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Worse product ever purchased.
May 20, 2022
We ordered a pool cover in Aug 2020. The first year the tan color on the top of the cover started flaking off. The second year we used the cover it started ripping. This was the worst pool cover we ever had. Will not order any more products from this company especially since their website no longer comes up.

False Advertising!!!
September 28, 2020
I ordered a pool cover. It said free winterizing kit included while supplies last. I got my cover. No winterizing kit. I messaged them as they are still to this day advertising the free kit. Quoted me the whole supplies last and ended my ticket. Dishonest and false advertising!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Buyer Beware!!!
September 2, 2020

My experience with Pooldeals.com was horrid!

After waiting 40 days and checking the status of my order, I called to cancel. I was told the item had shipped so I could not return it or get a refund. I told them that I'm looking right at the status and it clearly does not show as shipped. I was told they haven't updated their website for quite a while. What a lie!

Totally dishonest and rude company.

Take my advice and DO NOT BUY FROM pooldeals.com!!!!

Do not order from this place
August 7, 2020
I wish I would of read these reviews prior to placing my order. I placed an order for a solar cover on June 25, 2020, paid extra to "rush process" my order. It is now August 8, 2020 and I do not have my order. I called customer service twice which was not helpful, they just send messages to the Warehouse. Buy somewhere else !!!

No Customer Support Reply Regarding Missing Order
July 18, 2020
I ordered a pool liner, pool mat, coping strips and the bottom of the pool bumpers. I received the pool liner and the bumpers. The rest of the items were never delivered or received at my house. I have opened several tickets trying to get customer service to deal with the issue to no avail. As of right now I am out about $400 and there is no way to contact this company on the phone and I am not driving to the state of New York to get this resolved. So therefore the best I can do is leave a one star review when reality it should be a zero I have opened several tickets trying to get customer service to deal with the issue to no avail. As of right now I am out about $400 and there is no way to contact this company on the phone and I am not driving to the state of New York to get this resolved. So therefore the best I can do is leave a one star review when reality it should be a Zero

Either a scam or a very poorly managed company
June 19, 2020

I ordered a pool pad on 5/21/2020. Their website said most items ship in 48 hours. I even paid an additional $2.99 for rush processing. 10 days later I opened a help ticket to check status on my order. They replied the next day stating there was a delay and it should ship in 1-3 days. They also said I could attempt to cancel the order. I requested to cancel the order. I promptly received an email stating my reply was noted. I waited another 4 days. The order had still not shipped and I hadn't received confirmation of my cancelation. I requested to cancel a 2nd time. 3 days later I received an email stating they would put in a cancelation request but it generally takes 3-7 days. 6 days after my 2nd request to cancel I received a reply to my help ticket. Unfortunately, I was unable to log into the help ticket to see the response. I had to open a help ticket requesting help to view my previous help ticket. 28 days after my order was placed they responded by saying my order had shipped and gave me a FedEx tracking number.

I was unable to install my new liner with out the liner pad. It was obvious from other reviews that I would get the run around from pooldeals.com so during the process of trying to cancel my order I ordered a simialr pad off of ebay and received it in 2 days.

You will see my experience is pretty similar to many other pooldeals.com customers.

June 18, 2020
Absolutely the WORST scammers! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE A-HOLES! I have never been scammed on the internet, and this is my first time writing a horrible review for a company. I ordered a $150 pool pump on 05/19/20, and paid $3.99 extra for rush processing. A week later, I messaged them (they claim they do not have any phone agents due to COVID-19, but this is an outright lie. Look at the numerous terrible reviews (no positive reviews for these crooks can be found as of the date of this review!) across the web from years ago, and you will see people complaining all over the place about nobody to talk to.) I wish I had done my research before buying from these crooks, because I would respond to their "ticket" system every 3 days asking where my pool pump was.I would get the same canned response, no matter what I asked, of "we're sorry, due to covid-19 we are backlogged and it will take 1-3 days more for this to ship." After 2 weeks, and the pump was still in their warehouse, I told them to cancel my order. They said they would try, but could not guarantee it. I never heard from them again. Almost a month later, and still no pool pump (it never even shipped according to their website!) Having a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, I opened a credit card dispute with my credit card company. I would rate them 0 stars if I could! Do your research with the many terrible reviews out there before ever doing business with these crooks! I wish I did, and now can't find a pool pump anywhere without price-gauging because of the pandemic.

