tools simply aren’t helping them the way they should be. Savings accounts currently earn less than 1% interest, while student loans charge an average of 4-7% interest and credit cards charge more than 10%. 

The creators of the Qoins App wanted to give people a simple and easy way to help people achieve financial freedom by becoming debt free an average of two years earlier while saving thousands of dollars on interest payments. 

To do this, they simply ask that you link your Qoins account with the cards that you use to make your purchases and then inform Qoins which accounts you would like your extra payments to be applied. Then as you spend money as you normally would, Qoins will take the spare change leftover from your purchases throughout the month and collect them in order to make an additional payment toward your debts at the end of the month. 

This company also promises that all of your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, none of your banking information will ever be saved to a server, and all money will be sent to and kept in a secure account before the end of the month when it is sent as a payment. 

Cost/Price Plans

Using the Qoins App will cost customers $1.99 per month, however they do not ask their customers to pay this fee up front. Instead, this fee will be removed from your collected funds at the end of the month before your payment is forwarded to the account of your choice. For example, their website says that if you have managed to save $60.00 during one month, the payment made to your debt will actually be $58.01. 

Refund Policy

This company doesn’t appear to offer their customers any Refund Policies at this time, because they do not charge their customers an up-front rate for their services. Because they take their fee out of the backend of their service, meaning that they only get paid after their service has been completed, it doesn’t appear that they offer their customers the ability to get a refund. They also provide their customers the ability to pause their Qoins service at any time.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by using their website’s Live Chat feature whenever it is available, through clicking their Contact Us link.


It seems as though this mobile app currently has really positive reviews and people are happy with its spin on a popular savings method – saving your extra change for another financial purpose, in this case specifically paying down different types of debt. People genuinely felt that they didn’t miss the money that was being applied to these additional debt payments, and they were happy with where it was going and the financial goals that were being met.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

This concept of shaving leftover cents from purchases and then putting them toward different financial goals is actually a very popular one, and there are many different options available for people depending on their own spending habits or their different goals, whether it’s paying down debt or increasing your savings.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Qoins App reviews below.

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Sketchy! No customer service or communication, inaccurate withdrawals

October10, 2018

I have been using this service for a few months. It takes a long time to get the monthly payment. Over 10 days from the time they say they are going to pay your credit card until they actually do. typically I get a withdrawal around $10 every few days and an $80 payment to my credit card. My September payment never went through, it has been 25 days now. To make matters worse, yesterday they withdrew over $80 from my checking account for no reason. I have been calling, messaging, and emailing for 2 days with no response. Very scary they have no accountability and can take whatever amount of money without any explanation or recourse, STAY AWAY!

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