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The Power Efficiency Guide is an eBook by fictional character Mark Edwards, that claims to offer step-by-step blueprints you can use to build a power generator from home. 

PowerEfficiencyGuide4All.com is one of a number of cloned websites selling the same product.  If you'd like to read our review of this eBook see our Easy Power Plan Review.

If you have any experience with the Power Efficiency Guide, please leave your reviews below.

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Power Efficiency Guide Customer Reviews

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Wow - free power? I don't think so
March 17, 2020

The guy is full of it. Would like to hire him as a presenter / sales man

Underlying principle is laughable
June 5, 2019

“ Mark claims that his power plant is based on how electric cars charge themselves... the trouble is they don’t.

My dad is a chemist in the American sense of the word. I asked him if completely electric cars can charge themselves by the wheel movement and he said in theory yes but you would need to get the car on top of a Very large hill first and it would probably take more energy to get the car up there than you would get out of it. We had a good laugh envisioning just how big of hill you would need .

If you have any scientific technology minded family members, it could be worth bringing the idea up with them to enjoy a good laugh, but don’t waste money buying the guide

WilliamHanna February 03, 2020

In the video I saw Marks claims to be 45 years old in 2015. When doing a separate Google search using the exact words from the first website all of the hits say Mark was 56 years old in 2015. That's a BIG red flag folks! Save your money on this one and take a pass.

April 11, 2019
I’ve bought the guide and followed the instructions to the tee... I’m saving so much money and now I’m off the power grid...they actually pay me now to put power back on the grid... Thanks Mark I wish I can repay you by buying you a Power Efficiency Guide so you can use it to wipe your butt when you call your power company to turn your power back on so you can find your car keys so you can go get some real toilet paper to wipe your butt instead of the Power Efficiency Guide which probably is a little rough on the sphincter. Cheers!

Total Scammer
February 4, 2019
As an Energy Systems Engineer I am always intrigued about new high efficiency energy production. Well this is not one of them. It is a total scam. How Mark Edwards if that is truly his name can make his case with a straight face is beyond belief. Sad that he would teach his children, if he has any, to outright lie to the public and take their money on false hopes of a device that makes net positive energy and converts it to electricity. He needs to be shut down by his State's Attorney Generals office for cross state economic crimes.

GREGRAY February 09, 2019

this belongs to a man named joseh newman

WilliamRabren March 06, 2019

Why isn't Newman marketing it ?

Larry February 19, 2020

If this system was legit, why wouldn't you want to market it, sell it cheap and help people and make money to. Being a mechanical engineer, this would be similar to a perpetual motion machine, which is theoretically impossible because of the friction. They have been trying to make one for the past several hundred years with no luck. If it works, market it and sell it instead of putting it in a book.

Scam, not functional
January 29, 2019
After careful reading, I carefully followed the instructions. Not only did it not work, but it CANNOT work since it violates the laws of physics. It will not produce a single watt, much less enough to run a house.

Has anyone actually tried it?
December 7, 2018
I understand all the point made above, but I am wondering if anyone has actually tried it. If so, what their results were. I get the majority of these things are scams, but I don't count speculation as fact either. Just curious.

JonathanAllen December 31, 2018

This is a perpetual motion machine of the First Kind. That is, it violates the First Law of thermodynamics. If Edwards really had made such an invention the world would be hailing him as the greatest hero ever. He would not be peddling his phony "blueprints" to suckers on the Internet.

November 20, 2018

I didn't buy the book. I did read the presentation. As already mentioned the presentation is long and drawn out and appeals to emotion

(Protecting your family)

It made me wonder why the sales pitch? Unlike others I do believe there have been discoveries which worked and were patented, but were then suppressed.

I believe this is not one, and it seems to be a scam.

GREGRAY February 09, 2019

this so called invetion does not have a patten, this invention was joseph newman who design this,this guy is a phony, do not give money,shame on this idiot.

Power Efficency Guide
November 4, 2018
A total unblinkered scam!!!! Complete and utter nonsense. You have only got to read some of the fake reviews which are plastered all over the web and that are full of spelling mistakes and almost unreadable grammatic errors, to see what a total rubbish this is! Don't be a fool and get scammed out of $49!