waste of time and money
June 16, 2020
i made an order may 18th paid for rush shipping i bought 3 items an opening kit a gasket kit and pool liner first off they said shipping as normal ok great I'm gonna pay for rush shipping so i can get my pool ready nope two weeks later i get my pool opening kit nothing else another week later i get the gasket kit still no liner june 16th after numerous attempts to get my liner they send me a full refund for the liner 2 days from 1 month of the poorest service i have ever endured never again will i do business with these people it was one lie after another the only contact you have is email never again

Don't buy from this do called business!!!
June 13, 2020
Placed an order for a liner and floor shield in May. I have received nothing, no liner, shield or communication from them. But they sure took my money from my bank immediately when I ordered it! Can't make contact with them by phone or email. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and was told their rating was an F on a scale of A - F!! Now to try and get my money back. If anyone has successfully received their refund, please advise how you did it. My next stop is the Attorney General's office?

Absolute worst!!! Don’t Buy from them!!!
June 12, 2020
This company is the absolute worst! Can’t reach anyone and need to file a ticket for customer service. I ordered a pool liner that was supposed to ship expeditiously, but did not ship. I have been going back and forth with them for weeks. Had to go out and buy a liner from a different company and they are refusing to refund my money. Don’t use this company!!!!

Poor service to no service
June 10, 2020
I ordered an 18-inch pool brush on May 3rd and still have not received the merchandise! When I asked that they just refund my money, I was told is was a completed order and they do not refund on completed orders!! Completed?? I say it's completed when the merchandise arrives undamaged!!!!!! To say this company has poor service is a complete and utter understatement.

poorest service ever
June 8, 2020
5/18/20 i made my order pool liner opening kit and gasket kit i received the opening kit with in 10days still have not received the pool liner plus they give me someone elses tracking number and tells me not to contact them for three days of non movement i know its not my tracking number because its going to new york and I'm in oklahoma what a great business i will never order from here again very poor service

AndyKolcun June 10, 2020

I ordered an 18-inch pool brush on May 4th and here it is June 9th and nothing. To say this company has very poor service in an understatement!!

Jerry Graham June 16, 2020

just today i was refunded for my liner they are awful

Terrible service
June 7, 2020
We purchased a whole pool system and equipment on 5/18/20 all in stock, 3-5 days to deliver. Still no pool system 21 days later, send emails and tickets with questions and asking status, they do not answer their phone, blaming it on the Virus. Can not talk to a live person ever ! Finally we got email with a tracking number, just to find out that the shipper did not pick up the order until 7 days later. Fedex delivered 1 item out of 8 that we ordered. Send the 5th emails/ticket to Pool deals NO RESPONSE ! This is a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Do I get my $2118.00 back ?? I own 2 business I would never act this way with my clients.

Jerry Graham June 08, 2020

i also made an order 5/18/20 for a pool liner and a opening kit with in a few days i got the kit still waiting on pool liner gave me a fedex tracking number that is going to new york i live in oklahoma so i dont think thats my tracking number i'll order from here again

AndyKolcun June 10, 2020

I got the same story for a simple pool brush. I think the whole outfit is a scam!!

KaraVoni June 13, 2020

Anyone get their money back???

Jerry Graham June 16, 2020

i just got my money back on my liner today a month later

renee piequet June 16, 2020

we are still waiting for our pool and filter system, today finally after 8 emails someone responded and this is what they asked " what items did you not receive "? really they should know what they have NOT shipped. ! I finally notified my bank and put in a dispute for my money back. Scammers 100% never again.

