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Primerica Business Opportunity


Primerica Financial Services is a popular business opportunity that allows individuals from all walks of life a chance at making serious money.  Primerica itself is a division of CitiGroup and has been in business for over thirty years.

What you get from the Primerica business opportunity is a chance to enter the financial services industry without any prior experience or qualifications.  They provide the necessary tools and training needed for success.

If you join Primerica you will receive training in the sales of financial items such as life insurance, mutual funds, variable annuities, various loans, and legal services.  The introductory cost for joining the company is only two hundred dollars.

Throughout the years Primerica has been integrating the latest technology in order to provide their representatives with all the tools necessary to earn money and help their clients.  For Instance since 2005 Primerica Life agents have been issued electronic handhelds that let them get insurance quotes on the spot and fill out applications without paper.

There has been some controversy over the recruitment practices of some Primerica Financial Services representatives.  However, this kind of recruitment activity was limited to a few bad apples and is strongly prohibited by Primerica's policies.

Primerica Financial Services has also maintained a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau, successfully resolving the majority of its few complaints. 

Quite a few people are ready to call Primerica a scam simply because it's a multi level marketing organization. There have been many accusations made regarding whether the real focus of the business opportunity is to sell product or to recruit more people.

It's such a contested topic that in the end you have to decide for yourself if this is the type of business model for you.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Primerica Business Opportunity'


Average Rating is 3.04 out of 5 based on 586 reviews.

JS   New Hampshire

3:47am on October 23rd, 2014 

I went to a financial help class to hopefully learn something to help me get out of my desperate situation. The class was great, I learned a lot. At the end of class we were asked to rate it and if we wanted to put our name and e-mail down for the class instructor to call with further ways he could help you. Well because I was pleased with the class and financially desperate I allowed him to come to my house. He was very polite and stayed for an hour and 45 minutes. One word that passed through my mind was pyramid. Everything he said made sense, I was gung ho and went to a meeting at his office a few days later. Two different people schooled me on the company and it's benefits, next thing I know they want names and numbers of people I "care about." This still sounded great. Pyramid came up in my brain again. When I decided not to share the numbers of the people I "care about" and told my original Primerica rep that I wanted my documentation back priority mail he stated they could not mail it to me. The only way to get my stuff back is for him to "stop by" next time he is in the area or to go to the office to get my personal documentation. I am frustrated that they refuse to mail me my documentation. I'm scared to go to the office but was even more scared for the rep to come back to my house. I know they are going to try to disuade me from not going forward. I just want my documents, my personal property. Hopefully there won't be a problem. I did report my concern that the rep might show up at my house unannounced to my towns police department. I have kept copies of all communication/e-mails between Primerica and myself. I'm extremely disappointed and feel like I was almost made a fool. I hope I'm doing the right thing by walking away. I hope most of all that when I go to get my paperwork that there isn't a problem and it goes quickly without a guilt trip.

Daniel   Glendale, AZ

2:41pm on October 13th, 2014 

Not multi-level marketing.

stan   rusk

1:43pm on September 21st, 2014 

Hi my name is stan ,hey I passed the insurance exam on the 4th of August this year still haven't gotten my insurance license, I have concealed hand gun license and don't have criminal record and everytime I speak with RVP he says that Texas has a back log in their licensing its going on two months and no license I will give them one more week and cancel the 25.00 month I pay for services with this company. Feeling ripped off so far.................

Justin Allen   Dallas, TX

12:07am on August 28th, 2014 

The only mistake that I found was that you state that we are a division of Citigroup. That is incorrect information. We separated ourselves from them and went public in 2010 starting out at 12 a share and we are currently close to 51 a share.

Renee   Colorado Springs

7:29pm on July 9th, 2014 

Another bit of information that is incorrect on your site is that the cost to join is now $99.00 not $200.00. Part of that fee is to pay for a background check of the potential representative. Primerica doe not hire just anyone. that person needs to have certain qualifications and meet the high quality standards of the organization.

Renee   Colorado Springs

7:24pm on July 9th, 2014 

First of all, Primerica is NOT a division of CitiGroup!
It is the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America including Canada and Puerto Rico and is listed on the NYSE (PRI). Your information needs to be updated.
I am very proud to be a part of this organization who continually tries to do the right thing for middle America especially since middle America has been beat up by the economy these last few years. We give them hope and guidance to be able to get out of debt, become properly protected against income loss through the death of one or more of the primary breadwinners in the household, and become financially independent. We can also help them earn extra income through becoming a Representative working part-time or full-time. They receive excellent on-going training as well. We teach people about financial concepts that we all should have learned in school to help us make better decisions about money. Go to an opportunity meeting in your area to find out more about this organization that has been in existence since 1977 and has helped countless people get a handle on their finances.

