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About PopJulia.com

Everyone wants to look good, but not everyone has enough money for exorbitant fashion. For average people, the dream of dressing good looks so far-fetched, especially when the price tag is involved.

PopJulia is a fast fashion brand with boutique quality. Their top designers work with aspiring brands from different countries to study the latest trends and fads to release fashionable outfits and accessories at affordable prices, aimed at average consumers. All products are meticulously quality-checked by a team of professionals before they become available on the brand’s website at popjulia.com.


PopJulia’s main product lines include essential outfit pieces for ladies like dresses for ladies, tops, bottoms, and shoes. What is striking about these products is that they are extremely accessible to an average office worker, but at the same time very durable and trendy. At the moment, the shop is selling numerous seasonal dresses which fit well for winter wearing like turtleneck and V neck dresses.

Also available now are several plus size dresses, so you will never have to feel bad about your shape anymore. If you would like to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season, then the website owns several lovely Christmas-themed designs like reindeers and Santa Claus for you to indulge in. If you are a simpler type and prefer old-school natural patterns, there are some great half-sleeves in floral or leaves patterns.

The website also sells warm and trendy coats this season. Winter is coming, and it is time to show off your favorite jackets to celebrate the holiday. In accordance with the end of the season, there are numerous new arrivals on the website, examples include plus size shawl collar casual long sleeves, and other cardigans with intricate design.

The sheer cold of winter might put you off going out for a stroll, but luckily, there are lots of fluffy jackets and hoodies to embrace you in their warmth.

There is nothing that says Christmas more than knitwear. Using fine wool materials, PopJulia is a retailer of great knitwear, from casual sweaters to long-sleeved cardigans for a more classy and stylish look.

To top off your winter look, try one of the fine pairs of shoes offered by PopJulia. The hottest trend of the season, which includes boots, are available here in several variations, from stylish suede heel boots to sexy zipper boot. For casual wear, there are also flat sandals and flip flops for your choice.

If you cannot decide what to get, why not go for a full set? PopJulia offers full sets of outfits for a great value. From elegant and classy sets for party nights or casual wears for lazy days, you can find pretty much everything you want here.

How Does It Work?

All products are sold as ready-to-wear, meaning you can wear them as soon as you receive the products. Before you check out, however, do take a moment to check for your size through the size guide available on the website. A wrong size can mean a lot of troublesome problems for you.

Cost and Price Plans

Christmas is approaching, and the website celebrates the holiday with a massive site-wide sale. These discounts range from 40% to as much as 70% for many pieces, saving you a large sum of money. A dress can normally cost from $30 to $83, depending on its complexity, but the sale has reduced the range to just about $18.99 to $25. Similarly, the normal price range for coats is $30 to $100, but the sale has cut it to only about $17 to $32.

Customer Service

To place an order on their site or to check for your order status, you must first register an account on popjulia.com. If you are unsure about any certain aspect, check out their FAQ first before contacting their customer support. There is no public phone number at the moment, as they have yet to have phone support, but if you really need to see them, then PopJulia is located at QANDIES LIMITED, 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England.

PopJulia products can be shipped to most places in the world, with its shipping rate varies from $5 to $12. In case the products are misplaced, or you do not fit with the size at all, the website also offers a 15-day guarantee return in which you can return any unsatisfactory products.

Do keep in mind the swimsuits are not eligible for returns, unless they are defective or the site sent you the wrong items.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Is PopJulia a legitimate website? It certainly is, given its high-quality fabrics as noted by online comments. Some previous buyers also commended the business on their on-time deliveries and great sizing.

That said, there are plenty of complaints about PopJulia on the net. Most of these are aimed at the site’s poor customer service, unresponsive support, and wrong items being sent. There are also some cases of lost packages as well. This has affected the company’s reputation considerably.

Competitors and Alternatives

There is no short of fast fashion brands, so if you are not happy with PopJulia, consider these alternatives.

First, there is the giant chain Zara. Zara is much more widely available and widely known worldwide, but their products are, naturally, much more expensive than PopJulia’s. 

H&M is another high-quality fast fashion retailer, and their products are surprisingly affordable, so they are worth checking out if you are on a budget.

Finally, you could also consider the brand Asos, which offers more flamboyant and unique collections.

Where to Buy?

PopJulia’s products are readily available on their website. Do remember that you have to register an account before you buy though.


Fashion is fleeting, and few of us have the money to chase after it. However, thanks to PopJulia, you can be fashionable and trendy at the same time without having to spend too much. Their designs may be seasonal, but their sales are more than enough to pique your shopping interest.

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1 Review

Horrible Experience

July16, 2019

I ordered a gift from the site for my wife in 2018 for Christmas. When it came the item didn't fit.

So I went to mail the item back ($100) due to the fact that they are in China. Then it sat at customs for 3 months and then it was sent back to me. Keep in mind that the gift only cost me around $60 so now I am out of $160. When I contacted Popjulia I keep getting this "robo" like response "If you run into any issue, please do not hesitate to contact us".

I emailed them throughout the process more than 20 times and would receive the same email.

I feel like why should I resend the item back to popjulia when I tried the 1st time, cost me $100 to do so and now they want me to re-send the item costing me another $100 or they said that "to avoid second return, we would like to offer 30% cash refund or 40% store credit for you to keep the items. Could you accept it?"

Why would I accept an item that doesn't fit and a 30% cash refund or a 40% store credit from a place that I have no intentions on using ever again.

I just want to be made whole.

So I recommend that you stay away from this place because they have been a nightmare to me!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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1 Review


May28, 2019

I sent items back in Dec 2018 because their products are so cheap. They provided (let me reiterate that THEY PROVIDED) a return label to be attached to the items being returned. I received my items back in MAY 2018, FIVE months later because they refused to take back the item. Called my credit card company and they said they can't do anything because its past the time allotted for a dispute. Its a complete fraud and scam!
Also, read the NUMEROUS online sites about their scam and fraud. They also have messages popping up that they are posting fake reviews for themselves! Save yourself a hassle and don't waste your money~

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