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About Prolexin IGF-1

Prolexin IGF-1 is a new nutritional supplement which says that it can help people build lean muscle and burn unwanted fat so successfully that it is not appropriate for use by casual dieters or non-athletes.

According to their website, the active ingredient in their supplement is Insulin-like Growth Factor-1, or IGF-1, a polypeptide compound found in HGH, the human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone has been linked to a number of positive health benefits, which are not limited to its ability to increase your muscle mass and help the body burn fat, which have made it an extremely popular supplement for bodybuilders and athletes. says that HGH supplements are clinically proven in studies done by the New England Journal of Medicine. These studies show that men between the ages of 60 and 80 were able to decrease their body fat percentage by 14% and increased lean muscle mass by 19% while on a six-month regimen of HGH injections.

They also say that another positive side effect of this peptide is that it increases your levels of testosterone, which many supplement makers have described as having the ability to promote all aspects of male health, including sexual health.

Prolexin IGF-1 is provided in spray form, and customers unfamiliar with how to use spray supplements may prefer capsule supplements but their website says that their supplement is the only one which contains this "unique Anabolic Performance HGH Technology" as one of their active ingredients. It cannot be found in other similar supplements, like Formula T10 or Sytropin.

Customers can order a one month supply of Prolexin IGF-1 for a Shipping and Handling fee of $4.95 and receive a 14 day trial period. Customers with complaints who choose to return their orders during this time period will receive no further charges.

Customers who wish to keep the supplement can do so and at the end of their 14 day trial period they will be charged the full purchase price of $87.53 at that time and every 30 days thereafter when they are shipped a new supply.

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