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Postmates App. Very Poorly Designed (A Driver Speaking)
March 15, 2021

Such a shame, lack of communication all the way around. No support for customers or drivers when a problem occurs. Most of the time I just cancel the order out of frustration because I don't want to waste anymore time. Sometimes I will contact the customer and let them know what is going on. Every time I cancel, I get a warning saying "this will lower your rating and you might not be able to log in next time.

Well what else can I do? Nobody cares, because when am able to talk to support , they basically do the same thing. They cancel the order and it shows up in my deliveries as 0 of 1 delivery, although it was beyond my control. I am really tired of getting ripped off every time turn the app on. Tonight and last night I was ripped 7 times.

Oh KFC, sorry we are out of chicken, wait WHAAAT? Shut this ship down! Why are customers able to order items that are not available at the time? Or why are the able to place an order at a place that isn't even open? This can't go on much longer can it? I mean get out of here! 10 miles 2 hours waiting to here " Sorry were not excepting anymore Postmates orders right now. What I've been waiting for 2 hours. ok the list goes on and on and on. And the gps ...

I won't even go there. So needless to say I won't be delivering for Postmates much longer, it's just not worth my time. Average trip for me has been 3.00 My total for driving the last 4 days with 15-20 deliveries each day after gas , smokes and snacks = A whopping $112.00... unbelievable. I am sorry that they have mistreated sooo many people.

They're Crooks
January 21, 2021

Crooks, thieves, and fraudulence people. Postmates Gift cards are the new way to breed more thieves that make money off hard working people.

My problem: Postmates took $525 from my bank account. They stole my credit card account number from Christrmas shopping over the Holiday's. From Nov. to January 21st, removing 25 dollars through postmates withdrawals, they have taken 21 withdrawals equal to $525.

I just want my money. My husband worked 48 years as a Truck driver and we are 75. The people who own these companies should make sure that they're not helping crooks. I think you can guess what I think of your Company.

November 28, 2020

Ordered from their website food from their restaurants.

They charged 12.oo for non postmate restaurants. I cancelled .

But they still charged me 71.00 for no food.

Their crooks!

Restaurant Owner Here
November 5, 2020

I have a real issue with a company that uses my companies menu without receiving any kind of contract with us. The menu they found somewhere is from over a year ago. It lists items we no longer carry or never have carried, the spelling is off on several items and the prices are higher than what we sell in house.

The drivers just appear and ask for orders, which we never received or they just come in and order right then. Sometimes we have to bake what they want. I'm sure the customer doesn't realize that we never agreed to let Postmates deliver for us or to use our menu. When they order off the menu that is on the Postmates site, and order items that we no longer carry, they probably think it's us and that we never have any of the cookies they want. It really looks bad on us, not Postmates. I'm tired of it.

I myself have ordered a couple times from Postmates and have never gotten any of the food I ordered. The last time I waited 3 hours for a delivery that is literally about 2 blocks away. I can step outside of my business, look down the road and see the place I ordered from. The other time, I ordered and it said the food was delivered, but I never received it either.

Postmates is a scam
October 24, 2020
A Total scam, with false promotions. Takes 3 DAYS to PROCESS ORDERS. Service fees are sure to make no differences to your supposed "discount". And, they add secret prices. They placed a 3 day, $55.00 hold on my credit card, then overcharged me on the total. For example, 2 items @ $36.26 $7.61 service fee = $43.87 - $5.00 promo = $38.87. I was charged $39.65 ???! That's a $0.78 overcharge.

They literally overprice everything
September 9, 2020

Check out their website for common items delivered... compared to actually ordering carryout

Papa Murphy's Pizza: for a cowboy 14" pizza, the cost is 10 dollars. Postmates charges 13 for EXACTLY THE SAME THING, PLUS the 'delivery fee' and mandatory Tip.

It is a rip off. 100%, and we have had vivian Crosby's problem above before.

They rip off their customers, rip off their drivers, and their drivers have figured out how to scam their system for free food by calling the customer and asking them to 'cancel their order' citing whatever stupid excuses they can find for it being 'undeliverable'.

