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Beautiful plants/fast delivery

November 23, 2019

I’ve ordered a dozen or more of the potted indoor plants for myself or as gifts. These plants have all thrived beyond my expectations. Delivery was fast, plants were well-packed, instructions helpful. Don’t use the “fast” service as it raises the already high cost of plant. Other than the cost, I love this company

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Received a frozen plant

February 5, 2019

They delivered on the coldest day of the year. Plant was dead, customer service the worst I have ever encountered. Do not use this company.

August 28, 2019

I received a mixed bulb garden from my daughter and it was exciting to see them grow from bulk sprouts to many beautiful flowers! Growing instructions included were very helpful!

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Mother's Day plant

May 12, 2017

Received a potted rose bush for mother's day. The delivery was awful because when I opened the box, dirt was all over me and the box. I actually knew who ordered it but the greeting card was blank. I proceeded to call customer service and they said they couldn't release the buyer's name due to confidentiality. I said I knew who sent it I just wanted the greeting card sent. That was futile because customer service DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. I requested a supervisor and that was not happening.

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March 2, 2017

I ordered a potted roses for my mother in law for her birthday and it's supposed to be delivered in to her house, but apparently she is on vacation and so I called the proplant customer service right after they received my order and told them to just cancel the delivery. They said they cannot do that because the order has already been processed and picked up by FEdEx (LIE!) fedex picked it up the day after! And plus they will also tell you that there is problems with their system so you cannot change, cancel, refund any of your order. So at the end, mother in law got offended for nasty plant in a shipping box and also for super belated happy birthday gift. Very embarrassed. Do not spend any of your money in here! I just lost 65$ and also embarrassed myself.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed --- Yes!

January 11, 2017

A friend of mine send a beautiful arrangement, but because of the cold weather here in NY, it was frozen by the time I got home from work & found it outside. I called a day or 2 later and the rep (Sheryl Ann) assisted me and replaced the froze plant with a new one at no charge. I was even able to change the destination to my office to avoid the plant freezing again. She was a pleasure to work with and it was fairly quick. I am very happy & would use them again! :)

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Horrible customer service

May 5, 2016

I ordered 3 items to be delivered to 3 different households for Mother's Day. A week before my intended delivery date, I realized the actual delivery date was wrong. This was an issue I couldn't resolve online so I called customer service, which was horrible! The wait time is very long, when I was put in touch with a representative I could hardly understand them, there was deep breathing on the other line, and she sounded annoyed the entire time! I ended up wanting to cancel one item in my order because I found out (just because I happened to call; without any notice) it would not be delivered, even in the same month. Instead, the representative cancelled my ENTIRE ORDER. She didn't even tell me. I had to call back the next day and talk to a manager. The manager did nothing to help either. She told me she could process my order again but it wouldn't arrive until 3 days AFTER Mother's Day! I ended up cancelling my entire order. So angry and so disappointed.

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Anniversary/ Valentine's Day ruined.

February 11, 2015

The card with my delivery was beautiful, the orchids were not. The package "seems" to be wrapped securely, perhaps too securely, two long stems of blooming orchids were in the bottom of the box. They were snapped off. There was dirt spilling out from everywhere. This only left me with one stem of almost dead flowers. The vase was this tarnish looking " design". The color of the orchids were faded and dirty. I was so relieved that the box looked like blueprints ( I work in the Construction industry) so none of the ladies circled around me to watch me open it. I was so embarrassed that I put the plant under my desk. I called customer service and they offered me a coupon! I told them, no thanks they can just send out a replacement plant and I would mail these back. China, told me that that was not an option.. After placing me on hold, I was told an refund would be issued, however I will not be convinced until the funds are credited. She did not sound very convincing.

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