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Power 4 Patriots is a guide from Frank Bates, who says that anyone, regardless of skill or knowledge, can use his system to create their own home electrical system and slash their electricity bill by up to 75%.

How Does it Work?

According to his website, Bates says that electricity monopolies and government agencies are “incompetent, lying crooks” who are keeping your heating bills “criminally high,” but that you have the ability to change that.

The Power 4 Patriots system claims to be 100% legal and will work even for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend or people who may not consider themselves “handy.”

The system concentrates on giving people the step by step guides they needed to create solar and wind energy producing systems right in their own background, so they can cut their energy bills drastically.

The package includes 6 videos which concentrate on creating your solar power system.

In it, Bates claims to show how to choose the right materials, to find the perfect place for your new solar panels, to avoid costly mistakes, to make a few simple but critical tweaks to yours panels to maximize power output, as well as 2 companion construction manuals.

There are also 4 videos that show you the best sources and parts for you wind turbine, how to find the perfect spot for your turbine, and how to draw maximum power from your turbine, as well as 2 companion construction manuals.

All 10 videos and 4 guides for the solar panel and wind turbine project construction, as well as the bonus guides for solar heater construction and maximizing solar heat throughout your home is $27.

Power 4 Patriots has been described as a hoax by some online reviews, claiming that the tasks required to accomplish what the guide describes are much more difficult than advertised.

If you have any experience with Power 4 Patriots, then please leave your reviews below.

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Get Ready for Your Inbox to be Hit
May 27, 2017

I can't comment on the Power4Patriots program. At first glance, I'm always a little skeptical of any website that doesn't post prices, instead asks you to enter your information then they take you to another website.

I purchased the Food4Patriots product, which is run by the same gentleman. The food was good and all that it purported to be. But, after having purchased it, my inbox has received daily hits by Mr. Bates who outlines the desperate need with have for independence without government involvement.

Part of that I agree with, a lot of it I have issues with. Bottom line, the Food4Patriots product was very good and I would recommend it. I'm not sure I want to dive into this one without seeing what I'm getting and paying for before providing all my information.

This is a legit company
March 29, 2016

I've done some reading and even ordered a few things from them and got exactly what I ordered. According to the top review article, I would have to disagree with Power4Patriots bashing the electric company and government. They do purport expensive electricity and ways to decrease the bills. I ordered the 4 books with DVDs on how to build solar panels. I'd checked this type of info out years ago and these books and DVDs are right on. Power4Patriots never states that it's a snap to build this kind of equipment. It's excellent learning and really good for your older kids (teens) to learn.

I would be careful about calling something a scam especially if your not experienced nor have a good knowledge base about a subject. If you do your research, you'll find all kinds of internet info out there that has this same type of into except they'll sell you the premade solar panels for a nice price. Frank's is just trying to help those who don't have $10,000 - $30,000 to come up with all at once.

February 27, 2016
I wrote a detailed review but your system insisted I "sign in". By the time it finished with this thoroughly annoying practice (god, you'd think we were trying to break into bloody Ft. Knox!) your system deleted my review. Well, too bad. I'm not going to write another one and some of the things I discussed, like the predatory practices of Duke Energy, will go unknown. What is up with you people online that logging in in more important than what someone has written??? Too many sites do this and it is a BRAINLESS practice!

February 27, 2015
This is way off topic but why even worry about whether it's a scam? Just go to the library and research electricity. Start with how it works and then look at how to stabilize the current. My plan is to build a rail with large capacitors to provide a stable 50 amp current to the house. Before the power gets there I want to design solar and battery setup which is turned on and off by zener diodes and relays. It should be simple enough to program an Arduino to control the voltage to keep your batteries from overcharging if you don't know how to design circuits. This crap really is easy, I don't intend to buy into the Power 4 Patriots BS because I have a pretty good understanding of how electrical current works.

