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Miami beach postmate
November 10, 2016
The worst service, 3 hrs delivery other than 45 mins. Stupid courriers that do not speak English. Never never use playmates. Waste of time. And money.

Don't use Postmates, it is the absolute worst!!
November 9, 2016

I wanted to try Poke-nomics so I placed an order at 6:37pm. The ETA on my order was 7:26pm, which is fine, things take time. Well anyways, I had been watching the app for updates, it gets down to 10 minutes, then 5 minutes, then Delivery Now. Since it said delivery now, I assumed the driver was parking so I went to the living room, turned on the outside light and waited. At 7:30pm the app updates to 2 minutes..okay maybe he couldn't find parking. I get a call at 7:32pm and answer the phone, the driver claims he left my food at the front door but it's now 10:50pm I still have no food, my driver is liar, and postmates can't complete a simple food delivery.

Here's what happened on the two calls and text with the driver:

Özgür U. (the driver): Hi. This is postmates. I left your food at your door.

Me: I'm outside, my food is not at my door.

Özgür: I left the food at the front door.

Me: Where?

Özgür: At the front door.

Me: I don't see any food.

Özgür: I left it outside

Me: I am outside there is no food here

Özgür: I can't hear you

Me: Can you hear me now?

Özgür: Yes

Me: There is no food outside my door

Özgür: I can't hear you

Me: I can hear you just fine and you just answered me

Özgür: I can hear you sometimes

Me: So you can hear me but not when I am telling you my food is not at my door?

Özgür hangs up

Özgür calls back

Me: Hi. I know you can hear me and my food is still not at my front door

Özgür hangs up again

Özgür text me and says: I'm your postmate. Your order is in your front door. I couldn't reach you. Have a good night.

I text back: MY ORDER IS NOT OUTSIDE MY DOOR. That is what I kept telling you when you pretended you could not hear me, twice. I'm outside my home there is nothing there. You did not leave my food outside my door.


What Happened
October 25, 2016

When Postmates was brand new this was a wonderful service, however the service and customer service has gone so far downhill that I have stopped using them. I have had driver's not show up, cancel orders, and be over 2 hours later than the estimated time of arrival.

However the reason I stopped using them all together is because of the customer service. I have noticed such a decrease in the customer service, they stopped responding to emails, they have told me I will get a refund and then they either did not give it to me or they applied it as a credit which can only be used on the delivery fees. No offense but when I cancel my order because the driver never showed up I don't want $50 in the free delivery.

I recommend no only to never use this service but I would go as far as to recommend other services such as GrubHub and Eat24. While they may not have as many options as Postmates claims to have their customer service is so much better. They will respond promptly, they will refund money to your bank account/credit card. Muncheries is also a great option if you are looking for healthier options or have food allergies.

Never use Postmates when there are so many better options.

Reid Johnson October 30, 2016

My experience with Postmates has been horrible.

There were over 50 fraudulent charges on my card. I spent 3 hours chasing down how I even contact them. Finally provided them the information they requested. They refused to call me so that I could explain the situation better. Then after I provided them everything they asked for - they told me they couldn't do anything about it. Absolutely maddening. Reid J

POstmates Sucks
October 12, 2016
No contact to update order, no phone number, no email address. I\t's a dark hole. They suck.

2 hours after accepting order they cancel
September 16, 2016
After placing an order for them to deliver Portillo's the website searches for a person to accept delivering the order. After waiting for 2 hours I receive a notification that the order cannot be fulfilled. Order placed at 11:25 am and not cancelled by service until 1:26 pm. If the number or items ordered was too much or they couldn't fulfill the order they should have let me know much sooner as I now have to scramble to find something to eat before my day ends. Very unreliable and the company does not need to be trying to recruit new companies to use the service since they could not even fulfill a request from a new customer. Thanks, but no thanks.

$10.50 Delivery Charge
August 17, 2016
Ordered 3 items (a steak buritto bowl and 2 orders of Guac and chips) from Chipotle, which came out to almost $14.00 (I am a regular at Chipotle and I know Postmates is overcharging for the food). Before I confirmed the order, it said delivery fee TBD; when I confirmed, I didn't notice that the delivery charge was $10.50 and with taxes everything came out to over $27.00. I pay the same price when I go to Chipotles for 2 buritto bowls, guac and chips and 2 sodas. Then my coworkers wanted Chipotles delivered to them and since I'm the only one with a Postmates account, I went to put in for the delivery; when I go to check out, a pop up comes up to rate the delivery guy and they have the nerve to ask for a tip. 10% tip puts my charge to over $30.00, which means I spent 51% on delivery charges. THAT IS OUTRAGES AND UNACCEPTABLE. I will never use Postmates again.

NathanKeith March 13, 2019

Think about it. If the PM drove 5 miles he has about $5 in costs. Then time to go to Chipotle, wait at Chipotle, and deliver to you, about 30 min. Labor cost $7.50 mileage expense equals $12.50. You got off cheap.

