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About Proofread Anywhere is the online home of the Proofread Anywhere, a website created by Caitlin Pyle, a professional proofreader who states she has  been helping others work in proofreading since 2007.

Proofread Anywhere is also the online home of Caitlin Pyle’s training course, Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, which is intended to help people with all the training they need to become a professional proofreader.

Though Caitlin states that becoming a proofreader won’t make anyone rich, she argues it's an excellent way to earn side income, or to even earn a full-time income if you are willing to work hard enough.

Understanding the Course

Caitlin Pyle says that before she created her training course, there really wasn’t any real, fully comprehensive proofreading course available online. She wanted to change this, and create a course that didn’t just check the boxes on the skills that proofreaders needed, but that truly prepared people for what it is like to work in the proofreading industry.

To do this, her team reached out to actual court reporters to find out what makes a great proofreader? This feedback was used to create this course from top-to-bottom, resulting in a thorough, well-planned, rigorous training program for transcript proofreaders.

The course covers all important topics, from “formatting and preferences to punctuation and parentheticals” so that graduates are as prepared for the reality of working in proofreading as they can be.

How It Works

Proofread Anywhere states that they actually don’t believe that professional proofreading is cut out for everyone, so prior to when one signs up for their paid-course, they ask their students to take their seven-day free course first.

This free course provides prospective students with a new short lesson each day so they can see whether or not proofreading is something they enjoy and can do. If you decide to move forward with their course, you will then sign up for their 30 Day Jumpstart for $197.

Again, the website states they don’t even offer the option for their students to sign up for the entire course at one time, because if anything changes or you decide that this area of business just isn’t for you, Proofread Anywhere doesn’t want you to feel as though you are forced to continue or lose a huge investment.

If you continue past the 30 Day Jumpstart you will move to their 60 Day NextSteps course, which is priced at $400, and once that is successfully completed, you can move on to The Rest of the Course at $300, for a total of $897 for the entire course.

If you have any experience with Proofread Anywhere, please leave your reviews below.

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Shannon Musser

Waste of my money

October 29, 2020

Proofread Anywhere was a waste of my money. The negative posts above are all true.

I'm a third of the way done with Art of Proofreading. Phon Baillie is very professional, her content is in-depth, and I haven't found one mistake.

I could have started my business months ago if it weren't for the uselessness of Proofread Anywhere's course and the childlike behavior of the CEO.

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The website is a scam

October 4, 2020

The website is a scam & a waste of time. This woman offers a service using underhanded tactics such as never once mentioning she does not offer refunds during her seminar video nor on the product page. The seminar video was very sketchy as there was no fast forward nor rewind button. The video isn't even accessible on YouTube. In order to watch it you have to sign up to watch it at set times.

She misleads you into thinking she has all these big tips & tricks in order to become a proofreader but all she's really doing is rehashing information that's freely available online.

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Just NO


August 24, 2020

What a complete waste of time and money. The course itself is lackluster and rife with errors. The private Facebook group is mainly watching a complete narcissist melt down regularly and abuse her paying students for their dissatisfaction with the lack of professionalism and content of the course. Bring your popcorn. Art of Proofreading is a MUCH better course on all levels.

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Very Frustrated

August 15, 2020

I bought this course within the last month or so and have just started getting into the actual lessons on proofreading. The extremely long first module was question after question about your mindset, attitude, how you think others see you, basically like a psychological self-assessment, which I found really strange. The question "how do you want people to remember you?" stood out- what the heck does that have to do with proofreading?!?!

After spending a whopping $500 on the course (which was no easy decision for a very low-income person), I was dismayed to find out that I am expected to buy a $40 or more book (the Chicago Manual of Style) to be able to follow the course (though you can get your first month of online access to it for free), and also another proofreading book which you can buy on Amazon.
In browsing through the FB group posts, apparently we are also expected to create our own website (more money you have to put in) toward the end of the course, which was not mentioned before signing up.

In the Facebook group you're supposed to be able to get answers to all your questions as you go through the course...which it does provide. However, I have stopped asking questions there unless absolutely necessary because the main moderator is very condescending no matter what you ask, even if it's the first question you've ever posted!!

A video was posted the other day by Caitlin herself talking about how some people have been "complete f*cking assholes" to her and various things about her life and the dramas from within her business. She compared herself to Jesus on the cross...literally. It seemed very odd and unprofessional to post that kind of of video to a place where people are just trying to take this course to find and create some new work to get by, and want to feel like they bought the course from someone who is dependable and has their stuff together.

I'm very frustrated and considering abandoning this very expensive project. And I'm mad at myself for deciding to try a course with a 100% no-refund policy. There's no way this company will be getting any more money from me, and I don't recommend them unless you can risk losing $500 bucks without it being a big deal.