Will someone who built the system please review it. I'm sick of people who never tried it call it a scam.
January 7, 2015

I would like to hear from someone who bought the system and built it. I'm tired of hearing supporters of the President call it a scam because the ad is critical of him. One idiot even brought up the race card. I'm sorry but a bad President is a bad President no matter what color he is. Enough about politics I just want to know if this system works.

Keith M - NJ

Adolph Manson January 23, 2015

Yet another crappy, unrealistic, overall unwirkable, plan of which success can only be measured in how many idiots send this scamster money.

David Andrews January 24, 2015

I have an electronics background. Power for Patriots and Solutions from Science seem to rely on over dramatization, blaming the government and greedy corporations, and trying to appeal to the audience’s emotions while playing loose with the facts to sell their products. Some of the products seem to have merit, but are usually over-hyped and over-priced. That said, their solar panel, inverter, and battery set up could be good for some people. Just be sure you understand the numbers to see if it will fit your needs. It depends on which advertisments you are responding to as well (it could be good for camping or emergency lighting, but not good for selling electricity back to the evil power companies for example). Find out how long it will provide electricity at the top watt rating and you tell us. I have heard that the solar power information in their books and videos is pretty good though.

Jim B October 08, 2015

I built these panels, it's a bit of a learning curve, but got really good at it. They provide the cells for a fee (not very expensive), and getting all the other materials from a DIY store (HomeDepot or similar), I was able to build 93 watt solar panels. It takes time, but as far as I'm concerned, it is pretty legit. However, doing an "off the grid" system requires a crap ton of batteries (marine batteries) and a finding way to convert your 110v lighting to a 12 volt system is a bit tedious. But with a little motivation, some patience and somewhat of a working knowledge of electrical currents, AC and DC is a huge advantage for making this work. I think people just want something for nothing and realize you have to really do some work to get the product they advertise you can make.

Always a Scam Ive heard this same guy in another scam I think it was stocks
January 4, 2015
90% of people work for a living you know what the other 10% do. They find out how to F@$& out of that living. That is what this guy does stay clear

Hooking onto the electric grid?
March 11, 2014
If you will check with your home electric company you will find that they don't let just anyone connect to their grid. You will have to buy some very expensive equipment to sync your system to their grid. That will cost you about 5 years of normal electric bills. plus a certified electrical contractor to install it all. Payback about 200 years.

Brendan McDonald March 12, 2014

the whole point is to get OFF the grid and to make your own electricity for your needs. once your producing your own electric you will not need a utility company to provide you with electric.

Rick Cantrell February 06, 2015

I am guessing they won't let you off the grid so you have to continue to pay their base price even if you don't use their electricity.

Noah Ackerman May 25, 2015

This business about actually connecting up to the grid is a very important point and one that the sales spiel does not even address. I was thinking the only way around it would be to have a parallel power system where both systems are isolatied from each other by way of a bypass switch.

Annelise Ekland February 27, 2016

If you find away around being forced to stay with a predatory utility system/company, please let us know. I live in Florida. My state plus the Carolina's have been conscripted by Duke Energy to build a 20 billion dollar nuclear reactor in the state of Georgia. They are charging us 100-150 dollars extra a month on our utility bills. I tried talking with them but they stonewall every time. When this reactor is built (by the federal government with their own cabal of no-bid construction companies) this nuclear reactor will be given to Duke (private) Energy company as a freebie, but We the People will still have to continue to pay to keep the thing running and maintenance (or just plain old profiteering.) They used to come around and read the meters; not any more. They just decide what dollar amount they want and charge us. They have even painted the originally blue cover to one of their meters black because the meter readers don't need to locate the meter any more. Also, when I moved in Duke Energy made me put down a hefty deposit. They said I could redeem it in one year. Every year I tried to redeem my deposit, I was told I had to wait for yet another year. This went on for FIVE YEARS before they finally relented, but even then, I could only get my money in credit with them toward my utility bill. The more information we have available about solar and building our own solar systems the better. Thank you.

i ordered it
March 9, 2014

I just ordered this program , don't know if it is worth it or not time will tell. but I am busy and don't have the time to review and research

all info to try and build, I'm not rich but willing to pay for there time and knowledge they have. I hope everything works if not I have wasted more money at the boats. if any one has any more knowledge about this I would like to here about it

Heather Cooper September 15, 2014

Any updates?

