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Owning a car can be pampering and liberating, but it comes with financial costs. The financial implications of running a car can add up with soaring fuel prices, insurance premiums and maintenance costs.

While fuel and insurance are unavoidable expenses, maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum. Cars are susceptible to wear and tear, depending on the age and the amount of kilometers it has done with the manufacturer warranty expiring after a certain parameter. aims to keep the ownership cost of owning a car with plans and packages that keeps the maintenance aspect in one place. This can range from support to spend, making it an attractive add-on to owning a car.

It becomes a financial safety net should your car fail, while also giving you the support throughout the whole repair process.

Products are approved by BBB and offer two main plans, with different types of coverage available.

There is the extended warranty plan for when a vehicle has run out of the standard manufacturers warranty. The warranty covers certain repairs on the vehicle that may be caused by a component failure that wasn’t influenced by the driver.

Average manufacturer warranties range from 3 to 5 years after which, all repairs will need to be covered by the owner of the car. offer a monthly fee with 3 different types of packages each with different ranges of cover, Driveline, Select, and Supreme.

Driveline covers vehicles that are just over the manufacturer warranty or age or mileage, with Select meant for older cars, and Supreme covering any type of car. There are many benefits to this cover aside from the warranty repair coverage, such as round the clock roadside assistance and car rental benefits should you require one.

Their maintenance policy, called the Ambassador Maintenance Plans, is a comprehensive cover that includes the extended warranty package, while also taking care of the maintenance work that isn’t usually covered by warranty.

This could range from brake and fluid changes, to spark plugs and rotors. These repair items is not covered under any warranty therefore it would be paid for by the owner. This maintenance plan covers this by giving discounts to these repairs of either 25% to 50%. There are 5 plans, Base, Plus, Premium, Pro, and Elite. can also provide insurance policy claiming that they can save motorists up to 25% off their insurance premiums. They act as a broker that has a panel of multiple reputable insurers such as Liberty Mutual and Foremost Insurance Group.

How Does It Work?

So is legit? To see what coverage your vehicle is eligible for, you can go on the quote section where offer a free, no obligation quote for the listed car.

Once you have chosen a plan and have carried out the initial set up, then your car will be instantly covered.

The policy gives you access to support depending on your chosen coverage. They have one number for all types of claims, removing the confusion of how to claim.

Simply dial their toll free customer service phone number, and an advisor will talk you through the available steps based on your policy.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost and price plans ultimately depends on the vehicle you want covered. For example, premium brands such as Mercedes Benz or BMW will cost higher than brands like Toyota. Prices will also vary with the age and the mileage of the vehicle.

There are policies that suit all types of budgets, with tier level coverage that start from cheapest basic package to the costliest and comprehensive cover.

To obtain a price, simply go to their quotes section on their website and fill in the details of the vehicle. It will give you several plans you can get for that vehicle and for what price.

Online Reviews/Complaints have generally received good reviews online, with some complaints about certain aspects of their service. Verified users have mentioned how helpful the advisors were in dealing with their claims.

They were also satisfied with the level of service and the professionalism of the company, being offered the full advantages of the service promised such as reduced costs.

There are also reviews about how the overall process of making a claim can be long and tedious. Customers have complained about the amount of time it takes to get their repairs authorized with the repair agents and not expediting the repairs quickly enough.

They have also complained about the quotation process taking too long with the telephone conversation being too much of a sales call rather than someone offering assistance with their service.

Competitors and Alternatives


Carchex offers similar services to with some subtle differences. Carchex offers motorists a similar kind of safety net when it comes to vehicle repairs.

However, Carchex only focuses on the extended warranty aspect and does not have’s Ambassador maintenance policy. The process of obtaining a policy is similar with the car information having to be entered on their website then processed.


Carshield is another company that offers extended car warranty. They’ve been around for more than a decade and also provide some similar services such as 24/7 roadside assistance.

AA Auto Protection

AA Auto Protection is so confident of their prices that they boldly claim a Lowest Price Guarantee. They also stand behind their service with a 30 day money back guarantee. Just like, they offer pretty similar services.

Where To Buy?

To use their service, simply log on to their website. Take some time to read what they have to offer and if it is the best service for you and your vehicle. You can find the information such as the contact details on their website and you can choose the plans you want to take there too.

After completing the quote form, the information you enter will be sent to their office for processing. Once they have established the cost of the cover, they will contact you to discuss possible options and the cost of the policy.


While running costs of owning a car are unavoidable, you can keep the cost down on maintenance bills by having a maintenance cover. A small monthly payment offers a financial safety net when the time comes and a big repair is required.

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