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I love this course!

June 22, 2020

It has helped me so much! I took the vocabulary quiz and got through it just fine! Plus, Caitlyn sends links about different people who struggled with different things and succeeded.

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So far, not so great

April 14, 2020

I struggled with the decision to buy this course for several months. I finally made my purchase in February 2020. I purchased Ignite Plus for $500. I started the course thinking everything was okay. They encourage you to join their Facebook group for support. I did. Everyone was posting about the vocabulary quiz. I couldn't find the vocabulary quiz in my package. I find out through Facebook that I was sent the link to the old course. When this happened I was less than two weeks into the course. I was outraged. I was so furious.

How could this happen? When you purchase something, you at least expect it to be up to date. Someone on the Facebook group gave me link to customer support. Customer support boasts a 24 hour turn around time. They apologized, and said they sent the correct link to my email. It wasn't there. I was furious all over again.

I contacted support again and again. Nothing. Finally, I had enough. I sent support a final email stating how I was only asking for what I had paid for. I wasn't asking for anything extra or free. I wasn't even asking for my money back, yet. I told them I felt cheated and thought they were trying to scam me. I told them they were a fraud. I still did not hear from them until I took the story to the Facebook group. There were a few people that agreed with me. Some actually had almost identical experiences.

Then there are the ones I refer to as Caitlin's Cult. They asked me just who I thought I was. They told me I am not the only person contacting customer support, and I should learn patience. I reminded them of the 24 hour turn around time. This was a matter of perception. My perception was that I was scammed. Do you know customer support was quick to update my course after that? Well, surprise. They finally made the time to give this customer some support. It only took me going to their Facebook group and airing my frustrations.

The course itself, I feel, is a little light when it comes to the teaching. I'm in my late 40's. I was always good in English, but I have forgotten a lot. The course doesn't go into much depth as far as going over grammar. I ended up going to Amazon and picking up a few books and CMOS. I have had to use these to reteach myself the grammar I have forgotten. I felt the course could have gone into a little more detail as far as grammar goes. If you want to go into proofreading, you will have to reteach yourself whatever grammar you have forgotten. This course barely scratches the surface.

I haven't finished the course yet. I was actually looking for a more comprehensive program when I stumbled on this website and decided to throw my two cents into the jar.

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I couldn't commit

February 17, 2020

After listening to her free webinar, I couldn't commit. I found myself rolling my eyes as she spewed her sales pitch like an INFOMERCIAL. So exhausting. Not to mention, I'm not really sure why she felt it was necessary to include her meltdown with her former employer into her pitch. Red flags to look out for:

- adds free stuff to make it seem like you're getting a deal.
- says she's not going to hard sell, but does it anyway.
- the proofreading examples she provided in the beginning reveal the lack of effort put into the development of the course.
- the numerous times she relied on financial freedom by taking this course as opposed to pursuing a college degree

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Scared to pull the plug

October 30, 2019

Well for starters I looked at the program for months and scared to pull the plug. One, because I am not a word nerd as Caitlyn says. Two, the money. I have been really looking for a more flexible schedule and something that allows me to be at home. I kept reading this is for beginners... so I bought it. It took me about 5 minutes to realize that this is not for beginners. She just barely reviews grammar. I needed an actual program that teaches, I am 47 so it has been a long time for me.

So there is no way that could take her test going by what is a in her program. I have been going to other websites and programs trying to actually learn all the rules of grammar. After paying $400 I am definitely not happy about this. So immediately looked at the return policy and of course it says no returns. I think this program is fine for people who are actually good at the grammar rules but if you are a beginner do not buy this.

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Proofreading basics course

September 17, 2019

I've been an editor and proofreader for more than 30 years. I haven't taken the course but considered doing so to learn about the CR industry and formatting and jargon.

If she really says that you need to get out and find your answers while proofreading a transcript, in a way I'd have to agree with her. I was an English and journalism major in college and I wasn't prepared to be a good proofreader for my first job. I went to the store, bought a book, and learned the basics. It doesn't teach you proper sentence structure, parts of a sentence, etc. I learned on the job by have a fabulous reference book and a dictionary at hand and looked up everything that I didn't know or was unsure of.

There is so much to know about the written English language that it would be impossible for her to teach that. With these tools, you will quickly learn what you don't know about proofreading. Once you get the knack for it and are on pace, you'll find your own little tricks to ensure that you are doing a great job.

Caitlyn has a proofreading basics course, which I took only to learn about building a website and attracting clients and what she did to help her become successful.

