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About PopSockets

The search for a product that prevents the tangling of the earbud cord is what led to the invention of the 60 different prototypes developed by the founder of PopSockets.

From the use of the previous method where two buttons were glued together at the back of the phone and earbud enfolded around the buttons, the new prototypes were a great improvement to these since they were firm and had a good grip.

Bringing in more advancement to make it easier for their customers, PopSockets introduced a case for iPhones that had two PopSocket grips combined with the case.

Along with the numerous improvements, through collaboration with arthritis organizations, PopSocket supports those with mobility problems by raising money and making PopSockets available to those that need them.


Premium collection

The premium collection includes variously patterned pop sockets made from different materials and colors offering you an elegant design as well as adding a unique touch to your phone’s look.

With a wide variety ranging from the iridescent snake, Saffiano Gold, Saffiano Rose Gold, Rose Gold metallic diamond, Rose Gold aluminum, Twist Black Aluminum, Rosewood among many others, you cannot miss getting several that would best suit you.

Saffiano Rose Gold

Designed with an embossed texture of the vegan leather set combined with Saffiano leathers in an aluminum frame, the Saffiano Gold is a beautiful piece of art appealing to the eye. The firm grip enables texting, video capturing and watching, and picture taking without the worry of dropping the phone.

The sticks are also adjustable and can adhere to various phone cases but with limitations since they don’t stick on waterproof surfaces.

Marble collection

The marble collections come with a variety of beautiful patterns embodied to give a marvelous touch and feel when you hold your phone. The collection includes Ice blue agate, opal, Rose granite, blush marble, metamorphic, banded agate, pomme granite among others. The steady grip allows you to attach it to your phone anywhere where there's a vertical surface.

Sriracha Red

The Sriracha red pop socket offers a firm grip providing an ease when using the phone for various activities. The size is also expandable, allowing you to adjust it to fit when gripping onto your phone.

Florida Gators

The simple, sleek, and no clutter design of the Florida Gators provides a convenient and better way to hold your phone while capturing memorable snapshots with your family and friends.

Designed with an alligator logo, animal lovers would find this piece a superb combination alongside their phone cases. The rubber grip material provides a firm support to hold onto with your fingers to position your phone securely.

How Does It Work?

The registering process is quite simple for a user. Create an account on the PopSockets website. After logging in, go through the list of products picking on the ones that you like and add them to cart.

Go through the checkout process, make the payment, sit back and wait for the PopSockets customer service to handle the delivery.

Cost and Price Plans

Pricing for most of the products is $15 while the overall price range is between $10 and $15. Domestic shipping for orders that exceed $20 is free.

Customer Service

Get in touch through their website by submitting your request. Their customer service team is always ready to address your issue and ensure that it is resolved as soon as possible.

Most of the placed orders are shipped fast, making it difficult to cancel an order that’s already been placed, but customers can return their order including full name or order number to the address below and get a full refund. 

3033 Sterling Circle
Boulder CO

However, refunds aren’t possible for opened and used items. Items once returned in good condition will qualify you for a full refund. For items purchased from other online platforms and not the PopSockets website, get in touch with the dealer for a refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Customers were pleased with the ease of use, enabling them to constantly fidget with the pop sockets. They were fun to play with, a range of different designs and quite useful due to the stand being supportive while taking pictures, scrolling through social media platforms, talking on the phone, during video calls and enabling the user to watch videos comfortably.

Some customer complained about the pop sockets include the sockets working only for a while and then failing to stick onto the phone case forcing the customer to superglue it and the replacement of the sockets taking too long.

Competitors and Alternatives

Different stores also sell similar products that can be easily attached to your phone. When looking at products being sold at PopSocket vs ring or vs flygrip and Spingen vs loopy, most of the products look alike and offer the same experience to the user.

Though with some variations in terms of design, patterns and materials Spigen, Flygrip, and Loopycases all provide quality products.

Where to Buy?

Apart from the PopSockets website, you can purchase yours from popular retail stores such as Walmart. You can also purchase easily from Amazon’s online platform.


With a tight grip on your phone for a stronger grip, pop sockets are ideal to prevent you from dropping your phone and damaging it. The stand also makes it convenient to use.

By knowing the differences between real vs fake pop sockets, you will be in a position to purchase quality pop sockets that will be both effective and durable.

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