July 15, 2016
I get hired by this company, and haven't even begun working for them, and they send me a freaking text message at 2 a.m. about a new schedule!!! Really Postmates, like a new schedule is so important that you have to wake someone up to let them know about it. (This same info was also sent via email, so they could've let me sleep.) So I send them an email asking them to stop contacting me at that ungodly hour . . . I'm still waiting for a response, much less an apology. The following week I get another freaking text at 1:36 a.m.!!! Mad as hell I try calling their customer service phone number and get an automated message stating, "We are transitioning to a new in-app support system. In the meantime you can send us an email." Wow, how's that for customer service folks. Thank goodness I never started working for them, I could only imagine what else I would have to put up with. And, based on the horrible reviews on this site, sounds like they don't treat their customers any better.

Worst company ever...
November 15, 2015
I tried for almost ONE hour to place an order this morning. It asked for my credit card - I input and when went to check out - it kept "circling" and finally after about 5 minutes said no Postmates available try back in a few minutes. I tried about 5 times. Same reply. So finally gave up. Are you ready for this? They pre-authorized my credit card!! So now I have a $37 something HOLD on my card - but NO DELIVERY!!! I emailed and the reply was that I NEEDED to contact my bank regarding it......omg....and the guy who replied said the charge is due to their pre-authorization credit CHECK!! Omg....seriously? They call it a credit check?? Geez never heard of a delivery service doing a credit check on you to receive services. THE MOST LAME COMPANY EVER. Was my first and last time. HORRIBLE

November 11, 2015

How is this company still in business? They SUCK big time! For more than a month our team was using their services every day for dinner delivery. Not even once the whole order was delivered the right way (someone's food is missing or items requested are not there). Food is always cold. But for the past two days the food never arrived! F** this business! I have a team of 12 people now sitting at work at 6:45 pm with no food and not a single place opened around here to get something to eat. NEVER USE THIS SERVICE!

August 27, 2015
I ordered from my local buger king and the order was amazing! 30 minutes waiting and the food was made with all my custom! instructions!

Overkill February 13, 2017

What a fake review with no details. I hope you get the same fate I have with your account information.

One of the most screwed up Deliveries I have ever received.
February 17, 2015

So I put in an order Sunday afternoon for Chipotle (8 blocks away) on their desktop app, for the following items:

1xBurrito with Carnitas, brown rice, pinto beans, Lettuce, Mild and Medium Salsa, Guac, Cheese, Fajita Veggies

1xBurrito with Steak, white rice, black beans, lettuce, medium salsa, cheese, veggies

1xBurrito Bowl with Steak, white rice, pinto beans, Guac, Cheese, Lettuce

1xBurrito Bowl with Veggies, brown rice, pinto beans, Cheese, Lettuce

1xBurrito Bowl with Chicken, brown rice, pinto beans, Cheese, Guac, Lettuce, mild and medium salsa

45 minutes later I get a text from the delivery person: "am so sorry but ama be there a little late, having some issues at the cashier have me waiting a little while, I just wanna apologize for the inconvenience." Of course I say that's totally fine, just let me know when you're outside so I can come down.

2 hours later the following things are delivered to my door by the courier who is driving a car:

1xBowl of just white rice

1xBowl of just white rice and beans

1xBowl of just white rice, beans, and lettuce

1xBurrito with just rice and beans

1xBurrito with rice, beans, and cheese

All of the food is cold.

I obviously had a number of questions:

1. How is it possible Chipotle thought it was totally fine to charge full price for a bowl of just white rice?

2. How is it possible my courier thought it was totally normal to order the above from Chipotle?

3. Why did it take the delivery person 2 hours to pick this up and drive 8 blocks?

4. Why did she text me to tell me she was going to be late, but not ask about the fact that she was currently paying for a bowl of only white rice.

I called and complained, and was given a 50% refund. Which frankly, to me, is an unacceptable resolution. I will not order with Postmates again.

Helen Short December 31, 2015

Someone tried to rip me off using my debit card at Postmates. Thank God my bank's security caught this one. Don't know how this happened, but I live in Independence, MO and someone tried to use my debit card at a Postmates (billed from San Francisco, CA.) I have never been to San Francisco and have never even heard of Postmates until now. Guess Postmates doesn't check ID's. They attempted to use my card 10 times between Dec. 27th to 29th, 2015 at this business, as well as a hotel in Birmingham, AL. (Never been to Burmingham, either.) Postmates should have caught on after my card was declined 5 times on the 27th, but then they tried again once on the 28th, and again 4 more times on the 29th. Postmates apparently does not verify ID. I think 10 times speaks for itself.

Overkill February 13, 2017

Postmates don't care. They just want your money and don't care if your sense of security and privacy is compromised. I am with you sister. Keep posting honest reviews of their dishonest practice.