Terrible, inhumane customer service
May 18, 2020

Terrible, inhumane customer service. They delivered another customer's meal to me, which I had to reject. I asked for my credit card to be credited for the purchase but they only provided me with a Postmates credit, which to my surprise, expired in 30 days.

During that 30 day period, I was recovering from surgery, started cancer treatment, and was hospitalized. In spite of knowing all this info, Postmates refused to even extend my 30 period beyond the original expiration date. Don't ever use this service because if they make an error, you could end up paying for it in the long run.

if I could give them negative stars, I would.
April 25, 2020
This is a horrible company. Their website is horrible, the customer service is horrible. The driver was ok, but she got lost. They overcharged me by $10 and when I complained they gave me a $6 credit instead of fixing the charge. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Worst Experience Ever, and what can you do?? Well,....
April 19, 2020

This is outrageous and completely unacceptable.

I attempted to place an order with postmates for my local del taco, which went through far enough for them to charge my bank account $15.06, but did so without even confirming that the order could be placed! Wtf?? So my order gets cancelled with the explanation that "The business is closed"?? Bulls***t!! I just called that exact store and they are "Open at the drive-thru and accepting postmates and all other delivery and other orders just like usual!!"

As a result, there is now still also a lingering $15.06 charge on my bank account that shows as "Purchase postmates "But I do not have my food! Excuse me? And then if the order went through, that initial charge would not be used for the order but instead another charge would be taken? That sounds illegal to me, and if not, I t should be.

Think of all the money they have for temporary funds to use to make even more money from ours?? That is not the way you check for available funds! That happens when the order is actually placed and the food will be delivered! And still I have no food at my door, and no valid explanation as to why. I can find no way to speak to a real person at this so-called business, making the entire service really seriously useless and a really bad joke n all of us.

I am elderly and disabled and they have just forced me to get myself up out of my hospital bed to drive and get my order myself, in the middle of this pandemic??!! Postmates has just lost the business of an entire community of thousands, at least! My reviews carry a great deal of influence all throughout San Diego county, and all of California, and more, and you will see and feel the results. Nice work. Say "Goodbye".

Btw, this is not a formal "Review", merely a frustrated tirade: fu pm! The worst is yet to come.

Update: I just received an email stating "Your order could not be completed and has been cancelled. Your account has not been charged and we apologize for the inconvenience."

Liars! My bank account still shows "Purchase postmates te san francisco ca card3734 $15.06" - that is called a "Charge"!!

Liars and hypocrites. Thieves and losers.

This is the worst delivery service ever!!!!!!!!!!!
January 20, 2020
The first time I used it my order was canceled minutes before my delivery was to arrive with no explanations what so ever. I tried it again today and the order says delivered and I never got my food!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way to call anyone and I don't know how to get my money or food!!! I feel like a fool for using it again after the first incident.

Driver Kept Our Order
January 1, 2020

My husband placed an order on my Postmates app on December 31 at 11:44pm. It usually takes less than 30 minutes to receive Postmates orders, even during busy periods. Our driver Isaiah, however, took over an hour to arrive near our location during a slow period (and we did not choose the "party" option). We received a text from Postmates stating that our order was out for delivery and that our Postmates would drop off the items at 12:31am. Soon after that, it said, "Your Postmate has arrived."

However, when we checked the map at some point, it said the estimated delivery was now 12:48am, and it showed the driver's car not even close to our area (see screenshot). We did not get ANY form of contact directly from our driver until 1:01am. This is 30 minutes after he supposedly "arrived" at our location and 13 minutes after the "estimated delivery" we got through the app. By this point (1:01am), 1 hour and 17 minutes had passed since we initially placed our order.

Why did it take SO long for him to arrive during a slow period when it usually only takes around 30 minutes to deliver even during busy periods? We realized he'd called at 1:01am and called him back at 1:05am; he did not answer. After being unable to reach him via phone to call back, we opted to try reaching out to him via text at 1:06am (see all photos attached for screenshots of these exchanges).