Daisy   San Diego

2:39pm on July 1st, 2014 

When I had my 2013 income taxes done, the person said that any agent that would take an IRA Pension fund and put it into 3 tax exempt accounts, that agent is very Incompetent. The agent lost $15,000 of my retirement fund when he said I WOULD NOT LOOSE ANY MONIES. He lied. - I talked to another financial advisor and was told the same thing, the agent for Peimerica was VERY INCOMPETENT. I was scammed at the age of 70. I worked until the age of 70 to have a good income. I did not know that Primerica used to be called A L Williams. My agent from Primerica was/is incompetent and I transferred the remaining monies out from my Primerica account to another financial institution. The agent with Primerica WOULD NOT give me copies of any papers I signed. My opinion, he should be in jail. This agent is still working and claims to be a Christian. What kind of Christian scams an elderly woman of her retirement monies. He and his bosses wanted their commission. What a dead Christian mind they each have.

Ed with the wind   West LA

2:58pm on May 22nd, 2014 

I have learned much about this company as I went along and researched more about it. It fits into my lifestyle and my goals in life where I have more freedom doing what I see best in sharing with others what truth and love is in this life that can help make you strong from inside out. My search for truth has been enhanced being in The company and I can relate much to the company's truthful goals about helping more people do things right. Negativity can hamper much one's prosperity and the fear of being able to do things new and different from the ways we've been used to doing may further complicate our unwillingness to take risks when taking calculated risks can better be achieved as we may become stronger in spirit, our spirit that connects to God and to the many truths about this life as we may attune ourselves to what His greater words of wisdom mean in the many challenges we may face in this life. The more I reflect on what it means to share what is true and what is more freeing in the love of God and of others, the more I am able to relate to the awesome direction this company has to help uplift the quality of life of more people in a positive way. As many an enlightened individuals in this company may see, 'money is not everything, but eternal truth and the essence of love is. This, for me, is a great driving force that keeps me moving forward, and for others, perhaps, as well, who may feel the same way from deep within their hearts and souls. I like the way this company is exerting its energy into teaching people do things right that more may prosper while helping make a positive change and difference in the lives of those who may believe in offering their gifts, talents, time and more and many ways fulfilling and truthful.

ben   Chicago

3:51pm on January 12th, 2014 

It is absolutely amazing to me to see how so many people can put out so much negative accusations about a company that's giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to become financial independent by showing other people how to do so, Yes by doing so, you get people who joins for the wrong reasons, and really didn't take the to get an understanding how much we really help people, instead like a lot of other people when things not working out in the time manner they would have liked, they quit and now want to say it's a scam, but keep in mind winners never quit and quitters never win, I am willing to bet everyone that's saying it's a scam is struggling right now, but is to scared to fight for prosperity for your family, I think you'll are just cowards, If becoming financial independent was easy everyone will be it, that's why it's lonely at the top because of cowards who is not willing to fight for prosperity, but rather complain and say everything's a scam, because you quit or let somebody who's broke talk you out of achieving your goals in life, only thing I can say to you'll is COWARDS.

Shari   Bowling Green, KY

8:27am on November 12th, 2013

I consider myself very fortunate to be part of the Primerica team. They are the.real deal. The team I am.a.part.of has very caring and successful leaders. They go.the extra mile.to help their team mates to be successful as.well as.their clients. Company is like most you have good and bad employees. I strongly believe in all the.concepts.taught and.they.work!!! What upsets me.we are not.taught these concepts in school. Keep helping Mainstreet America We Need It more today.than.ever.

olive   nc

10:30pm on October 29th, 2013 

I'm not sure what's going on here. I recently graduated from law school and was stunned to discover that I know nothing about money. It was crucial for me to acquire financial knowledge about my money. getting 2-3% wasn't going to cut it. In short, I don't see how you lose. Should you chose not to work for primerica you still obtain valuable financial knowledge and trust me...they don't teach that in law school

Mr. Incredible JayR   Norwalk and Lakewood Ca

8:37am on August 15th, 2013 

This all I can say about the company PRIMERICA , it is the last honest and transparent company left. the reason why a lot of people quit PRIMERICA or they said that PRIMERICA didn't work for them or PRIMERICA is a scam or the only way you can make "MONEY" is via recruitment , a lot of people failed, did really know the purpose of the company, or they are in it for the wrong reasons.. In any kinda of business or a job there are many obstacles and hurdles, and most people just quit because they are afraid to fail... Compared to successful people failure is a key part of becoming successful. Remember the difference between success and failure is very small, so in turn majority of the people have fear or won't risk becoming a failure because it hurts and hurts a lot, but people who seeks victory, and success will fail, will fail, will fail, will fail and then finally they find success , they figured it out that success is trial, after trial and after trial then with the knowledge they gained from failures and trials, they suddenly made a road map, the right direction for success ..