As for the other stuff, I cannot comment but as a lifelong proofreader for some major companies, I can tell you that all the teaching in the world cannot make you a good proofreader. You need to get your hands wet.

I hope this helps.

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Buyer beware

August 14, 2019

My personal experience with Caitlyn's program is not a good one. I took the portion for proofreading legal transcripts. It's unorganized, and too much of it is left to other sources that she didn't create - videos, articles, etc. Anyone could have slung that together. Not at all worth the money I spent.
A few negatives I found:

- One of her online tests didn't work properly, creating a stressful testing situation for me. She didn't respond when I provided feedback on that.
- Her tests/answer keys are rife with errors. I'm not sure how anyone can learn properly from that.
- She never stops marketing. Each lesson is filled with affiliate links and opportunities for her to sell her eBooks.
- Her teaching ability is sorely lacking. She is scattered, and, at times, seems overwhelmed by her own material.

I know there have been a few successful people with the legal transcript proofreading, but one had years of legal experience. The others are making a run-of-the-mill part-time income.

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Susan Bell

Helped a whole lot of people

July 25, 2019

Caitlyn, this is Susan Bell, not to be confused with other Susans, who are either jealous or just plain mean! You have helped a whole lot of people out there who actually do want to learn from the original program designed by Caitlyn. Instead of criticizing Caitlyn's successes, they have forgotten that THEY actually were interested in learning from Caitlyn and somehow got mixed up with being jealous. GET OVER IT !!

Try to go back to the beginning of the introduction that Caitlyn gave to all of us. She contributed everything to the hope that her readers would learn from HER and, therefore, share with them and have successful jobs that gave back to all of her "students."

Why not continue to go the route that Caitlyn gave to all of us and perhaps find the path that she created for us. Get out there, do a good job and make money! Make her proud that what she created, and SHARED with all of us, has helped a whole lot of people, including ME! I was proofreading for court reporters in the 1980's, and made a lot of money. You can do it too.

Love to you Caitlyn.
Susan Bell

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July 19, 2019

Do not waste your money!!! I ordered this course in good faith and got absolutely nothing for my money. Never got access to the course I paid for. Thanks to my credit card company I was able to get my money back, but Caitlin had the audacity to contest my request for a refund when she knows that she never gave me any product for my money. She just takes your money and then just tries to ignore you. DO NOT SEND HER ANY MONEY!!

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It's pretty close to being a scam

June 24, 2019

It's pretty close to being a scam in my opinion. The course does very little to actually teach you anything. Also, the worksheets are full of mistakes and conflicting answers. Of course, you don't see any of this until you've already paid for the course and by this time it's too late.

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I've been duped

May 19, 2019

Guys, I've been duped by this and I'm so upset.

I trusted this course and now I'm $400 out of pocket. I wish I could have seen this before hand but all the reviews I was seeing were positive. I now realize what's happened. I really needed that $400 as well, and I feel like such a stupid idiot for falling for it. I've always thought myself smarter than that but I'm just desperate for extra cash at the moment to pay vet bills, and now I'm out of pocket. I don't even know if I can get a refund because this woman sounds insane.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm know I've been stupid, but I could really use some advice right now.

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Total waste of your money

March 12, 2019

The entire company is falling apart because Caitlin Pyle (Caitlin Johanna) is off her rocker. Most of the company has already quit and all of my classmates keep dropping out because she's totally insane. All the 5 star reviews are fake and posted by her and her friends.

Note: She sells the dream of making millions from proof reading when in reality she made money tricking people into buying her worthless course.

I was duped into signing up. Don't make the same mistake I did. Stay far away from Caitlin Johanna Pyle professionally and personally!

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March 3, 2019

I too am a 'graduate' of the General course and totally concur with Rosanne and the other negative comments on here. Rather than add to them ad nauseam, my particular beef is the lack of clarity around the use of iPads or PCs and the software to use for best results. I am a long time Mac user (35 years) and was really saddened to see people on the FB forums asking questions about what to buy and not getting any input from Proofread Anywhere "support staff". Particularly questions from people struggling to pay for the course and then being led to believe that an iPad was required for proofreading when they had a perfectly adequate PC. There is no input whatsoever to guide people to appropriate sources or even anything to put their minds at rest. Quite heartbreaking to hear people struggling with an unnecessary financial fear.

I am in the fortunate position to have done the course as a hobby/interest and possible sideline in my retirement and don't need to be proofreading for a living. I really feel sorry for the people who are struggling to make ends meet and trying to up-skill themselves to bring in a bit extra for their families and all that seems to be happening is the only one really benefiting financially is Johanna.