Max Roeder January 13, 2015

What review? People that post a review of a product that they have no knowledge of are simply wasting reader's time. Please stop reviewing air!

January 16, 2014
It seems that this is more of a political forum than an assessment of a product. The research is probably worth the $30 bucks but do just a little research yourself and you`ll find that the cost of materials/tools vs. the savings on your bill is still not economically feasible yet. I had the bad experience of purchasing an $8,000 solar water system back in the early `80`s and although I`m sure design and efficiency have improved since then, it would`ve taken that piece of crap 20 yrs. to recoup my cost. Not much improvement since then.

The sky is falling!
November 20, 2013

Wouldn't it be funny if chicken little was the only one to survive?

There is a lot of buzz about something pending ...

maybe the sky is falling.

We all get to choose .. laugh at chicken little

Or plan ahead ... like with power independence,

It's easier to laugh ... and I bet those who are have plenty of ammo too ... right?

GOOF B December 06, 2013


Peter Piper July 08, 2014

Hmmm... you might want to correct your spelling/grammatical errors before calling someone stupid. And I'm cerious!

Slap Pappy Jappy December 14, 2014

Hey Dick, I mean peter...No one is falling for these retarded scams. Stop trying to be the teacher's pet, and STFU with your "corrective" attitude....

Scam was that solar doesn't work.
October 14, 2013

They have been telling us that solar doesn't work for 30 years. Recently I asked a panel of Utility Executives if solar works in Seattle, even under the clouds. They said yes, we have projects up and running. So where are all the engineers that said solar will not work under clouds? They have been lying to us. When the Obama Admin is done, our power rates will go up, and stay up...look at gasoline and diesel prices. US energy policy is tax carbon and raise prices.

Their plan is to make it too expensive to drive, putting the poor on mass transit. It's a plan, all out in the open. They lied to us about solar, they lied to us about electric cars, and they are still trying to convince us that hydrogen won't work, but it's working in Europe.

If you didn't know any of these easily research-able facts, then it's worth $27 just to open your eyes.

Your power bill will double before the next election. Gasoline will be $5 a gallon. A generator will cost a fortune to operate. Your home will not have power during the next blackout. You think there wont be another one? You don't need batteries to use solar, but it will be nice at night.

There is NO competition for energy utilities. How many of you have a choice. You own the wires and the pipes, they are public utilities. That is the scam. If there was only one place to fill your car, you might have to pay $20 a gallon.

ReGina Hughes December 10, 2013

So far my electric bill has decreased every year since 2010....yay!

Elisabeth Taylor June 25, 2014

where do YOU live Regina? We may be moving there. Our bills has increased 30% in the past 3 years!!

You can't get this same information elsewhere for free
September 5, 2013

Complete scam. He hypes/scares you to open your wallet. Why on earth do I have to watch his 3 minute video to buy a product? Why can't he lay out the facts up front on one page. Plus when you try to leave the site, it "grabs" you with a pop-up to stay... Basic marketing for scammers. This "one weird trick" crap is getting old. Like the other scamming sites that claim "this one trick will make you lose 30 pounds"

Save your money.

Squirella September 10, 2013

Their animator needs to use spell-check.

It's Tennessee, not Tennesee.

It' calendar, not calandar.


Beaker September 12, 2013

I totally agree with George. Quit with all the 'scare tactic' BS and get to the damn point!

HAK September 14, 2013

A 3 minute video. Try its like 30 minutes of verbal double speak diatribe

and he take forever to get to the point. blah blah blah blah.