At this point, my husband had gone outside to wait in the front and had also continued communicating with Isaiah via text. Isaiah responds to the text and claims he was "driving around for 15 minutes" and couldn't find us even though he had not even initiated a single form of contact with us within that 15 minutes aside from the single call he made just 5 minutes prior at 1:01am (for which our return call at 1:05am was not answered). By this point, my husband was standing outside waiting for him with our building door, which faces 30th street directly, wide open. Isaiah responded to both my and my husbands texts (my husband using my phone outside at the door, and me using the texting feature on my laptop) with texts stating that he couldn't park anywhere and the streets were too narrow. I have NEVER heard a Postmate complain about that even during busy times.

On top of that, since we ended up having to reorder that night, our next delivery driver had no problem at all delivering the items. I don't care what that driver says, but it doesn't take 15 minutes to find our place, and he should have eventually been able to find it, ESPECIALLY if my husband is standing outside with the building door wide open facing 30th Street. Our address is not difficult to find (especially when you have someone standing outside with the door wide open!). Again, no Postmate has ever complained about not being able to find us, even when we are not waiting outside. On top of that, we responded to Isaiah within the 5-minute window required via both call and text and he made excuses to not deliver. Amidst trying to find him outside, we get a return message that says "The message was not delivered", and eventually we receive notification that, "Isaiah B. completed your deliver..."

Except he didn't! He absolutely did not complete the delivery, so why are we getting a message that says that? We ended up having to place a new order, and that took a fraction of the time, and the driver had NO issues at all delivering. I have reattached the text screenshots so that hopefully someone will actually look at them this time around. I highly suggest Postmates look into this driver regardless of whether we get a refund or not. His customer service was abysmal.

I have been a repeat customer of Postmates for a long time, and it is a shame I cancelled my subscription membership after this. When Max and Daniel at customer service told me nothing could be done about this, I just decided I simply couldn't trust that Postmates will try to solve problems if they were to happen again in the future after this experience.

That paired with a handful of other disappointing experiences all in a row this past week has made cancelling my membership and saying goodbye to Postmates the logical next step. After a long time of Postmates loyalty, we'll be looking into Uber Eats and Grubhub now.

Food never delivered and overcharged fees
December 18, 2019

Postmates is running quite the operation. After ordering $75.00 worth of food for a business meeting from a restaurant 1/2 mile away, I was not only charged a $22 service fee and a $15.00 tip (not shown when I ordered but magically appeared when my receipt was emailed) on top of the $1.99 delivery fee... but the order never arrived and I had to walk to the restaurant and pick it up.

When I went to Postmates’ customer service they said “Thank you for your feedback but we will not be taking any action on your concerns”. Totally insane! Goodbye Postmates

Credit Card Fraud
November 8, 2019

My wife had here CC charged over 6 6 months for purchases totaling over $500.

We've never used Postmates and she actually thought it was a charge I made at the post office.

Anyway, we were never able to contact the company unless it was by email.

A internet search shows that there are many negative stories about over charges and CC fraud.

How do you have a company with no live person to talk to and your only recourse is to submit an email and wait for their lame explanation.

Fortunately the fraud department at Citibank got to the bottom of this and reversed the charges.

Postmates is a scam company and I wouldn't order squat from them!!!!!!!!

Raquel July 20, 2021

Postmates are a black hatters paradise. They hacked my debit. I reported fraud to bank, got monies. New card. They did it again, over $72.00 ordered in 1 day, this time bank labeled valid, which is bogus. Waiting 4 bank evidence, restaurant ordered. Uber postmates is a scam company, their customer service sucks. Do not use postmates, they steal your money. On a limited budget, they're vile n ruthless.

November 5, 2019
I will never use them again! Talk about a bait and switch! I just ordered with their competitor and it's perfect!

The worst i have experienced
August 28, 2019

My experience with Postmates started off positive and went downhill fast.

My issues were with the bill, and how things are calculated. Even worse - there's no way to call and talk to a representative. The Telephone number posted on San Francisco BBB is (800) 882-6106 for customer support. That telephone number tells you to contact them online!!! Communication can only be done through submitting your issue on the site or app, and the response is in email.

The big issue was with the "delivery charges" and "fees". The promotion I was using was for "free delivery". The receipt Postmates delivered with the meal clearly had a $10.78 delivery charge on it, bringing the bill on the receipt to $59. But - my card was charged $68! The additional cost included a 15% variable service fee.