This has been my first experience of the American 'business/money-making' environment and I am appalled at the cynicism displayed and the apparent acceptance of it by the students who defend her. They apparently don't know any better! And don't get me started on the religious zealotry!

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PA grad

February 5, 2019

I'm reposting this older review from another Proofread Anywhere course graduate because everything in it is still true. (My comments are in all caps)

August 28, 2017 at 8:11 pm
I don't think bollshtreader has taken the paid course. There are quizzes with the paid course, and you have to pass them to move to the next level. So the PA course itself is actually very, very good. But as far as actually working as a transcript proofreader, there are many, many caveats.

-- The court reporting environment is *very* insular and cliquish. It's hard to break in and actually keep clients.

-- Some reporters hold a grudge against Caitlin Pyle because she created PA and made over a million dollars teaching people how to proofread after getting fired from a court reporting agency (though it wasn't because she lacked skill). So some reporters won't use a PA proofreader, and some reporters are continually badmouthing PA and PDF transcript proofreading.

-- A lot of people who want to do this job are introverts. And if you're an introvert, you're probably going to struggle with marketing.

-- The social media outlets for finding court reporting clients are saturated now with proofreaders looking for work. Other ways of marketing require more work (not that that's a bad thing), but those methods are arguably less effective.

-- You spend over $1,200 to go through this course and learn how to proofread properly for court reporters. You kill yourself learning the rules, and while you are told that court reporters' "preferences" are a factor, you don't realize until you get out there and try to do actual work that some reporters actually want you to ignore good English and just do it "their way." That's very hard to do over and over again when you're a person who cares about quality.

-- Stories about "bad proofreaders" are also rampant out there. While those stories aren't necessarily fair because court reporters' preferences can vary so widely, bad word of mouth can *kill* your career fairly easily.

-- A LOT of reporters are trying to save money by having you do a scopist's (editor's) work at a proofreader's rate. It's very, very hard to make decent money that way. And badly scoped transcripts are LEGION out there.

-- If you don't work weekends, it may affect your ability to find regular clients.

-- Of course, there are some success stories out there. But I've noticed that quite a few transcript proofreaders have quietly walked away from this line of work to look for other ways to earn money as a freelancer.

So the (paid) Proofread Anywhere course -- it's great. Actually working as a transcript proofreader -- not so much.

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Twila Rowley

February 2, 2019

Count me among the duped. I'm chalking this one up to learning a lesson. The woman is completely off her rocker.

Does anyone know if there is a connection between her course and It appears that Pyle's course is a complete ripoff of Janet Shaughnessy's course. I wish I would have seen that one earlier, before spending the money.

Still having doubts? Read this.

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February 1, 2019

The Proofread Anywhere company is a joke. I hope new people who are signing up quickly read some of the FB posts by Caitlin Pyle (now changed her identity to “Caitlin Johanna”) so they can immediately have the charges reversed by their credit card company. Her posts are related to her marital problems, informing everyone about her sexually transmitted diseases, disparaging her husband, asking people in the Proofread Anywere course to come to court and stand up for her so she doesn't lose the company, and posting the transcript of her recent day in court. Just reading that transcript alone will let you see what an inept, narcisstic, belligerant, unprofessional, dillusional, religious zealot she is. I'm sure the judge was very amused by her absurdity.

I will NEVER tell people I took this course. I could probably overlook her insanity if the course was top-notch, but it certainly is not. There is zero support from anyone at Proofread Anywhere. Give them your money and good luck on your own. If it weren't for the great people supporting one another in some of the FB groups, you may as well just open a window and throw your money to the wind. An expensive lesson.

As other posters have noted, if you say anything negative, the “leader” of the Proofread Anywhere program will call you names, say you're a loser and she doesn't even want you in the program. And those are just the nice comments. She contributes nothing to the courses – it's all about the self-proclaimed beautiful, intelligent,and all-knowing Caitlin and how she made her millions. I'm done with all the nonsense – it was fun reading her posts for entertainment when I needed a break – but it's so pathetic and bizarre and just a reminder of how I wasted my money.

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January 22, 2019

I am in the middle of Caitlin's transcript course. With all of the drama she has been posting in the last few months, people are dropping like flies. She says she doesn't care, calls people names, then says everyone else is being "unkind" to her and "throwing knives at her face." It's all craziness and embarrassing to look at; not professional at all. I'm about 1/3 through Phon's course now, and I cannot believe how much I'm learning every day. It has made me want to just give up on the Proofread Anywhere and let my money go to experience. And, the Art of Proofreading course costs a lot less. You're not always being marketed to, either. I hope I didn't make any grammatical errors here because Caitlin (as usual) will just answer with proofreading corrections instead of real answers.

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