D.B.   Southern California

11:16am on July 25th, 2013 

PRIMERICA: So far so good! I was recently recruited and will be willing to come back in a few weeks and than a few months to give my input on the statement Scam or Legit? I am aware after 25 hard years in this great country of ours feeling the trend of respect and honesty in a down hill spiral in business and the employment field. But, I have faith things can turn around if we all start rowing the same direction, building the construction crew and eliminating the demolition crew! I am newly recruited and am about ready to pay for my upfront fee, which I am receiving at half the rate, $99.00. I was promised a bonus of $500.00 during training if I earn it by hit the mark at each level. I am assured that all licensing and training certificates are free. I have attended one recruit meeting and I did not get sparks but seemed legit and sincere. The local office they had stationed in my residential location was one that wasshut down do to some unethical practice and recruitment of that particular Broker for that office. I can't wait to see where this leads! If ist good I will share that if bad, I will rally against it! Stepping out in Faith.

Former PFS   VA

3:40pm on June 26th, 2013 

The problem with PFS is that the "consultants" don't care about forming a long term relationship with their clients. All this talk about taking care of people is BS. Do the PFS guys call you whrn the market is correcting? Do they even know if the merket is correcting as most are part time and there is such a high turnover rate, those inheriting your accounts do not even take the time to give you a call. You get what you pay for in life and if you go with PFS, good luck having a consutant for very long

Tee   Los Angeles

11:48am on June 21st, 2013 

I recently joined Primerica and to be honest some people I know will automatically think "Eugh this is a scam or one of those pyramids" I believe this company can help those who are open minded and hard workers succeed. I never go with what people have to say when is negative comments if they most likely haven't even tried it. Or probably tried it and gave up to soon. There's too much ignorance from people that will hate other people actually succeed. Like I said before this business is not for everyone period, I believe is for those with an open mind who like to learn different things. Funny to read some of these pathetic negative comments from "why would yopu pay 99 dollars to join" well hello I rather pay 99 dollars then to get more in debt with trying to get another student loan to get a career. You can be a nurse, teacher, doctor, lawyer ect.... But have any of you ask hoe much in debt you guys will actually be. I mean common sense whats better to be debt free or be in debt all your life??? Makes perfect sense right?? Therefore, before bad mouthing something some of you guys haven't event tried do some research and stop acting so ignorant.

Ex SVP in Primerica / AL Williams   Charlotte NC

1:49pm on May 30th, 2013 

Boy there are some real idiots on this site. Primerica is REAL. Is it difficult? Yes. Can you make money? Yes. Is it for everyone? No. Are they selling the right types of products and services? Yes. I was with the company for 10 years. They are the ONLY Company that sells the right products every time. Yes there is cheaper insurance. Yes there are mutual funds with lower fees and expenses. Truth is....No one sells those. Your typical life insurance agent makes TEN times as much commission selling a HORRIFIC Product and they do it all day long! Your average "Financial Consultant" is in a similar position. Trapped. Either sell inferior products and make a fortune or sell what they own themselves ...And Starve! I am PROUD of my time with ALW and PFS! They have the consumers best interest at heart. Anyone that gets involved primarily for their own benefit (get rich quick) will not have enough belief to get through the hard times. If you join to truly help people the money will follow.

RC   Connecticut

10:35am on May 10th, 2013 

Tried it and just didn't worked for me. Is not about being lazy or a loser. It's just that not everyone has a salesperson personality. Just like not everyone can be a doctor or brain surgeon. And that's exactly how they make me feel when I quit. Is not a scam. It's simply SALES, period. The goal is to sell and sell as many Life insurance policies as possible. Plain and simple. Their products are pretty decent. However, none of them worked for me or for any of my friends. Took a life insurance for me and my wife and the guy never follow up. I had to call him several times. Finally he send another guy with the policy papers only to find out it was about $100 more bc they found out my wife's mother died of breast cancer. That, and the fact that every meeting was about making money totally turned me off. Again, I'm not saying it's wrong. But is hard for me to get motivated when I don't feel comfortable on what I'm doing.

