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You Are The Merchandise They Sell
October 12, 2020

Banyan Hill's merchandise is your email address. Everything else is just bait to get it.

I naively subscribed at the lowest level, just to see if there was anything there. There wasn't. What I received was hundreds of unsolicited emails. Those from Banyan Hill contained no concrete recommendations (we recommended buy xyz on January 31 at 53.77). But plenty of promotions that promise to reveal the great mystery stock that will become a ten-bagger. And even if you subscribe, you might not receive the great mystery--- you are likely to get more promotions to try to push you up to a more expen$ive level of service. And remember: when they recommend a big loser, you will never hear them bragging about it.

I suspect that Banyan Hill's business is acquiring and selling your email address for sale to their customers-- other promoters. Recommendation: Your email address is their actual merchandise. Don't give it to them!

Profis unlimited
January 22, 2019

The promotion is long winded. If a thing is good, it should sell by itself and not need a long winded promotion

If the equity recommendations are that good as to make thousands of dollars each time, why does Paul follow what he preaches instead of laboring away like a paid

hack to sell an unbelievable product ?


2018 - lost money - scam
December 31, 2018
Red Flag - would like to help you make money. He doesn't know you, he doesn't care if you make money. All suggested from 2018 where executed as instructed. There was over 15% loss for the year. I'm new to trading and had better picks than the Profits Unlimited. They are in the business of making money off of you. I'm far from expert on stocks and did better with my own picks. When signing up for Profits Unlimited you are told you will have access to ALL of Paul's investments. Later you will be asked to buy into other products, which of course will cost more money. I'm guessing these other products are not part of Paul's portfolio because he already allegedly gave access to his entire portfolio in Profits Unlimited so why would you need to pay more? Hopefully this will keep you from being scammed from your hard earned money. Happy New Year - don't be a fool with this product.

Typical tactic for getting a subscription
October 31, 2018

I was hoping that this "opportunity" was just that - a bonified opportunity. Reluctantly clicking the link, I was met with yet another video of someone who is an "Expert" wanting to help me make a crazy return on my money, in a market segment that is evolving. So I watched in disbelief, as this respected expert gave me their pitch on there "secret" on how to identify a huge, bigger than ever opportunity. The typical historic examples were given, the internet, the computer, even the automobile.

The only problem is that the video is talking about technology (that has been for sale at home depot for years) as being developed and/or new - so made years ago. Also, trying to make me believe that they know how to find the "needle in a haystack stock", but can't tell me unless I subscribe to their service(s).

Disappointing that this is still allowed to go on in todays age of information.

Paul Mampilly is NOT Paul Mampilly
June 4, 2018

The true face of Paul Mampilly was revealed when he brought a subordinate assistant to manage two of his services. While I have no prejudice against a novice trying to attain a footing in the highly competitive stocks industry, it is your capital which is at stake here. Not everyone is born to be a money manager, and certainly not everyone has the art and skills necessary to manage other people's money, particularly when they lack adequate management and communication skills. If Paul Mampilly himself is barely adequate for his job, this subordinate would require a decade of managerial experience to be trusted. He was managing Paul Mampilly's Options service, and with his 4-5 initial trades obliterated 80% of my capital. Needless to say, even if he manages to have some gains possibly no one would benefit from them. I assume that practically no one is following his recommendations. If he reduces your capital from $10K to $2K, then to recuperate that you need to have 500% gains in a row of subsequent trades. A practical impossibility. As you may lose the remainder of your capital also, you would perhaps never go back to his recommendations, even if he achieves 10 baggers, which is obviously not the case.

To add insult to injury, Paul Mampilly has made this guy the manager of his newest service, his $10 Million Portfolio, another possible scam in a string of unsuccessful portfolios. A ray of hope appeared earlier this year when Rick Pendergraft joined to manage this Portfolio, but it soon fizzled as he left the service within weeks (possibly because he discovered stuff not to his liking). Since then, this subordinate has been asked to manage this portfolio also. Buyer beware!