Art December 11, 2018

Fully agree. Anyone with half a brain knows that Perpetual Motion Machines violate the first or second law physics and to claim you can extract energy out of nothing violates the consistency principle. YouTube is another source of scam videos. It's an insult to all Engineers and Scientists for these charlatans to use the name of science in vein.

PatrickWarfel December 29, 2018

Art, what you mean is the First Law of Thermodynamics. It's indeed an insult to every engineer, scientist, and person with $49 in his or her pocket.

These scams abound though. I recently contacted by a scam company in MA that's raising money called www.flooidpower.com. Same type of perpetual motion nonsense, albeit on a larger scale.

GREGRAY February 09, 2019

dont give money

Wow - free power? I don't think so
October 30, 2018

Total scam, if this were true the big corporations would have taken it on, used it and still charged exorbitant rates for the power. It falls into the same field as the magic pill that enables your car to run on sea water, the magic carburettor which gives a gas guzzler 500 miles per gallon and still full power, etc etc. I fondly remember a customer at my father's garage who insisted we fitted every new gas saving device to his car. He eventually asked us to take them off as his tank should have been refilling itself every 100 miles given the savings all the devices had offered.

Good sales pitch though, appealing to the emotional side, keep your family safe!

JonathanAllen December 31, 2018

Well sad, and BTW, "freezing" in a house at 50 degrees F? Heck, I often keep the house at that temp and am quite comfortable in ordinary "shirtleeves."

JimFarwell January 24, 2019

No kidding. Check out the Dick Proenneke story, Alone in the Wilderness -- he comes in out of the cold (35 below zero) and gets his cabin up to a "toasty" 40 degrees!

Pricing lie
October 23, 2018
The video claims a 75% discount from $149 which should yield $37.50 or less. At $49 the discount is only 67% so shows a lie after all the unnecessary blurb to reel you in. This financial trick seals the deal to show this is another of these dodgy marketing selling stuff that is too good to be true.

October 14, 2018
You need to produce the correct frequency and voltages for any device or they overheat or blow up. Regardless if (and its a big if) it did work or not it would need to work with some kind of inverter and a big one at that.

Art December 11, 2018

Actually, you'd just need a controller to sync and regulate the voltage, frequency and phase, but if the retarded Mark Edwards, a 56-year-old geography teacher in Memphis, Tennessee (the ad I saw admits it's a pseudonym) can't get the basic physics right, I don't expect him to try to provide any technical electrical engineering deals - if he doesn't understand Clausius and Thomsom, I doubt he has any concept of electrical and systems engineering.

My thought
October 12, 2018
Why the need for the long drawn out sales pitch? Scientists have been working for many years trying to figure out perpetual motion, none have been successful yet to my knowledge because one can not overcome heat and friction. The ad plays on emotions, the key to any sales pitch, people buy on emotion or thought of saving big money.

Power Efficiency Guide / Power Efficiency System - Just Nonsense
October 11, 2018

This is 100% scam and 0% reality. You can't create energy out of nothing - no input energy produces no output energy. The machine they describe would defy the laws of physics/engineering/nature, and you can research this subject by googling "Perpetual Energy".

The suggestion that you can build such an energy source is absurd, and to build it for $100 out of stuff lying around the house is even more absurd. Don't be a drip - don't send these crooks your hard earned $49 - it's just a scam.

Best wishes John Gipps

Better Sell
September 27, 2018
I don't believe it exists. If so, Use that $106 - build them and sell complete for $*** . Just name your price. Or at least offer that option for those people who want that option.

Boadh October 23, 2018

During the video which is padded with the usual scripted nonsense to reel you in, it claims a 75% discount from the $149 price - it doesn’t take an idiot to realise that this should be $37.50 or less as promised yet it is $49 which is in effect only a 67% discount - the financial lie is the one that seals the deal to not buy!

JTMusicwood January 05, 2019

No mention of how to regulate the flow of free electricity. Hello? How many volts does it take to electrocute a child or blow up a microwave n your wifes face? This modern Charleton Shyster would not know based on his arithmetic demo.