When I opened a ticket on the Postmates site, I got a response from Postmates offering to remove the processing fee. I responded with thanks but reiterated my issue was with the "delivery fee" on the receipt. Postmates responded to ignore the printed receipt and offered an updated version. On this version, the delivery charge was gone, but each item was increased in price over the printed receipt. Coincidentally, this increase equaled the previous delivery charge! When I asked about this, I was once again presented with the same numbers and told to ignore the printed receipt.

I asked how the processing/variable service fee was advertised and calculated. I was told "It is a variable percentage fee, as it is directly proportionate to the purchase price of the order." It's whatever they feel like adding to the price? They also told me the fee was listed on checkout, which I apparently overlooked?

In the end, my delivery fee and 15% variable service fee cost $21.56, on an order with "free delivery" if I did not catch their error of the delivery fee. I find this dishonest and unacceptable, but Postmates said they consider the matter closed. From now on my business will go to the competition and I hope yours will, too.

June 29, 2018
Great resource for dieting. Ordered lunch for a hospital department today using postmates and it was never delivered. Won’t get those calories! But here is the rub- the restaurant claims the food was picked up. The delivery person claims to have texted (used a land line to order). The number provided for said delivery drive is “disconnected or no longer in service”. ....and there is no recourse except to cancel the charge with my credit card company. Don’t use this service- unless you are on a starvation diet....

Worst customer service
February 11, 2018


I must say that I'm very disappointed with your service and I'm extremely upset. My order was never delivered to me while I was home and the driver never returned the food to the restaurant. To make matters worse the persons I talked to in customer service didn't even attempt to solve my problem and just gave me attitude. Both the man and the woman I talked to were really rude. What did the driver do with my food? Why is there no way to talk directly to them?

I expect a full refund of the service because I'm not satisfied and you can be sure I'll never use your service again.

Your account will get hacked
February 13, 2017

Tried their service once and saw how expensive their service is and did not try their service again. Several months later, I got emails from them that someone accessed my account from a different part of the city. The person or people who accessed my account charged a delivery to 111 W. 7th Street (310-494-2671) for about $100 for a salmon dinner, delivery fee, and tips. When I saw this, I quickly reset my password and deleted my credit card information.

I have contacted their customer service department to have this issue resolved and not charged my credit card for a delivery I did not ask for (especially since I have gout and salmon is bad for me). They have responded back and the last time I checked, the credit card purchase when through. I have contacted their customer service a second time to delete my account because they have nothing to get my credit card charge reversed for a transaction that I did not authorized.

Credit Card Fraud
December 28, 2016
Fraudulent charges no communication from postmates. They need to be put out of business. I am working on it

RebeccaAshley March 15, 2021

I'm not sure about all the fraud but I do believe they can't go on like this. I started delivering a month ago and it's getting worse every time i go out. I will except a job on the app, and head out to pick up the order just to hear, "sorry we are closed for maintenance" at jack n the box. Or wait 2 hours at Walmart to hear sorry we are canceling all postmates orders, an hour ago I drove 5 miles to McDonald's waited in the drive thru and when I got to the pick up window she says "oh didn't he tell you ?" (the guy at the first window) I said "no" we don't have lunch food for that order.

What the heck is going on? Why can people order things that aren't available? And / or closed?

This can't go on, it is horrible business. Tonight and last night I had a total of 7 incidents that left me without pay for all the driving and waiting. I don't see people wanting to work like this. I've just about had enough.

Now I look close at the app when a job comes up, if it isn't really close to where I am, forget it I decline decline decline... and then it will pop up.... 2.00 bonus....ohhh boy 2.68 for a 10 mile drive and 2.00bonus equals less than five bucks and maybe a 2cent tip which i have gotten. I am sorry that they have done these things to their customers, how embarrassing to even say I drive for them.

I sometimes wonder ...are we really getting the full tip amount from our customer or not? How would we know? I do agree that they are crooks because I am tired of chasing my tail for nothing but frustration and no live support to help with all the issues. Crock of Chit!!!!

$50 Facebook ad is a scam
December 3, 2016
THere was an ad on facebook for $50 credit on postmates. NO WHERE did it say it was only for delivery charges (~$3.50 per order). it definitely made it seem like it was $50 off my first order. never again and i'm following up with my credit card company.