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About Power Air Fryer Oven Elite

The PowerAir Fryer Oven was developed by Tristar Products, an innovative marketing company started by Keith Mirchandani, a well-known leader in the industry of television talk-mercials. By taking ideas from conception through every stage of their development, Tristar aims to create innovative products that will improve and optimize consumers’ lives from kitchen appliances to exercise regimen.

They’ve launched many successful inventions over the years, marketed through television (with its famous “as seen on TV” slogan) and more recently, social media. The Power Air Fryer is one of their most successful products because of its range of applications and ease of use.


The PowerAir Fryer Oven is a unique appliance that introduces a new concept in the world of fried foods: instead of needing heated oil to fry foods like a traditional oven or pan, it uses superheated air to get that crispy taste and texture with a fraction of the calories.

Using 1700 watts of 360° Air Flow Technology it can become a compact substitute for a traditional oven, pizza grill, rotisserie, dehydrator, broiler and toaster, so you can have one appliance for all your needs.

The Power AirFryer comes in three different models, the 6-Quart Power AirFryer Oven, the 6-Quart Power AirFryer Oven Elite and the 8-Quart Power AirFryer Oven XL. The first two models differ in a few key features, with the Elite version being easier to clean thanks to its removable glass window, and providing 2 extra cooking features. The last model is simply bigger and great for larger families.

How Does It Work?

The Air Fryer is pretty straightforward to use. The Oven comes with a large digital LED Display Panel where all the options available are clearly marked and visible. It has different presets for common favorites such as pizza or french fries, so you can simply push a button and cooking time and temperature are set for you. You can also do it manually if you prefer to tweak the process yourself.

The Oven is supplied with all the individual pieces you need for the different types of cooking, such as trays for french fries and skewers for kebabs. Assembling these pieces and taking them in and out of the Fryer is the only part that really requires any effort, but the instruction booklet and the videos on the product website go into clear detail about how to do this.

Cost and Price Plans

All of the models of Air Fryer can be bought in installments or in single payments directly from the website.  The 6-Quart is available for 4 payments of $ 39.99, and the Elite 6-Quart and 8-Quart for 4 payments of $49.99. All shipping is free. The Elite model also comes with $40 worth of cooking accessories included in the price.

Online Reviews/Complaints

People are generally quite satisfied with the product. It is praised for being straightforward in its use and for being quicker and more efficient than other kitchen appliances.

Some users have completely shifted to using the Power Air Fryer as their only method of cooking.The general consensus is that it’s great to be able to fry without all of the added grease.

There are a few complaints, mostly related to two issues: food being cooked tends to stick to the metal rack, making it harder to clean, so what you make up in cooking time you may have to spend cleaning. The second problem is that some users report the Fryer suddenly malfunctioning, especially with the fan not working, after just a few uses and returning the item is expensive in itself.

Competitors and Alternatives

PowerAir Fryer vs NuWave Oven – this product combines three different types of heat to cook food to perfection: conduction heat (like a tradition oven), convection heat (hot air moving in circles around the food) and infrared heat( which gets right to the core of the food to make sure cooking is even).

Thanks to its elevated cooking rack, the fats and oils from the food can drip and collect at the bottom, making your favorite dishes healthier. It is great for air frying, dehydrating, and roasting, but it only comes with one cooking rack, so its versatility in terms of quantity is limited.

PowerAir Fryer vs Philips Airfryer is also an alternative that uses hot air to cook foods without the need of oil or other cooking substances. It can hold up to a 12 kg capacity for 5 people, making it a very convenient alternative for families. It is also dishwasher safe, making clean up quick and easy.

The GoWise USA XL Electric Air Fryer is a 5.8 quart sleek and beautifully designed appliance with a lot of options. It comes with a large touchscreen presenting a host of preferences and cooking options. It includes eight food presets or manual adjust for those that prefer to set their own parameters. You can also control temperature, set a timer and more. It’s very easy to clean, with removable pan and detachable basket.

Where to Buy?

You can order all models of the PowerAir Fryer online either from the official website (http://www.powerairfryer.com) or from Amazon. It is also available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, as stated on their official website (call your local store to find out if they have it in stock).


Buying the Power Air Fryer Oven is a truly convenient way to upgrade your kitchen. It’s a compact and effective substitute for a host of appliances, such as ovens, deep fryers, toasters, dehydrators and more. The variety of presets will make cooking less of a hassle on days where you just need it to be done and fast, while the cook book provided is a special bonus for when you want to get really creative.

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Works great when it works

March29, 2019

I received an Oven Elite for Christmas. I love how it cooks food and makes things crispy without added oils. However, that is where the love for this oven stops. Sometimes when I preheat it the oven will shut down and only the inside light works; which means it is getting power. Then it will come back on when it is ready. I have spoken with customer service and the only advice they can give is unplug it, wait 30 minutes, and plug it back in. Hello...if I am preheating the oven that means I am ready to cook! I do NOT have 30 minutes for it to decide it wants to work. Reps stated that the shutdown is not a malfunction. DO NOT buy this product unless you want to cook on its schedule.

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