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Moira Elliott

January 22, 2019

Hello there, I am still reeling from the waste of money, and the incredible disappointment in the course. Gosh, I am an experienced copy editor and proofreader having lived and worked in the UK, South Africa, and now Sydney and was gobsmacked at the essay exercises. There were so many errors and inconsistencies and I felt disgusted and then shocked by her meltdown. I am divorced and was hoping to find more proofreading work in the States but having lost my money, hmm, will stick closer to home and persevere. Gosh, I wish she would reimburse me as she seems to take delight in promoting her success and wealth. Thank you.

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susan hornsby

December 27, 2018

I am in the middle of the Proofread Anywhere transcript course. In the last few months, Caitlin Pyle has had some kind of meltdown, which is available for all the world to see on her Facebook page and on the Proofread Anywhere FB page. Several of us made comments about the page being full of Caitlin's religious beliefs and about her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend being narcissistic ________ (insert cuss words). It has been a nightmare for all those who are already involved in trying to finish the courses. If you disagree with anything she says, she states that it's HER page and she can do anything she likes with it. She will also call you nasty names. I have no idea how this is really affecting me or others who are trying to finish the course in the middle of her ranting, but I know for a fact that many people are just dropping out and either going it alone or signing up with other courses. She has expressed that she does not care and that she does not need anyone's money. As I stated, it is all clearly mapped out on her FB page and the Proofread Anywhere FB page beginning from about three months ago. If I had seen what an unprofessional person Caitlin Pyle (or Caitlin Johanna) was in the first place, I would have moved on immediately.

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Miller Canning

November 24, 2018

thank you for your honesty. i signed up for an expensive course with jewelry professionals. after being bored by people with no business background, no education and actually pretty silly people, i was so angry. i just wasted $1,200.

so i believe you. but i need to know where i can get structured training on building the business and best practices.

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September 16, 2018

I have completed Proofread Anywhere's general proofreading and transcript proofreading courses. I have a very successful proofreading business and love what I do. However, I cannot recommend Proofread Anywhere. It is not my intent to bash the company, rather to give my honest experience as someone now working in the profession so others would consider doing a little more research before making an investment in the courses. I have friends who have asked me about the course and it seemed the right time to post my review. Even though I successfully completed both courses, I expected a much higher quality.

I am probably more critical than most that have completed the courses. I am the parent of a seasoned court reporter, so I have some added perspective.

It is very telling when all positive reviews pop up within a couple of days. Notice on this site the majority of the reviews were submitted July 24 – 27, and miraculously all were wonderful. Obviously the troops were rallied to push up the negative rating. If you Google “Proofread Anywhere reviews,” the results are basically websites and blogs that all have very similar content. Caitlin Pyle is the creator of Proofread Anywhere and it's apparent her skills lie in digital and affiliate marketing. She floods the web with her “success” stories and affiliate marketers' “reviews” so that a high number of glowing reviews pop up if you Google the company. I'm not criticizing her for that – she is a skilled marketer.

I've had friends and colleagues ask me where I learned the ropes of proofreading. I tell them I took Proofread Anywhere's courses, but in good conscious I also tell them I cannot recommend or promote the company. A truly successful and transparent company would post the stats on how many people complete the course. My guess is it is not very high. Again, Caitlin's forte is marketing, and she excels at promoting the courses in a variety of mediums and drawing people in. But again, how many people that pay for the course actually complete it and go on to working in the field, even on a small scale?

The general proofreading course appears to have been thrown together by someone with no educational or business background. Basically, you are paying $500 to be part of a private Facebook group, which is your only source for asking questions of rules or concepts that are unclear. The company does recommend reference books so if you do send an email with any questions to their “support” team, as I did, the response is: figure it out yourself and don't rely on us. I am not exaggerating at all – it was stated just that bluntly with no attempt at being encouraging or supportive. I've talked to others who had the same experience. Hopefully that approach has improved since I was taking the courses. The people in the Facebook group are truly awesome and that is why I stay connected to the group. But it is the blind leading the blind. If you post a question about a specific punctuation rule, for example, you get several different opinions, but which one, if any, is correct? There is NO input from the Proofread Anywhere staff on questions, even those that come up over and over.

A serious issue that comes up repeatedly in the general course is the numerous errors and inconsistencies on the worksheets and essays. Not questionable punctuation or grammar errors – I'm talking about obvious missing words, missing periods or question marks, misspellings noted as correct, and corrections that are directly in conflict with the resource books recommended. Many in the Facebook group have asked why the staff doesn't correct the known errors. It appears no one cares – “just figure it out yourself.” I know firsthand that more than one student was told in early 2018 that the worksheets and essays were under review. Nothing has changed and people continue to pay for the course not knowing that the quality and relevance of the content is lacking. Ironic that it's a proofreading course.