Alvin   New York, NY

12:05am on May 6th, 2013 

While Primerica may not be a scam/MLM thier very close. Enough people have commented the company so I don't think I have too. My issue is thier "Recruiting" & asking friends to join/forcing you to give phone numbers of people you can recruit or sell to. They, especially at the beginning, get a cult like mindset where it becomes thier life & every conversation revolves around you either coming to a meeting or letting them go through your personal finances to see how they can "help you". We had a guy at work that joined & every conversation revolved around coming to a meeting or letting them "run my numbers" to set me up for retirement. I had zero interest in showing my personal finances to a friend/colleague, I know not everyone was or is in my position, but I consider owning a .6 million dollar house, bank accounts with 6+ figures (of course it's not not just sitting in a savings account earning close to nothing in interest), life insurance bought by our parents on our & our childrens behalf, trust funds, yearly income, etc, to be information I want to share with a friend. After a while of him coming to my co-worker & my office, we'd start to "play busy" when he came & avoid him in the hallways.
Basically, my advice to people considering joining is if you want to alienate your friends & family, have your friends at work run the other way when they see you, & have friends & family stop answering your calls (god bless caller ID), then by all means go for it. Seriously, you will lose most of your friends & family as they, while being nice on the outside, on the inside resent your constant talk about Primerica. I'll glady show my accountant, lawyer, & financial advisor (that I was referred to by someone I trust) but is someone I either don't know or is a minor acquaintance my financial situation, but I'm not showing a friend that has no experience & simply knows how to plug numbers into a computer, & as others mentioned, they can't shop around to get you the best deal, they can only use Primerica products, my financial situation.
It seems lime they get a cult like tunnel vision & are unable to see the big picture. This guy was a smart guy & nice guy but couldn't see the big picture. Does he really think that someone that owns & lives in a nice house, drives nice cars, spends money at work on lunch, etc, knows, while not the details, but that our yearly income is well in the six figures, etc, (& can truly afford to do so) is really interested in calling friends & family at night to sell them insurance or have them spend a night at a meeting instead of relaxing.
I actually remember something I read that could help a lot, if you do go to a meeting get there a half hour early & stay a half hour after in the parking lot when its only Primaricans there, so you can watch what these people who are doing so well & promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams riches are driving. (my friend at work was borrowing his Mom's car!).
Now I know people will say many people don't drive nice cars even though they could (ala Warren Buffett, driving a 20 year old beat up car). But, if you can back away & be honest with yourself (which I think is the biggest thing you lose if you join), you'd admit that 90-95% of people making big money are driving decent cars, not a Ferrari, or Lamborghini, just a an under 3-4 year old decent car.
Sorry so long, just hope people will read this & be able to see the big picture & ask themselves if they want to be the person the people run from instead of to, & I hope after thinking about it you'll save yourself before 3-6months down the road your asking yourself, where have all your friends gone? & why at a family event when your talking to someone, within 2 minutes they have an excuse as to why they need to go say hi to someone else.
Whether its this or another company with a similar setup, my advice is while money's important, having friends & family that enjoy spending time hanging out & talking with you is a lot more important & it's just not worth the alienation & loneliness that inevitably ensues.

Orangy   Seattle, WA

10:31pm on April 9th, 2013 

They are coming door to door to my apartment complex. I thought our local Mormons were at the door, but it was another form of peddler: Primerica. I'd seen their ads up above the mail boxes. I didn't expect them to show up at 8:14 PM selling their so-called "business opportunity". Well hello, Amway 2.0.

On top of it all, they claimed to be from our leasing office. Thought it was the plumber at first. Apparently, they will be holding a seminar in the office. I didn't realize our office permitted solicitation, apparently rules have changed. Not sure why the apartment is getting in on this. At any rate, I felt their door-to-door solicitation was rude, and I'm not into these obvious Amway scams. If your business can't afford to market on television and internet like most companies, you're not much of a company, and it's clear to me that you're making bucks on hiring underlings in yet another pyramid scheme.

Concerned Citizen   Pompano FL

5:50pm on April 6th, 2013

Just had a young man from Primerica come knocking on my door saying he was a financial advisor asking me if I knew about all these financial laws I have never heard of. After having some concerns and reading allot of theses reviews, I will say this...this is definitely sounding like a MLM situation and most of the people posting all the good things about it are writing log files bc in MLM they have a vested interest in growing and helping others grow their trees, more toys for them. Yeah you work hard, hard at signing people up. They may focus on life insurance and other financial information but if the main thing is recruiting more people so I can make more money its not for me, if your a person who likes to recruit then hey this could be for you...just not for me.

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