Marty M September 18, 2013

I truly believe this kit has awesome potentials because a friend of mine, Doctor Emmett Brown made a time machine that was his most successful invention ever, a plutonium-powered time machine comprised of a DeLorean DMC-12 sports car that had to reach 88 miles per hour in order to time travel. On November 5, 1955, Doc slipped on his toilet while hanging a clock in his bathroom. When he came to, he had a vision of the flux capacitor in his head. It was constructed afterward and completed in 1985. But I don't think he ever capitalized from all his hard work !

ADD T September 18, 2013

Yes ! I have heard about this Amazing Invention which is very simple to understand. Ya see, Since all American models of the DMC-12 had speedometers that only read up to 85 miles per hour, a modified instrument cluster was installed, with a speedometer that reached 95. (A law from the administration of President Carter prescribed that automobile speedometers could not read more than 85 mph with the intent that if people could not read speeds higher than that, that they wouldn't drive faster than that.) Therefore when you hit 88 mph POOOFFF ! Ya gone.

Power for Patriots is a scam
August 22, 2013
It's all simple information available anywhere. Their alarmist political model shows the real purpose of their system: scare you into buying sub-standard equipment.

Devin H September 01, 2013

The pitch sounded like a typical Glen Beck melodramatic sales pitch using fear, anxiety, and urgency to force emotional simpletons into buying a "survivalist" product that that Beck will be getting a commission on.

Jake September 16, 2013


Zipper H September 18, 2013

This sounds like a great opportunity for all. So great that I'm thinking of marketing Home and Portable Nuclear Power Plant Videos and Manuals for the Do-it yourselfers, But I cannot guarantee money back, lol.

Sara Bloom August 30, 2014

You know, I'm from the 1970s, I thought for sure you folks would have something like that by now.

good job
August 17, 2013
the man saved anyone countless hours by compiling this info.It's a good start but that doesn't mean that one will not have to spend more hours of research to fit this program into one's own particular situation. i think it would be worth the money to save looking for a place to start.

Ben r October 26, 2013

I agree with you. It probably is not for everyone and this info can be a time saver as well as it can potentially save you money.

Rocketman I October 31, 2013

PTBartum was right ,theirs a sucker born every day.

JoLynne November 09, 2013

That is alot of info, I think $27 is cheep. I live in Upstate NY in the city and I 'm just wondering if /and where I can put the panels and the wind thing? We get alot of snow on our roof?

Disliked the conspiracy talk, useless and unhelpful.
August 14, 2013

I disliked the conspiracy talk, found it useless and unhelpful. I'm not prepared to build what P4P claims to offer. Instead I'd want to see an actual prototype before committing to anything.

I've been interested in solar and wind energy for 35 years, hoping for it's development so as to minimize polution and not have to rely on a costly, huge infrastructure that can fail due to disasters, terrorism, wear & tear and emergency fall out from nuclear waste leakage. Any power grid infrastructure needs maintenance, improvement -- parts wear out and technology improves. I know there are lots of scientists and mechanical engineers that have the brain-power to collaborate and come up with truthful, working solutions to make solar and wind power viable. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of reacting to the short-term rather than plan smart, long-term solutions.

Jim August 20, 2013

How can you, "Angie", submit a review and rate the product 1 star if you haven't even purchased it ? From your review one can tell you did not buy it and if that is so than you have no right to submit a review for something you never owned, read, watched period. This also goes for everyone else out there who made some type of review/statement about the product calling it a scam even though you never bought it--how could you know ??

Davey August 20, 2013

Sound like they bought it to me. Also, trying to convince people the reason they need to do this is because Obama is gonna take our guns is really silly, and that idea seems to permeate the whole system.

Mr. M September 02, 2013

You must not be a gun owner...

William B September 13, 2013

Mr. Marcus, I am and I agree wholeheartedly.

