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About PowerDot

PowerDot is a fitness-focused company that offers its customers the opportunity to passively improve their fitness while carrying out their normal workout routines. Using a simple muscle contraction method, their products focus on stimulating the muscles that you’re training. This isolation is what can build more muscle and lead to larger gains.

As well, their products also focus on allowing their customers to warm up, cool down, or massage themselves using the same technology. In order to simplify the device’s usage, the entire contraption can be controlled manually from the iOS and Android-compatible app.


PowerDot focuses their products off of their main device, however, they offer replacement pads as well as a number of PowerDot-branded fitness accessories.

PowerDot 2.0 - This is the main product offered by PowerDot. It’s broken down into two parts: the actual pads that you put on yourself, and then the app for your phone. The pads are simple to use and are the part of the machine actually “does the work.”

There are two pads which connect via a Bluetooth device. You place them over the muscles that you’ll be working and, throughout the duration of your workout, the two pads will contract your muscles and affect the way you workout. In turn, this will improve your results and increase the amount of gains you get over an extended period of time. The pads come in either red or black- you decide.

The second part of this product is the app. The app (which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices) acts as a hub for your PowerDot product. Once you connect the Bluetooth pads, it’ll tell you everything you need to know, such as battery life, results over time, time left in your exercise/session, and much more.

On top of that, the app is where you choose what kind of workout or massage you want. It’ll tell you how long the activity will last, where the pads will stimulate, as well as how it should make you feel afterwards.

Accessories - The rest of the product offered by PowerDot are either extra pads that you can link to your app in order to increase the effectiveness of your workout, or workout accessories such as water bottles, shirts, and hats. Keep in mind that these products are only offered with the “PowerDot” logo on them.

Cost and Price Plans

The actual cost of the PowerDot 2.0 comes to $199 USD. This includes two pads connected by the Bluetooth block, as well as access to the app. If you’re looking to immediately get more from the first purchase that you make, you can also opt for the DUO option which, for $299 USD, gives you two, two-pad devices. The product comes inside of a reusable protective case that can hold two sets of pads.

In terms of accessories, the extra pad replacements that you can buy go for around $20 USD each. The branded clothing and water bottles vary depending on when you look at them, so it is best to check the website out to get an accurate idea on how much they cost.

Customer Service

If you’re interested in contacting PowerDot, below is some of the way you can get in touch with them.

Phone Number: 844-479-7368
Email: [email protected] 
Contact Page: https://www.powerdot.com/pages/contact-us

Refund/Cancellation Options: You’re able to return items 30-days after the sale in the original box along with any documentation or instructions that came with it. In order to receive a full refund, you must return within the 15-day period after you receive it. PowerDot will grant you a full refund in the form of a credit to the account you bought it from. You will still be responsible for covering the shipping and handling costs.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Overall, PowerDot is reviewed as being extremely positive and a great investment in the eyes of their past customers. Averaging at a 5-star review, customers explained as it is not only practical for the kinds of workouts they do but also a great therapy solution. Some of the reviews are so positive that some customers are saying that they’ve replaced physiotherapy with the muscle stimulating action of PowerDot’s product.

The only complaint that is really called on is the price factor. While customers are very satisfied with their buy and highly recommend the PowerDot, some claim that it is too pricey for what they get. Some claim that cheaper alternatives are available that only surrenders a little bit of the overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Competitors and Alternatives

Competition is a part of a business. That being said, having an understanding of the competition is crucial. Below are three companies that offer products that perform the same task as PoerDot, or products that perform similar tasks.

Compex - This company offers products that are very similar to the ones sold by PowerDot. They focus on muscle stimulation and offer devices that stimulate certain muscle groups during your workouts. Compex, unlike PowerDot, doesn’t offer all of their services through one easy-to-use app.

Their products are sold separately depending on the amount of training you do and your overall fitness goals. And, generally speaking, their products are more expensive than the ones on PowerDot.

Theragun - This company offers products that are focused on recovery and both shallow and deep muscle massages. The main product is a manually-held device that focuses on massaging deep into the muscle tissue, ultimately helping with post-workout recovery. Their products claim to increase recovery time, release knots, and break up scar tissue. The device is battery-powered and is around the same price as the PowerDot.

MarcPro - This company offers a muscle stimulating product very similar to PowerDot’s. You place pads over the areas you’ve worked out and the vibrations contract your muscles and help speed up the recovery time. Instead of an app, however, MarcPro has a single, handheld device that acts as a hub. 

From here, you’re able individually change the intensity of the two pads and ensure they’re just right. Their prices are more expensive than PowerDot’s.

Where to Buy?

Currently, PowerDot can be bought on their official website, as well as on Amazon. While both are considered safe and enforce PowerDot’s rules of delivery/returns, your safest bet would be to buy straight from the company itself. While Amazon is extremely reliable, you may get caught up in dealing with Amazon instead of PowerDot if there’s an issue with shipping or the condition of your product when you receive it.

Overall, PowerDot seems to be an extremely reliable product that can not only help you increase the amount of gains you get during your workouts but also help you during your recovery phases and massage you in times of stress. For those who live an active lifestyle and are looking for something to change up the game, this product might be worth a shot.

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