Don't even get me started on the essays. Five of the fifteen essays are based on fairy tales and are so convoluted and full of errors that it just became a poor use of my time. I decided to use the “answer keys” to make the corrections so I could submit those as completed in order to finish the course.

This doesn't bother everyone, but the emails and posts from Caitlin are unprofessional, using words and phrases that certainly don't have a sense of sophistication, such as gonna, doin', ‘em, yo. Her response to any negative feedback is to say “those people” are lazy, losers, people she wouldn't want to take her courses. I am appalled at such a patronizing attitude.

The transcript course is not as unprofessional as the general course; however, it could be improved in so many ways in order to be considered a feather in your cap if you reference it on your proofreading website. To some potential clients it may be a deterrent, so you take your chances if you choose to note it in your professional qualifications.

In summary, I have a lot of respect for Caitlin Pyle for her adept marketing skills. I do believe there is a space for an online proofreading course, but I can't recommend this one as it is today.

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Transcript Discount

September 16, 2018

In regards to her Transcript Proofreading course, this was from one of her make-money emails, I mean, promotional emails, "I hadn't planned on offering ANY kind of discount, EVER, for my programs, but I decided to make an exception"

So, Caitlin Pyle, whether "We never discount Jumpstart" was meant as "We never will" or "We never have", that would be a lie.

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Jumpstart Discount

July 4, 2018

I remember reading on her website that she will never offer a discount on her Transcript Proofreading course, the idea being that you shouldn't wait for a sale to buy the course. So I purchase the Jumpstart course and two weeks later she's offering a huge discount on the same course. I never continued the program because she had lost my trust. Her website is so commercialized now that it's a turn off. Caitlyn, if you're reading this, I would be willing to give the course another try if you offer me the discount that you said you wouldn't ever offer but then did anyways.

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March 17, 2018

I've been around a long time and usually do due diligence before forking over $500 for anything. This time, I got caught up in Pyle's exuberance and handed her my cash. It didn't take long to realize I'd been had. The course and keys are rife with errors, which if you're pushing proofreading, you'd think someone might have tried it on the product.

There's very little real information that you couldn't find anywhere on the web. I appreciate paying someone to compile the links and references but there's not much else to crow about. If I could have gotten a refund, even a partial one, I'd have taken it.

I signed up in the excitement and chaos of Pyle's Work At Home Summit and my fear is giving anyone else my dollars would just be more of the same. These people obviously make their money by hoping the uninformed will fork over their money and be satisfied with little in return.

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David Nunes

February 5, 2018

I'm wondering about this also. I was interested in Transcribe Anywhere, then this Proofread Anywhere pops up, and I find I'm getting emails from Caitlin Pyle (18 in 4 days), then 2 sent out under someone else's name the next day, hyping me that I have to get in on this FREE class. After getting the hyped fake emails from the site I am actually interested in, I do some checking, and I find out that Caitlin has a massive network of other bloggers and they all endorse each other, plus hype each other's classes, and pay each other big fees if they make a sale from an ad posted on an affiliate site. Now, I can understand advertising, but when someone starts taking over your inbox with hype, and you can't find anything but a circle of bloggers recommending each other, I find it strongly suspcious. I'm still interested in Transcribe Anywhere, but Caitlin Pyle is completely unprofessional and a spammer, as far as I can tell.

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December 10, 2017

The website is a clever trap. Beware! I went to the website and was drawn in by the message at the top saying there was a seminar today with a vibrating button inviting me to register. I registered and was told the seminar was coming up shortly. I waited and watched and listened to the seminar (which seemed to be live) and it was enticing. At the end, I was given an hour to save $100. I took the bait and shelled out $497. Once the website had my money, it prompted me to log in. Early the next morning, less than 24 hours later, I had serious second thoughts (I have developing cataracts and don't know when I'll have the surgery or how well I will see after the surgery,) and wrote to Caitlin requesting to undo the transaction. She wrote back saying "Sorry, you have already logged into the website and seen sensitive, proprietary information, therefore you cannot undo the transaction or get your money back. There is no trial period, and no refunds are permitted under any circumstances." How very kind!!! No wonder she is a millionaire and was lauded in Forbes Magazine. I had paid on a Visa card from my credit union, so I contacted them and, after a couple of weeks, got my money back.

This website may be very worthwhile, but make sure you know about getting your money back if you have buyer's remorse after you give her any money.

