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Did your mom always remind you to take your vitamins? Vitamins will not only help you feel your best, but they’ll keep all of the systems in your body running in tiptop shape, too. It’s important that everyone, regardless of their age or gender, take a daily vitamin to help fill in any nutritional gaps that might be lacking from their regular diets.

Men’s bodies and women’s bodies require different formulations of supplements to make them as healthy as possible. You can’t choose a vitamin that is one-size-fits-all!

If you’re sick of shopping around for multiple products for your entire family, you may want to consider Purity Products as your one-stop-shop.

How Does It Work?

Purity Products is a brand that strives to create the perfect science-based blends of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to help their customers look and feel their best.

They have a wide range of products to choose from including Purity Products Men’s Perfect Multi, Purity Product Women’s Perfect Multi, The Purity Super Pill, The Perfect Multi, various juice cleanse products, and products to promote brain health, energy, and the immune system.

The company claims to put customers at the forefront of everything they do and create innovative products with high-quality ingredients. It sounds like a great company thus far, but let’s find out more!

Cost and Price Plans

Purity Products has a lot of items to choose from and price varies based on the type of supplement you are looking to purchase. Below is a sampling of their pricing:

The Men’s Perfect Multi is a supplement that t is the perfect multivitamin for men and offers benefits including supporting healthy testosterone levels, stamina, muscle recovery, and prostate health. It costs $54.95, but if you enroll in their Subscribe & Save option, each unit will cost $39.95. Each unit includes 120 capsules.

Next up is the Women’s Perfect Multi. According to Purity Products, this item will support bone and muscle health, urinary tract health, and give you healthy skin, hair, and nails. You can buy this product for $49.95 per unit, or $34.95 if you enroll in the Subscribe & Save program. Each unit includes 120 tablets.

Purity Products has a lot of other offerings for sale, including juice cleanse products, Dr. Cannell’s Formulas, and other specialty formulas. Most of the products they sell seem to cost in the $30-$60 range and have a Subscribe & Save option to help you save money!

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are on the hunt for a good vitamin, there are other brands that claim to use excellent, high-quality ingredients to help achieve optimal health results.

For example, you may consider purchasing your vitamins from Ritual. Featured in The New York Times, Vogue, and Wired, Ritual’s mission is to provide customers with supplements made from only the best ingredients to help people live their best lives. They aim to gain customer trust through their values of integrity, customer focus, and simplicity.

Ritual is a subscription service, so you pay $30-$35 for a monthly supply of vitamins and you can cancel at any time. Like Purity Products, Ritual creates vitamins designed specifically for both men and women. Unlike Purity Products, Ritual also creates different vitamins based on age group. Their offerings include the  Multivitamin for Men 18,   and the Prenatal Vitamin for Pregnant Women.

Another company that can help you get the vitamins you need to stay healthy is New Chapter. New Chapter creates supplements using trusted, natural ingredients. They have a wide variety of multivitamins available.

Their multivitamins will cost in the $37-$72 range for 72 pills, depending on which product you select. They also have subscribe & save options available. Amazon customers have great things to say about New Chapter’s vitamins including “These vitamins are great!” and “These are so easy to take every day!”

Finally, you may choose to purchase your supplements from the popular company One A Day. One A Day strives to provide the best vitamins for everyone in the family. Some of their most popular offerings include Multivitamins for Women, Multivitamins for Men, Adult Gummies, and Women’s 50+ Healthy Advantage.

One a Day is a less expensive option than many of the others on our list and will cost in the $8.00-$40.00 range depending on which product you choose.

Customer Service

If you need to contact a representative, you can reach out via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-769-7873. Their hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST or Saturday 9am-5pm EST. You can also place an order over the phone at any time by dialing 1-888-769-7873.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Purity Products has mainly positive reviews from multiple sources. You can find reviews on their website and on sites like Amazon.

For example, the Men’s Perfect Multi boasts excellent reviews on the Purity Products website, with customers saying that the supplement provided “great results…more energy, sleep better and mood is much better.” Most Amazon customers agree with the positive reviews, giving the Men’s Perfect Multi at 4.2/5-star rating, praising it as a “great product.” However, some Amazon reviewers were not thrilled with the product, claiming that “My energy levels didn’t improve,” or commenting that the vitamins were “overpriced,” and left them suffering from unpleasant side effects like an upset stomach. Overall, however, Amazon customers were pleased with the Men’s Perfect Multi.

Dr. Cannell’s Advanced Vitamin D for women also has many satisfied customers, receiving a 4.3/5-star rating on Amazon with people saying things like “This is by far the BEST Vitamin D that I have ever used,” and “I have been taking this for about two years and my Vitamin D level is the best it has ever been.”

Where to Buy?

You can purchase Purity Products on their website, through Amazon, or at Walmart.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, Purity Products is worth it. They always keep customer needs in mind and constantly try to maintain an innovation mindset. Their supplements have been well-received by customers and their price-point is reasonable compared to others on the market. If you are looking to improve your health, Purity Products is a great starting point.

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