There seems to be a very definite difference between this guy's and Paul Mampilly's trade strategies. All you will hear from this fellow is "buy this, sell that; sell this buy that." At least that's the impression he has left on me. Out of the goodness of his heart, Paul Mampilly is trying to promote this guy. Yet he's doing it at your expense and at the cost of your capital. It seems now this guy has silently been managing all of Paul Mampilly's portfolios. So when you have a string of orders to buy or to sell, they are most likely coming from this fellow. Unless Paul Mampilly fires this guy and assumes full practical responsibility for his services, there may not be a way of assessing his true merits. The buy recommendations are extremely poorly researched. The sell recommendations are often made haphazardly. It is one thing to make a mistake or two or three as a money manager, and another to make 50 mistakes, causing the obliteration of 50% of the client's initial capital. I don't know of any money manager more than half of whose trade recommendations are utter disasters.

Again, buyer beware!!!

MarkLeonard October 10, 2018

What investments/stocks did you buy on those 4 or 5 trades that you lost 80%?

April 29, 2018

Here is why members make at least 15-30% less (if not 50-70%) than the figures presented in Paul Mampilly's Extreme Fortunes and other portfolios.

Let's say he issues a recommendation to buy a stock at $8. Let's say you're in line in a coffee shop and instantly leave the line upon receiving a "buy" recommendation and access your laptop to place an order. That is, within 30 seconds the stock may shoot up to $10.50-$11.00. So you have no choice but to purchase it for 30% more than the recorded price on his portfolio.

Now, he has a 30% stop loss policy from his recorded price, but effectively it has almost never worked as such. By the time he issues a sell recommendation, the stock is typically down some 50% from the recorded price. In this theoretical example it be be thus trading for about $4-5. By the time you get to sell your shares (within 30 seconds, if Extremely Fortunate), the stock is down by another 20-30% by the sheer selling pressure of Extreme Fortunes members. So, it is entirely likely that with your best efforts you may still lose some 70% of your capital on any given recommendation. And as every quarter he issues 5-10 sell recommendations, your aggregate losses will be a hefty sum, significant'tly dwindling your capital for growth.

Regarding his 1000% promise, it's a joke! This is a portfolio that performs neither better nor worse than those of most investment gurus out there. His 1000% annual promise thinly borders fraud. It may be true (only time will tell) that a few of his picks may achieve 1000% gains over the long haul, that is 3-5 even 10 years from now, but not a single stock in his portfolio has so far given even the slightest hint that it may achieve anything resembling such growth within the promised time frame. And by the time it does, for each successful pick you will most likely have 10 losses of 50-70% of your capital, eroding your initial capital such that no 1000% growth may be able to alleviate neither your losses, nor the pain and years of constant stress experienced.

What's the reason that this discrepancy between his stated figures and actual member performance?

He blames the members for being greedy and purchasing their shares at once, and constantly advises them against doing so. He seems to be very sincere in this, but he has failed to address the fundamental problem behind it. The problem is systemic and cannot be resolved by mere pleas. I guess no one knows other than he and his publisher, Banyan Hill, the true number of members subscribed for each portfolio. The promised limit is 1000. If true, that is already a large number that will effect the price of the stock in either direction. But who can verify it if t is 2000 or 3000? No one! If this is the case, then the unscrupulousness is on their part and not the members.

But let's assume that it is the purported number, or less. Could be 500, and they may simply be boasting. In this case, some "members" might actually be foundations or large capital funds run by brainless and fraudulent money managers, who rather than making their own picks for their portfolios, have subscribed to his service and are pumping millions of dollars into the recommended stock (before everyone else does, perhaps having an employee or two for that purpose), and actually making money off your back and off the pockets of the members of Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and other portfolios. It is these fellows that must be eliminated from joining the service and proscribed from doing so.

But what happens is this. Every once in a while you get a promotional blurb from Mr. Mampilly that one of his clients has made half a million dollars or some have already become millionaires. Total nonsense that aims to silence dissatisfaction! You go back to your portfolio and check the performance of every stock in it. It would be plainly IMPOSSIBLE!!! The only way this could happen is if one such "fund manager" or an idiot full of money not knowing what to do with it chose to allocate half a million dollar in one particular stock, and it so happens that only that stock goes up by 100-200%. This means, that this fellow is in defiance of Paul Mampilly's rules to more or less equally allocate your funds for each stock in the portfolio. If you consider that the overall portfolio has perhaps 10% loss or a 10-15∞ gain in the mentioned time-frame, let's assume the latter is the case, then this person must have invested 10 million in that stock to make an additional million. All this is so improbable that Paul Mampilly's laudatory and pompous statements on the success of such so called members no doubt causes a wave of irony throughout the membership.