Sambo September 13, 2013

Okay so your haven't purchased it and your rating it!

Who cares how he goes about selling it the question is does it give you all the info he claims it does or are we all going to have to spend endless hours doing more research.

Milton September 15, 2013

post some pictures of YOUR system built from his instructions, along with a projected ROI and then you can defend this guy.

Tammy September 15, 2013

Well said Sambo, ive visited quite a few places like this and its all people rambling, not one person purchased and made the system. Realistically, its 27 dollars, I dont think anyone is going to go broke making the purchase.

JoLynne November 09, 2013

I agree. I just want to see how It could work where I work. Our houses are so close together in the city. I want to know has anyone built one where you get a lot of snow and in the city??

What a scam
August 13, 2013

Products should be sold on their merits. The hucksters here are trying to use your potential disdain for government or hate for our black President or calling you a patriot, or stoking your fear about the world coming to and end or a fabled race riot or all of the above to get you to act on something that is supposed to mitigate your fears.

Don't fall for it patriots. Do your own research. Generate your own power. But don't reward these morons.

Jim R August 16, 2013

I agree 100% that this guy is using fear and dislike of the Government to take some of your money and put it in his pocket.......but as soon as you used the word black, to describe the president when that word or description was never used in the video presentation....... tells me where you stand too. You are just one of those puppets who if anything is said that puts a negative light on this president or administration will use the race card. I am more tired of that nonsense than I am of the government and all of their crap put together.

Pop P August 17, 2013

why does everyone have to bring race into it - there was nothing said about our "black President" - last I heard he was everyone's President red, white, black, brown, whatever. However, the advertisement was not worth my listening

Johnny A August 17, 2013

I agree with you Jim. I'm SO TIRED of the worn out race card for as an excuse for BHO being a complete failure. I agree with the scare tactics the company uses, but DougH2 must be a bleeding heart liberal to think everyone (and we are clearly the majority now) who is disgusted by BHO, hates him because of his skin color. Doug, my brother is blind and he hates BHO for all the damage he has done to the programs that help the handicapped.

Funny thing is I'm reading all these negative reviews and only one claims to have ordered the product. SOOO, I want to hear from those who have received the manual and DVDs.

Concerned August 19, 2013

well said!

Com2pc August 19, 2013

Ha ha.. Y O U R, Black president was the O N E who said that under his plan, ELECTRICITY WILL By Necessity SKYROCKET.. maybe triple in Cost.. You have to make everything racist is MY B E T !!!

Buried August 20, 2013

I agree 100%

Warren August 22, 2013

Unfortunately the reviewer is not asking for reviews of how you thought the sale video and marketing was, or your politics. It's asking what you think about the product. If you have no experience with the product, and whether it actually does or does not work, then any comments you make otherwise ultimately do not help anyone make an informed decision on whether to purchase this product or not.

Jerry August 24, 2013

very nice Warren, i agree with you. I haven't learned a thing from anyones comments about the system.

Robert M August 26, 2013

Agree, either provide information about how the product performed or just shut up!

Why can't we have a meaningful information exchange without politics or opinions about political issues. It's quite simple to Shut The F Up if you have nothing positive to add. Please pardon my passion!

Ken August 26, 2013

Thank you Warren.

Sgt. C September 04, 2013

Your mental!!!!! and BIG TIME RACIST!!!! P4P was there before Obama. I have the system and using it as we speak. mmmmmmm free electricity. now i'm using the Blue print to figure a way of moving my car. kinda like an electric car. Sooooo dont jump the gun on something u don't understand or flap your lips to follow the crowed.

Sgt. Covarrubias (United States Army Airborne Ranger)

Sgt. C September 04, 2013

Oh... and one more thing.... If your that useless on constructing things, just GIVE IT BACK FOR A REFUND!!!! didn't the guy mentioned if your not satisfied to get your money back... wow.... its people like you that cant add one plus one.... if you are mentally challenge, I'm sorry that i was brutal. but if your brain is working I recommend you don't give-up!!!! SUCK IT UP!!!! and complete your mission!!!!

