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About Primally Pure

Nature is filled with wisdom that can provide solutions to many of our most pressing problems, including answers to our beauty and skincare problems. Many beauty products on the market today utilize ingredients that can be dangerous and harmful to the human body. The beauty and skincare brand, Primally Pure, was created to change the industry by creating a line of safe, natural products that provide real results.

How Does It Work?

Primally Pure is a natural skincare company that can resolve many of the issues you have with your beauty products - all without producing harmful effects. Most of their products are even safe for pregnancy and they also have a spa with a Murrieta, California location.

The company sells a wide variety of natural products including charcoal deodorant, oil cleansing products, dry shampoo, baby balm, gua sha stones, bug spray, and more.

They aim to put nature at the center of everything that they do, a mission which is reflected in the posts created for their blog. The blog section of their website covers various natural beauty and skincare topics including how to do an armpit detox, what type of face mask you should use for your skin type, and how to remove hidden toxins from everyday products you use in your home.

Whether you need deodorant, moisturizer, cleanser, or something else, Primally Pure wants to help you find a safe, natural product that works.

Cost and Price Plans

Primally Pure offers their natural products at different price points depending on what you are looking to purchase. For example, they sell their 2.5oz natural deodorant for $14.00-$16.00. You can choose from options like geranium deodorant, lavender deodorant, tea tree deodorant, lemongrass deodorant, and unscented deodorant.

If you are looking for a cleanser, you can purchase cleansing oil from them for $20.00 or a baby bar for $12.00.  Primally Pure’s face masks start in the $48.00-$52.00 range and are sold depending on skin needs. They have masks for clarifying, plumping, and soothing.  Moisturizers are sold for $34.00-$52.00 depending on skin type and need.

Primally Pure also offers a Subscribe and Save option which provides you with 50% off your first order and allows you to choose to get your product delivered every one, two, or three months. The Subscribe and Save program is obligation-free- you can cancel or change your subscription at any time by logging into your account and editing your preferences.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for a clean, safe beauty and skincare line, there are other companies that strive to provide such products.  For example, Native is a brand which uses only clean ingredients and has many satisfied customers. Native sells products like deodorant, body wash, bar soap, and toothpaste. Their deodorants will run you $12 and come in a variety of scents including Apple & Honeysuckle, Sweet Peach & Nectar, and Cactus Flower & Poppy.

You might also consider purchasing your natural beauty and skincare products from Beautycounter. Beautycounter is a well-known brand whose mission is to provide clean beauty products to everyone.

They sell moisturizers in the $29.00-$89.00 range, cleansers in the $20-$72 range, and manufacture products like makeup, bodywash, serums, and sunscreen. is well-reviewed, with Business Insider saying that their plumping facial oil is “one of the best skincare products,” and their brow gel allows for “fast and foolproof application.”

Finally, Schmidt’s is a great option if you are searching for safe, natural, and effective products. They sell items like deodorant, soap, cleaning vinegar, and laundry detergent. Their deodorant scents range from Violet & Powder to Earl Grey & Coconut Milk and cost between $8.99-$9.99 for 3.25oz or $7.99 for 2.65oz.They also offer a subscription program which will provide you with free shipping, as well as other perks.

Customer Service

If you have questions about an order or about the brand's products, you can reach out to the company via a form on their website. It is also important to note that Primally Pure offers a return policy which allows for a refund of items purchased within sixty days.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

If you are looking for skincare reviews or doing some research to find out about the best primally pure products, you can find lots of reviews on the their website as well as Amazon.

Primally Pure provides customer reviews for each of their products on their website. For example, their cleansing oil designed for oily skin earns excellent reviews, with customers saying “ This stuff is the best thing I have ever put on my face,” and “it’s softened my combination skin without causing breakouts.”

Their Charcoal Deodorant also earns excellent reviews with customer saying that “this is the best deodorant [they’ve] ever tried,” “this…works so well,” and “I…will never go back.” And customers say that Primally Pure’s dry shampoo is “great stuff,” that “lasts forever,” “goes a long way,”  and is “the perfect solution for extending wash days.”

The company is also well-reviewed across the natural beauty and skincare community on the internet. The Healthy Maven, for example, claims that Primally Pure deodorants are effective and “the only natural deodorant [she doesn’t’] have to reapply.” She adds that Primally Pure products are made up of natural ingredients which make them safe and healthy for everyone to use. And the blog A Foodie Stays Fit says that Primally Pure products utilize “essential oils that work with your body,” rather than “[trying] to mask something.”

Where to Buy?

You can place an order for any of their product directly through their website.

Is It Worth It?

It is important to try to use products with safe, clean, healthy ingredients whenever possible. This extends to beauty and skincare products as well. If you are looking for a natural deodorant, moisturizer, toner, face mask, bug spray, or baby balm, you should consider utilizing a Primally Pure product.

Primally Pure can boast satisfied customers and great reviews without having to compromise on the safety and health of their products. Consider taking some time to peruse their website and purchase a natural beauty solution soon.

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