Is he willing to identify and expel such people from the service? Unlikely, given the fact he bases his "success" on these very people who are the cause of the losses of all the members of both in Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum and Profits Unlimited.

2017 Portfolio Results of Paul Mampilly's Extreme Fortunes
January 1, 2018

These are the official annual returns of Paul Mampilly's "high end" 1000% Extreme Fortunes portfolio as of December 31, 2017. The actual returns may be at least 20-30% less per investor.

Stock A: + 36.71%

Stock B: + 10.28%

Stock C: + 7.90%

Stock D: - 8.72%

Stock E: + 9.47%

Stock F: + 21.65%

Stock G: - 30.40%

Stock H: - 30.39%

Stock I: + 55.28%

Stock J: - 10.42%

Stock K: + 93.15%

Stock L: +211.42%

Stock M: + 3.51%

Stock N: - 35.59%

Stock O: - 53.99%

Stock P: - 15.58%

Stock C: - 36.70%

Stock C: + 5.64%

I will explain in a future note the reasons why individual investor results are on average 20-30% less and in certain reasonably appreciated stocks the gains are often less by about -75% to -125%.

Thomas January 23, 2018

Yep a nice 240 odd percent growth on investment...excellent!!

The ifs are

You would achieve this only if if you would invested in all the stocks as advised...the so called ;man in the street' would not have that money to invest in all stocks.

One other thing ,,,the video that promotes Paul speaks of 8000 percent growth in the tech revelution...1000USD can grow to 888888USD in a matter of few years,,, the video claims it a an 8000 percent growth. I am really a man in the street...8000 percent growth on 1000 USD - I cant get anywhere near help this promos true and can one make money???

This is a scam
November 20, 2017
BEWARE of FAKE REVIEWS!!! I believed these record and it is NOTHING like that!!! You are paying for Spam mail... I got stories and advertisements in the mail from this FAKE company! Not only that but when I purchased the year of information for $40 there was NO recurring payment or renewal checked. But I was just charged $80 2 months early then a year for a FAKE / FRAUDULENT renewal fee!!!!!!! The fact that this FORCED FRAUDULENT charge was made exactly 1 week before black Friday goes to prove how FAKE this FRAUDULENT company is!!! If they were going to charge me for renewal it would have been in JANUARY not 1 WEEK before black Friday!!!!!!!!!.... I am filing a complaint with the FTC and the BBB. I already claimed this charge as FRAUD to my bank!

JeanMathieu November 27, 2017

There is some truth about unauthorized charges, I don't mind for approved charge, I think Mr Paul Mampilly deserves the benefit of the doubt. I have a guts feeling his plan will work. I will embark on the project.

Paul Mampilly's Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum are going down the drain
November 8, 2017
Paul Mampilly's Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum are going down the drain. He has sold out 40 percent of the stocks in all his three portfolios combined, mostly at an average of 25% to 75% to investors. He needs to choose his stocks more responsibly, otherwise his services will backlash bigtime. While he boasts to show 2-3 stocks go up making some money for some investors (those who've joined very early on), anyone joining in the last 3-4 months has suffered major capital losses, without even the benefit of those few moderately appreciated stocks. Even those early birds I believe must have wiped out their gains in view of the other losses suffered.

Real F'n PERSON November 20, 2017

If you think this why does it say 5 star?!?!?!!!!!!

TaMoKi January 01, 2018


Pump & Dump scam
November 3, 2017

i signed up and eventually asked for my money back.

Mampilly is BS. Sovereign Society is BS. A group of Charlatans that only make money via their bs. His portfolio is not a true representation of investments. Losers are pulled out to make the portfolio shine.

His latest line of email garbage is:

On Monday, I will be making a major recommendation to my True Momentum members.

The recommendation involves an opportunity I think could quite easily triple your money as this situation evolves … meaning every $5,000 invested could return as $20,000.

And I’m confident because, not too long ago…

I made over 20-times my money on this exact stock.

You see, this is a firm I was watching carefully for some time … and personally invested my money into.

It paid off.

And in short order, I made a 2,539% return in less than a year.

But, I saw the headwinds coming and got out.