Scam all the way
June 4, 2020
I would have gave them negative 5 stars but that's impossible. Ordered pool liner from them. Waited 3 weeks, never sent. They take 2 days to get back to you. They said my liner was shipped on June 20th. Only the label was printed. I canceled order on the 22 but they actually shipped it on the 27th. Now they say I owe them 25% restocking fee and shipping.

renee piequet June 07, 2020

I ordered $2118.00 of pool and equipment on may 18, 2020, I am still waiting for my order. They said it was all in stock. 3-5 days to ship. I have called they do NOT take phone calls, you must fill out a request ticket, then they respond 1-2 days, well that does not work either. They sure took my money quickly ! Then I finally get an email saying that I have a tracking number, well it was not picked up by Fedex for almost 2 weeks, I was assuming that it would be my whole order, NOPE it was one small item. This seems like a scam. 20 days later and still no response after sending them 4 emails asking Status of my whole order not just one little item. Do not order from this company !

KaraVoni June 13, 2020

Did you get your money back?

KaraVoni June 13, 2020

Get your money back?

renee piequet June 16, 2020

no not yet, my bank is investigating them and the transaction.

renee piequet June 16, 2020

we finally recvd an email this morning that said "what items did you not receive " ? come on they should know what they have not shipped ! Scammers do not order from this company.

Buyer beware!
May 29, 2020
Buyer beware! I ordered a solar cover from them and somehow their website registered two of the same order, so I had to go through the hassle of making sure I received credit on my card. Then their posted "Allow up to 12 business days to ship" came and went and I still had not received my order, so I submitted multiple support tickets (forget about talking to a live person) and they never communicated to me what was going on and how much longer I would have to wait. After 30 days, they responded by saying that my order has been refunded and thank you. No explanation or options were given to me, so I wasted a month waiting for a solar cover that never came. Do not waste your time doing business with this company - terrible customer service!

Solar cover
May 23, 2020
I ordered a solar cover and after almost 2 weeks had not heard anything or received traking info. When i contacted them they said 18 business days as it is made per order. After 3 weeks received a email for refund due to out of stock! This company is a joke!!!!!

January 21, 2020
Scam company, Very poor customer service!

Unscrupulous thieves
September 18, 2019

Ordered a pool cover and closing chemicals.

The status of the order showed order sent to warehouse.

After a few days of noting changing, I called.

The guy said it was due to be shipped that day.

A few days later the order still showed sent to warehouse.

I called again and a woman said it would arrive that day.

Nothing came.

The next day, I called again at 9:05 in the morning and the recording said the hours were from 9:00 a.m. I kept calling with the same result and gave up at 10:30 and called my credit card bank.

I filled out a ticket with pooldeals and got an email:

Reggie Anderson posted 09/17/2019 7:37 AM

Hello Terry,

Unfortunately due to the nature of the item(s), this is a final sale as listed in the return policy that you have agreed to.


The nature of the items???

I never even opened the boxes.

How the heck do they stay in business???

Stay away.

Worst company ever.
July 1, 2019
We received a 400$ liner with cuts all thru it. The jerk Reggie states we did it ourselves when I've read 11 reviews stating other customers received their liner the same way. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

June 18, 2019
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They would get ZERO stars if I had that choice. I asked for help on the "Bubble Wrap" that they sent me disguised as a 12 gauge solar blanket for my 28' above ground pool. It blew off the first night in 15MPH winds. After contacting them through a ticket asking for help (they responded, that's why they got one star), Reggie told me that it shouldn't blow off unless the winds were in excess of 70MPH. Really? I bagged it up, ready to send it back, but Reggie said I got what I ordered and their terms don't allow returns or credits. I turned it over to my Credit Card Company to resolve.