Sgt. Covarrubias (United States Army - Airborne Ranger)

Sambo September 13, 2013

So here we go again. You didn't buy it you just want to cut down his sales pitch to all of use. Who cares how he does it as long as it's worth buying. Please if you haven't purchased it don't waste more time giving your opinion on it.

Brandon September 17, 2013

totally agree with you sambo all these people are complaining about a product they've never even bought

Richard October 05, 2013

interntet is free ( so far) if you have the time, do your own research.

JoLynne November 09, 2013

Yes there is the propaganda and prejustice in all this. People complaim about all of the presidents. Our problems started with all the white presidents before president Obama!! My question is has anyone built anything from the system, anyone made one?

Bill November 10, 2013

OH ! and did you pre read your submittal???? That is the longest sentence I have ever read!!! Go back to school.

Billabong November 12, 2013

Wow Bill, you go teach!

Annie h December 06, 2013

you don't have to be rude and put him down so what if it is a scam one way or another you can get your money back and come on its just 27 dollars I bet a lot of people have that laying around so I say give it a try its just 27 dollars and if it does work then your wrong and I would say you just got a great deal from a man who sounds like he really just wants to share his discovery and help other find out about this wonderful discovery that sounds like it took a lot of hard work to figure out and you cant just go around saying that its a scam because its on video because that would give me just the same right to call you a scam just because you watched it and this man has a point in his video just give him a chance and he might impress you......... I bought it and its been working wonderfully ive had it for 3 weeks I think by now I would have noticed a problem by now so LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU WOULDNT LIKE SOMEONE CALL YOU A SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not worth it
August 7, 2013
There are a lot of complaints about this product on the BBB. Most cite this as being a scam. What you actually will receive is one lone DVD without very much information. You would be better served doing the research yourself or checking out your local library or bookstore. Most of the information provided you can get for free, or you can spend less than $20 at a bookstore and get much better info on solar and wind power that you will receive with this product.

Another s August 09, 2013

pitched to dumb teabaggers. you can get this information for free on the internet. by the by, I thought conservatives HATED green energy????

Lol August 10, 2013

Exactly! Scam is directed at you liberal pukes who always want "something for nothing".

@Lol August 11, 2013

Yeah right! As if it's not "directed at you conservative pukes" who are always ragging about "government" and touting your almighty Self as "patriots". So it comes as no surprise that this is just another "conservative puke" rip off.

Sergei R August 11, 2013

Wait, so you're saying that the people the video is aimed at - i.e, those who hate who hate Obama in particular and government in general - are liberals. That doesn't make any sense.

In any case, If you want inexpensive and high-quality Made-In-USA solar, buy from Nanosolar - their 2nd-gen panels from back in 2004 cost so little that their retail price makes solar cheaper than fossil fuels.

Concerned August 12, 2013

Actually, it is directed at Conservatives as it talks about Obama pushing an Agenda to raise Electricity prices and it has been featured on Fox News, Glen Beck, The Blaze, Town Hall and others.

Bob a August 19, 2013

the BBB was caught giving good approval ratings to anyone that comes across with the cash. they are as corrupt as they come. don't base your decisions on what the BBB says.

Com2pc August 19, 2013

Most cite this as being a scam. What you actually will receive is one lone DVD without very much information. You would be better served doing the research yourself or checking out your local library or bookstore.

Y O U cite this L I E, and YOU never bought the system or tried it!!!! You sir are just a LIAR....

Norseman August 22, 2013

Sadly, no, this is a scam.

August 6, 2013
No need to spend 27 dollars on something you can find full info on for COMPLETELY FREE on the web lol

Info i August 09, 2013

and you don't have to wait to get info between 30 minute rants against Obama

DONALD S August 11, 2013


Husseiny August 20, 2013

They put Black Solar Panels on the White House, Thanks Obama!