Sure enough, government agencies and mishaps in the company set them back, causing me to sell before the stock plummeted.

Now, times have changed … all of those hurdles have been conquered…

And my data shows the stock is about to go on another tear to the top.

Not only do I expect it to hand early investors a quick windfall … but with the momentum it’s gathered, I expect this stock to soar higher in the months ahead ... unleashing a gain upwards of 300% for those in before things start to truly heat up.

I’ll be issuing a buy alert with full details on this investment to my True Momentum readers Monday morning.

For company policy reasons, I can’t personally invest in this stock this time around while recommending it to my readers … but it’s an absolute screaming “buy.”

JohnDeath November 06, 2017

If your money is in fact refunded, how much of a scam is it please.

KimBowman Oliver November 07, 2017

This poster, who suggested Profits Unlimited is a pump and dump scan, is clueless. Mampilly writes three different newsletters and is hitting a strong .750 (3 out of 4) in all three services with Profits Unlimited his most conservative. the portfolios are all a matter of record, with links to each specific recommendation, and this poster is simply wrong

TaMoKi November 08, 2017

Paul Mampilly's Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum are going down the drain. He has sold out 40 percent of the stocks in all his three portfolios combined, mostly at an average of 25% to 75% to investors. He needs to choose his stocks more responsibly, otherwise his services will backlash bigtime. While he boasts to show 2-3 stocks go up making some money for some investors (those who've joined very early on), anyone joining in the last 3-4 months has suffered major capital losses, without even the benefit of those few moderately appreciated stocks. Even those early birds I believe must have wiped out their gains in view of the other losses suffered.

May 16, 2017

You have to believe in the people you follow. Paul has a good track record but that doesn't mean he will continue to repeat what he has done in the past. I am paying for the advice and following it but not investing, presently. I am doing the same for others that I feel are genuine. It is impossible to do all the research yourself and you have to pay for the information. I do not see Paul as a scam. Profits Unlimited is based on IoT. This is a real thing. Whether or not Paul really has his eye on the ball only time will tell.

Martin Phillips

Real F'n PERSON November 20, 2017

If you feel this way the why do you have it at 5 stars?!?!?! WTF?!!!

Valuable Insight
March 24, 2017
Mr. Mampilly is truly an excellent evaluator of stocks. He doesn't just tell you what to buy, but gives logical reasons why he likes it, and at the same time teaches us what he looks for. I've grown skeptical towards people who try to sell things, but after reading many of his articles, I've grown to trust his thoughts and intention. He truly cares of helping others and he shares his passion of the stocks he likes. When some stocks aren't doing as well, he helps us understand the current situations and tell us not to be afraid to hold on to them. So far he hasn't been wrong. His insights of these companies are truly valuable because originally I did not think highly for some of the stocks, but Paul helped me see how they are transforming.into a better, more efficient companies that many do not see yet.

Joy Wells Babich May 13, 2017

I have great admiration for Paul Mampilly's dedication to researching stocks. I like his story; his motivation to help others in a win-win setting. He generously explains why he chooses the stocks. It is easy to understand and always makes logical sense to me. I have invested from his recommendations since June 2016 and have gained significantly. I am grateful for his expertise and look forward to more exciting gains in the future.

Real F'n PERSON November 20, 2017

I call FAKE review.......

Fit for investing
March 20, 2017
Paul Mampilly is the only reason I'm with Banyan Hill. Not that the other editors don't do their home work. I believe they do. Perhaps it's more about what an individual investor wants from their investment portfolio. This is a rather large equation for any potential investor: what's ones risk, what sector of the economy does one have knowledge in, foreign or domestic investments, one's optimism or pessimism over general market conditions, and on and on. I believe Paul Mampilly offers up a breath of fresh air for those who anticipate a roller coaster ride into the 21 century. His overriding believe, the millennial force is a powerful group who do not look at the future as generations past have. One can make money in the short term off of Mr. Mampilly's stock picks, but the real return is holding on to such investments for the mid to long term. He has not mentioned selling any of his portfolio yet, although I'm sure he will when the time is right. Hop on board the Mampilly train, he rocks!

jane April 12, 2017

Hi i am new to stock trading and i have interest in it. If i sign up with Paul Mampilly will i be given all information that i require to start me up including a trading platform. Thank you.

