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May 10, 2013
Tried it and just didn't worked for me. Is not about being lazy or a loser. It's just that not everyone has a salesperson personality. Just like not everyone can be a doctor or brain surgeon. And that's exactly how they make me feel when I quit. Is not a scam. It's simply SALES, period. The goal is to sell and sell as many Life insurance policies as possible. Plain and simple. Their products are pretty decent. However, none of them worked for me or for any of my friends. Took a life insurance for me and my wife and the guy never follow up. I had to call him several times. Finally he send another guy with the policy papers only to find out it was about $100 more bc they found out my wife's mother died of breast cancer. That, and the fact that every meeting was about making money totally turned me off. Again, I'm not saying it's wrong. But is hard for me to get motivated when I don't feel comfortable on what I'm doing.

May 6, 2013

While Primerica may not be a scam/MLM thier very close. Enough people have commented the company so I don't think I have too. My issue is thier "Recruiting" & asking friends to join/forcing you to give phone numbers of people you can recruit or sell to. They, especially at the beginning, get a cult like mindset where it becomes thier life & every conversation revolves around you either coming to a meeting or letting them go through your personal finances to see how they can "help you". We had a guy at work that joined & every conversation revolved around coming to a meeting or letting them "run my numbers" to set me up for retirement. I had zero interest in showing my personal finances to a friend/colleague, I know not everyone was or is in my position, but I consider owning a .6 million dollar house, bank accounts with 6+ figures (of course it's not not just sitting in a savings account earning close to nothing in interest), life insurance bought by our parents on our & our childrens behalf, trust funds, yearly income, etc, to be information I want to share with a friend. After a while of him coming to my co-worker & my office, we'd start to "play busy" when he came & avoid him in the hallways.

Basically, my advice to people considering joining is if you want to alienate your friends & family, have your friends at work run the other way when they see you, & have friends & family stop answering your calls (god bless caller ID), then by all means go for it. Seriously, you will lose most of your friends & family as they, while being nice on the outside, on the inside resent your constant talk about Primerica. I'll glady show my accountant, lawyer, & financial advisor (that I was referred to by someone I trust) but is someone I either don't know or is a minor acquaintance my financial situation, but I'm not showing a friend that has no experience & simply knows how to plug numbers into a computer, & as others mentioned, they can't shop around to get you the best deal, they can only use Primerica products, my financial situation.

It seems lime they get a cult like tunnel vision & are unable to see the big picture. This guy was a smart guy & nice guy but couldn't see the big picture. Does he really think that someone that owns & lives in a nice house, drives nice cars, spends money at work on lunch, etc, knows, while not the details, but that our yearly income is well in the six figures, etc, (& can truly afford to do so) is really interested in calling friends & family at night to sell them insurance or have them spend a night at a meeting instead of relaxing.

I actually remember something I read that could help a lot, if you do go to a meeting get there a half hour early & stay a half hour after in the parking lot when its only Primaricans there, so you can watch what these people who are doing so well & promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams riches are driving. (my friend at work was borrowing his Mom's car!).

Now I know people will say many people don't drive nice cars even though they could (ala Warren Buffett, driving a 20 year old beat up car). But, if you can back away & be honest with yourself (which I think is the biggest thing you lose if you join), you'd admit that 90-95% of people making big money are driving decent cars, not a Ferrari, or Lamborghini, just a an under 3-4 year old decent car.

Sorry so long, just hope people will read this & be able to see the big picture & ask themselves if they want to be the person the people run from instead of to, & I hope after thinking about it you'll save yourself before 3-6months down the road your asking yourself, where have all your friends gone? & why at a family event when your talking to someone, within 2 minutes they have an excuse as to why they need to go say hi to someone else.

Whether its this or another company with a similar setup, my advice is while money's important, having friends & family that enjoy spending time hanging out & talking with you is a lot more important & it's just not worth the alienation & loneliness that inevitably ensues.

April 9, 2013

They are coming door to door to my apartment complex. I thought our local Mormons were at the door, but it was another form of peddler: Primerica. I'd seen their ads up above the mail boxes. I didn't expect them to show up at 8:14 PM selling their so-called "business opportunity". Well hello, Amway 2.0.

On top of it all, they claimed to be from our leasing office. Thought it was the plumber at first. Apparently, they will be holding a seminar in the office. I didn't realize our office permitted solicitation, apparently rules have changed. Not sure why the apartment is getting in on this. At any rate, I felt their door-to-door solicitation was rude, and I'm not into these obvious Amway scams. If your business can't afford to market on television and internet like most companies, you're not much of a company, and it's clear to me that you're making bucks on hiring underlings in yet another pyramid scheme.

April 6, 2013
Just had a young man from Primerica come knocking on my door saying he was a financial advisor asking me if I knew about all these financial laws I have never heard of. After having some concerns and reading allot of theses reviews, I will say this...this is definitely sounding like a MLM situation and most of the people posting all the good things about it are writing log files bc in MLM they have a vested interest in growing and helping others grow their trees, more toys for them. Yeah you work hard, hard at signing people up. They may focus on life insurance and other financial information but if the main thing is recruiting more people so I can make more money its not for me, if your a person who likes to recruit then hey this could be for you...just not for me.

April 2, 2013
I don't trust them.

March 31, 2013

That's why those that are broke stay broke. People complain about MLM because you get paid according to how hard you work. Unlike traditional jobs, you get paid regardless if you work hard or not. People shouldn't complain that there co-worker is paid the same when they do less since it's already a known.

Keep in mind that there are good and bad companies regardless of their business structure. MLM structures cuts out heavily on advertisement cost by using word of mouth and in turn you create an up/down line similar to real estate broker/agent concept.

In life it is much easier to work for someone and have the illusion of success as you move up the ladder and in most cases gaining some brownie points on the way up. Become the boss's pet and you get more advancements. Where in Primerica it's all about hard work and effort which most people lack.

If Primerica is a scam would they be listed in the NYSE? Understand how a company can be listed before stating something that would only show ignorance. And as for $99 which is background check and training, but most of all it shows commitment. For most people this is to weed out those that think they know it all and those that will probably fail anyway.