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Dawn Moreno

October 15, 2017

Judging from Boll's post, he/she is not a natural for the proofreading profession. The course is designed to teach transcript proofreading which is a whole different ball game than general proofreading. Punctuating legalese is a specialized skill. The price of the course is reasonable. As for the marketing of the course, the owner is a zealous Energizer bunny. :) She is passionate about her product and brand. That type of passion is not everyone's cup of tea. However, most of her students are pretty happy campers. There is work out there for transcript proofreaders. It's not that difficult to find work. If you can find court reporters, make them happy, then you will continue to have work. No, I don't feel that a person can make a million dollars doing transcript proofreading. However, I certainly feel that one can earn $20,000 to $40,000 by putting in a reasonable effort to land clients. If one wanted to work a LOT, they could earn more. However, I don't want to work THAT hard. Also, to be a successful transcript proofreader one must study the recommended punctuation manuals suggested in the course. You just cannot do this job without knowing the punctuation rules of these books. It's true that some court reporters will tell you to do it their way. FLEXIBILITY is an important trait to have in this profession. You do have to be able to switch gears between clients. Whereas you can "proofread anywhere," to do it well takes an investment in learning how to do it well. Not everyone who takes the course will be successful.

As for general proofreading, yes, one could find other courses that teach it. Proofread Anywhere is ONE course that teaches it. The general course is less expensive and less detailed than the transcript course. I KNOW there is work out there as I've been offered work and haven't even marketed myself yet. From blog writers to You Tube enthusiasts there is plenty of general proofreading work. self-publisher, website owners, article writers, etc. all need general proofreaders. Plus, if one learns APA and MLA guidelines, they can proofread college papers for students.

Friends, proofreading is a viable work-at-home career. It's not a magic bullet to a million-dollar income. If you want to make BIG bucks and are not afraid of a lot of hard work, look into the new craze of digital marketing.

These are just my thoughts.

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It's great

August 29, 2017

I don't think bollshtreader has taken the paid course. There are quizzes with the paid course, and you have to pass them to move to the next level. So the PA course itself is actually very, very good. But as far as actually working as a transcript proofreader, there are many, many caveats.

-- The court reporting environment is *very* insular and cliquish. It's hard to break in and actually keep clients.

-- Some reporters hold a grudge against Caitlin Pyle because she created PA and made over a million dollars teaching people how to proofread after getting fired from a court reporting agency (though it wasn't because she lacked skill). So some reporters won't use a PA proofreader, and some reporters are continually badmouthing PA and PDF transcript proofreading.

-- A lot of people who want to do this job are introverts. And if you're an introvert, you're probably going to struggle with marketing.

-- The social media outlets for finding court reporting clients are saturated now with proofreaders looking for work. Other ways of marketing require more work (not that that's a bad thing), but those methods are arguably less effective.

-- You spend over $1,200 to go through this course and learn how to proofread properly for court reporters. You kill yourself learning the rules, and while you are told that court reporters' "preferences" are a factor, you don't realize until you get out there and try to do actual work that some reporters actually want you to ignore good English and just do it "their way." That's very hard to do over and over again when you're a person who cares about quality.

-- You can make more money scoping (editing) for court reporters than you can proofreading. Look into "Internet Scoping School" or "Best Scoping Techniques" if interested. But remember, you'll be dealing with the same reporters who make proofreaders' lives difficult. Stories of "bad scopists" are rampant in the court reporting environment.

-- Stories about "bad proofreaders" are also rampant out there. While those stories aren't necessarily fair because court reporters' preferences can vary so widely, bad word of mouth can *kill* your career fairly easily.

-- A LOT of reporters are trying to save money by having you do a scopist's (editor's) work at a proofreader's rate. It's very, very hard to make decent money that way. And badly scoped transcripts are LEGION out there.

-- If you don't work weekends, it may affect your ability to find regular clients.
-- Of course, there are some success stories out there. But I've noticed that quite a few transcript proofreaders have quietly walked away from this line of work to look for other ways to earn money as a freelancer.

So the (paid) Proofread Anywhere course -- it's great. Actually working as a transcript proofreader -- not so much.

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May 16, 2017

This course is a waste of time. Save your money. You can find everything you need online for free. Really. There are other proofreading courses that charge 10x less than this one and there is no more 7-day trial. It's a very slick company and they really know how to market to pull you in, but there is no guarantee of a job even if you follow everything there. They will tell you they say that but then admonish you as being a loser if you don't take the course. The modules are oversimplified. You can read through them in one day. There are no online quizzes just handouts. Don't do it. Just don't.

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