Valanne August 27, 2013

Dumb butt racists!

Sambo September 13, 2013

What if he doesn't like the white half of Obama does that still make him racist?

I hate the fact that every time someone say's something negative about Obama there instantly Racist.

Milton September 15, 2013

Build one and show us the ROI........

Donald Lehoux June 17, 2015

where is the link for the free info?

Beyond the marketing hype the product is a sound investment
August 5, 2013

I'm serious about researching ways to cut my costs. If you are in this discussion then you should be too. Don't come to this discussion to talk politics or to criticize this guy's marketing strategy. Everyone has a right to "vent" and he is just has a bit too much in his spiel to please everyone.

But the weeks and months that have gone into researching and preparing this information product for us will save us countless weeks and months and $$$ of our own trial and error.

So if you are budget minded and looking for how to cut costs for the long run then the 27 dollars for this product is a bargain. It's not even as much as one of the tools you'll need to buy as you start off on the road of budget friendly cost saving investments.

But if you are just a wealthy, green loving, environmentally concerned, tree huger, well, good for you. We need more people like you, but you should be buying a Prius and paying a company to install your solar power instead of buying this information package which you would never watch anyway.

Dan August 07, 2013

There are a lot of complaints about this product on the BBB. Most cite this as being a scam. What you actually will receive is one lone DVD without very much information. You would be better served doing the research yourself or checking out your local library or bookstore.

DONALD S August 11, 2013


Robert August 20, 2013


Please stop shouting. Also, I work in home renewable energy systems and, since I am independently wealthy, I am working on providing this information for free to everybody. This system is actually worthless. You can learn more on YouTube in 20 minutes for free.

William B September 13, 2013

This guy's not just venting. We're hearing a very sophisticated ad for essentially a useless product, and for which many people report not even getting. I don't know what you definition of 'scam' is, but the scam seems clear to me.

Richard October 05, 2013

you get what you pay for, no free lunch. do your own reasearch & hire someone reliable to install it for you,.

Cedonulli October 11, 2013

JOHN B---how long have you been an affilate for selling his system??? ROFLMAO

Review of reviewers
August 4, 2013

I haven't bought it, haven't seen it, but I know the principle is highly successful in California for several people I know who produce their own home energy and save money.

I am only voting to offset the ignorance of people who malign a product they haven't tried and really know nothing about. It seems a lot of people are maligning this guys product as emotional reaction to how he presents it or because of something someone else says.

How about leaving the reviews to the people who bought the DVD or actually know something about it! This isn't a political forum. It's a do-it-yourself DVD, nothing more!!!!

DONALD S August 11, 2013


Jason August 13, 2013

"I am only voting to offset the ignorance of people who malign a product they haven't tried and really know nothing about."

You're such a tool to leave a review like this... you are doing EXACTLY what you claim others are doing when you know nothing, haven't researched anything and don't have a clue... Go hug a tree, eat some granola, weave a basket, and groom your dreads.... you're foolish.

Sambo September 13, 2013

I agree if you haven't purchased it then we don't want you on here.

Thank you Jason

Wayne September 18, 2013

You said it, Sambo, The only things we want on here are glowing reviews. If u can't say something nice about Power4Patriots, then don't say anything at all. Look on the bright side. Speak no evil.

Mark September 21, 2013

This is a review page for actually using the product not the ad. so far I haven't read anything on here from someone who bought and used the product.Just abunch of liberals who hate everything that makes sense

Mcm September 25, 2013

and you think conservatives make sense.

Bill October 09, 2013

You should learn to read, Mark. Is being stupid like being high all the time?

Ray Still January 16, 2014

Bill you`re rude.

Abby August 24, 2016

This guy looks at the product the way I do. Yes, the emotional reaction solicited was obvious, especially for a psychologist, and it was a political forum which disgusted me, but the product works for me and my needs.