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About The Prolong Device

Are you sick of dissatisfying, too-short sex? If that’s the case, you may have spent much of your time (too much of your time, we might argue!) looking for a way to end your woes. Luckily, a new device is on the market to help you control and retrain the way you think about sex. It involves no pills, numbing sprays, or side effects, and is a good alternative to people who are frustrated with poor sexual experiences.


The Prolong Premature Ejaculation Device is the world’s only climax-control training program designed to help men last longer during sex. It involves no chemicals or dangerous treatments, and is an inexpensive solution for people looking for more satisfying sexual experiences.

This device/training program was developed by psychiatrists at InnovaDerma, which is a global health and life sciences company (also known affectionately as Smiling Dick). The device was designed to treat premature ejaculation by Dr. Andy Zamar, who is the Medical Director and founder of the London Psychiatry Centre.

The device consists of an FDA-approved vibrator with a three-volt motor. This is then embedded into a textured, curved silicon device. When you order this product, you get the device, a bottle of lubricant, and information on the stop-start masturbation technique.

The device is meant to be used during a six-week training program. This will desensitize you enough to slow down your ejaculation response.

Does the Prolong Device Work?

Results of the Prolong Device vary depending on the individual, but this clinically-developed and FDA-approved device claims to produce long lasting results in a short amount of time.

The device works by adjusting your over sensitive triggers, helping you slow your timing so that you can last longer. It is powered by a three-volt motor and backed by years of scientific research. On average, clinical trials show that there was an increase in average duration from three to nine minutes, without requiring additional expensive treatments.

Tested over a six week control training program, the device is the only one approved by the FDA, and offers you  more control over your sex life. It offers lasting results from week one.

Cost and Price Plans

The Prolong Device starts at just $299, with all tax and additional fees included. There are no shipping charges, add the device claims to produce results within the first week, adding to its overall value. It comes with discreet packaging and with a money-back guarantee.

This guarantee offers you total control, guaranteeing results and all your money back if you don’t see changes in the first six weeks of the training program. The company also offers occasional discounts to help make trying Prolong even more attractive for first-time buyers.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Although it’s tough to find reliable online reviews for this product due to its more graphic nature, reviews on Reddit claim that this product is both easy and convenient to use. Its efficacy has been debated, placing it right up there with other techniques that are supposed to stop premature ejaculation in its tracks.

This device has been cleared by clinical trials and the FDA, and it helps control your climax by adjusting the oversensitive sweet spot enough to delay climax for a reasonable amount of time. Reviewers claim that the product offers a noninvasive, long-term solution.

This device is safe to use, and although you have to use it continuously (three thirty-minute sessions a week for six weeks) to see results, it’s worth a try if you are not experiencing results with the traditional stop-start method.

Customer Service

In addition to offering free shipping and a generous money-back guarantee policy, Prolong is easy to get ahold of in case you have any questions or problems with your order. For starters, the company can be contacted via email at [email protected]  You can also reach them through their handy mailing address, also available directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Competitors and Alternatives

In the past, men have had to rely on behavioral therapy, medications, condoms, or specific exercises to help them last longer in bed. Instead, Prolong uses a traditional PE treatment known as the stop-start technique to help you become less sensitive to stimulation.

The device is safer than over-the-counter supplements, and while many people complain that this device is too pricey for what it actually is (with alternatives commonly being having more sex or just using the stop-start technique during regular sex), this device is effective and clinically proven to work.

Where to Buy?

Right now, Prolong is only available for purchase through the manufacturer’s website. It is not yet available for purchase on Amazon or other retailers’ websites.

The device is licensed in 32 countries, including the United Kingdom, most of Europe, Canada, and the United States. However, you can only purchase Prolong in the United States and Australia right now.

Is the Prolong Device Worth It?

The Prolong Climax Control Training Program is a permanent solution for men who want full control over their climax during sex. Whether you’re suffering from premature ejaculation or simply want to improve your sex life, this product can substantially help.

This device is worth a try, regardless of how long or severely you’ve been suffering. You can use it even if you don’t have a diagnosed condition, allowing you to kick early ejaculation to the curb and increase the sexual satisfaction of both you and your partner.

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