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About Pure Radiance

Pure Radiance, found online at GetPureRadiance.com, is a new anti-aging skincare product being advertised by an article which claims it improves the health of your skin, resulting in serious anti-aging effects.      

How Does It Work?

The Pure Radiance website says that 75% of our skin is made up of water and collagen, and when our skin is exposed to harsh UVA and UVB radiation during the natural aging process, our bodies product less and less collagen resulting in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Their product claims to have the ability to provide many different important effects with regular use, including eliminating the look of dark circles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, enhancing skin hydration, and countering the effects of stress.
This product is able to be more effective than others, because it can deliver whole collagen molecules to the skin, and since it is “peptide rich,” it has the ability to effectively rebuild and rejuvenate the skin.  

Ingredients and Side Effects

The Pure Radiance website makes no real attempt at explaining what ingredients they include in their formula at this time. 

This is a problem because it means that there is no way for prospective customers to evaluate this product for effectiveness before they purchase it, and there is no way to determine if this product has any ingredients that you may have known allergies, sensitivities, or known negative side effects to.

Cost/Price Plans

There are some serious issues with this company’s billing policies. Their sales page says that customers can pay a $4.95 Shipping and Handling fee in order to receive Pure Radiance for a trial period of 14 days, at the end of which you will be charged the full priced of $84.95. 

Unfortunately this information does not line up with the information printed in their legal Terms and Conditions, which references a 12 day trial and an eventual full price of $89.18. The Terms and Conditions also say that Pure Radiance is a diet and fitness product, and not a skincare product, so it is unclear whether or not this company simply copy and pasted another company’s Terms and Conditions or if they used to represent a different product and never updated their Terms. Either way, customers should understand that this is a serious sign of an unethical company.   

Refund Policy

Because this company has their customers order their product on an initial trial basis, there isn’t really an opportunity for a refund. Instead, customers are instructed to contact their Customer Service team one full day before the end of the 12 day trail referenced in the Terms and Conditions.  

If customers are unable to successfully cancel during this trial period, they will be charged the full price of the product and there is likely to be no way to receive a refund at that time, though you are welcome to try and speak to Customer Service about potentially getting one. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-977-2077 or email at [email protected] 


Customers should know this company shows multiple signs of being an unethical, untrustworthy company. The first is that they are using the exact same website, text, and promises to promote this skincare product which has been used to promote hundreds of other skincare products – all that is changed is the name of the product. 

Then, they force their customers into participating in a “trial period,” which automatically enrolls you into an autoship program where you will be charged nearly $100 every month until you are able to successfully cancel. Unfortunately the reality is that cancelling these types of orders isn’t always as easy as it should be, and many customers have complained about these types of autoship programs in the past. 

Customers should do whatever they can to avoid these types of unethical skincare companies and instead purchase products from trusted retailers.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

Thankfully there are many well documented ingredients that have been proven to help people slow down or improve the traditional signs of aging, and there are many products in your local drugstore that include these ingredients. These products won’t cost hundreds of dollars, and they are likely to be covered by a respectable and trustworthy Return Policy. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Pure Radiance reviews below.

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Vita-D Expensive Zinc

July12, 2020

I am a Pure Radiance customer and am usually satisfied with their products. Unfortunately Vita-D Suncream is very disappointing. It's basically Zinc Oxide and very expensive. It leaves a thick white coating on the skin and sits in any skin creases. This is definitely very overpriced for zinc oxide.

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