John Wrigley April 14, 2017

As far as I know, no you will not be given a trading platform. What he does is dispense advice on what he considers solid stock picks. I highly suggest you try a "brokerage" like Vanguard. This is who I use for my on line trading. The account was easy to set up, and once set up can be funded by what suits you best. If you're a pedestrian trader like me (less than $50,000 stock trades), your first 25 trades are $7 dollars each. After that it goes up to $20. I'm sure you could find other brokerages who are reasonable, and I don't mean to be selling Vanguard services or anything, the point I feel I'm trying to make, you don't need to spend a lot of money to make your first trade. It's worth dipping your toes into. The best advice anybody ever gave me and I still keep hearing from people who seem to know what they're doing with their assets, diversify.

David Duff April 29, 2017

Try Firstrade - $4.95/trade forever. I've had multiple accounts with them for 8 years. Great service. Easy to use.

Martin Phillips May 16, 2017

Also Fidelity for $4.95/trade

Real F'n PERSON November 20, 2017

He did sell... "He has sold out 40 percent of the stocks in all his three portfolios combined, mostly at an average of 25% to 75% to investors."

JoeB September 20, 2021

I use TD Ameritrade and Fidelity and have a free platform

Review on Paul Mampilly's Investment Strategy
March 16, 2017
I invested initially in Paul's Profits Unlimited. I was later contacted by Banyon Hill to purchase a lifetime membership for $5,700.00. I had also subscribed to Chad Shoops strategy. I figured having total access to both Pauls, Chad's and now Michael J. Carr's stragegies as well as everything else Banyon Hill offers was a no brainer. So far I'm ahead $22,000.00 in four weeks on Paul's recommendations which beats the hek out of the indexes. Paul has the background, credentials and experience if you just follow his guidlines. They are there to help the "main street" guys make money, unlike Wallstreet that sells BS. It takes money to make money and good advice isn't cheap.

Tom woolf October 03, 2017

You say you "made" $20,000 in 4 weeks, but how much did you have to invest?

biren October 22, 2017

are you saying you paid $5700 for a lifetime membership for all newsletters on

biren October 22, 2017

how much did you pay for lifetime membership for all the newsletter on

Real F'n PERSON November 20, 2017

I highly DOUBT this review is real in any way!!! This company scammed a FORCED FRAUDULENT renewal fee from me 1 week before black Friday.... But yet I bought a year subscription last January!....

Excellent Returns on Investments
March 15, 2017

I subscribed to Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly on 01/07/17. Initially I signed up for 2 years at the special price of $86.

I was very impressed with Paul's reports which included very thorough and logical analysis. With Paul's sounded conclusion, I was convinced with Paul's recommendations. I purchased stocks for all of the companies that Paul recommended.

The actual performance of Paul's recommended stocks have been tracking since June 2016; and many of their prices were much higher when I joined in January 2017. I still decided to make my investments in Paul's recommended companies.

As of 03/14/17, with the market going downward today and most stocks are in the negative, out of 13 stocks, only 2 are having negative returns (about -4% and -6%); the remaining 11 stocks are having accumulative positive returns ranging from 6% to 25%. Paul's actual tracking records yield up to 37% returns. My returns are slightly lower since I bought these stocks late and my costs were higher. However, this is still an outstanding results in only 2 months. My portfolio's net gain in thousands of dollars is well worth it for my small payment of $86 for Profits Unlimited subscription.

I am very impressed with Paul's knowledge and wisdom, I also signed up for Extreme Fortunes by Paul and my portfolio is having a very high returns as well.

It is correct that the company is always trying to up-sell additional services or extend yearly subscriptions to lifetime subscriptions. I believe this is true for all businesses. Since I am very impressed with Paul's works and very happy with the results, I am now a lifetime subscriber for both Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly.

Real F'n PERSON November 20, 2017

I am sorry but this review is NOT real... This company scammed a FORCED FRAUDULENT renewal fee from me 1 week before black Friday.... But yet I bought a year subscription last January!....

March 15, 2017









Real F'n PERSON November 20, 2017

Really??? Yeah sorry this is a FAKE review.... You say you "TRUST" this man... This "MAN" / company scammed a FORCED FRAUDULENT renewal fee from me 1 week before black Friday.... But yet I bought a year subscription last January!....