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PointsHound.com is the online home of PointsHound, an online travel booking company which promises that they work to simplify the loyalty rewards earning experience for their members.

According to the website, the founders and creators of PointsHound.com have over 40 years combined experience working within the online travel industry and have created a system which their members can join for free and choose where, what, and how to earn their rewards.

The main draw of their program is that they let their members choose what rewards programs they want to accumulate their earnings in, which means that you can stick with the programs you like and are familiar with, and will not be required to learn new rules.

They currently work with ten different frequent flier currencies and are constantly adding new hotels and loyalty programs to their already large list of more than 150,000 hotels worldwide, including chain hotels, independently owned boutiques, and all inclusive resorts.

When using the site members will often see that there are different rewards offerings for different programs, even though the hotel and the length of stay may be the same. This is because different loyalty programs will not function the same way.

In addition, members will earn more points for booking longer stays through the site, as well as for being a higher level member, which you achieve through repeated booking with PointsHound.

Level 1 PointsHound members will earn an average of three to four miles per dollar spent, while Level 4 members can earn up to fifteen miles per dollar spent. However, reaching Level 4 requires not just hotel booking but also referring new members and sharing your PointsHound purchases across your social networks.

Your earnings will not be posted to your account until you complete your hotel stay and your stay has been verified with the site, which usually takes about two weeks but can take longer.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your PointsHound.com reviews below.

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Substandard company

October 7, 2015

Beware everyone, this company is a total scam. After being hooked in by the airline miles reward scam they use today I found out just how unprofessional they are. This company is a 3rd party hotel web site that may somehow be affiliated with Expedia. When I checked in for my previous hotel stays both hotel receptionists stated they were unfamiliar with this company and said, "That reservation was made by Expedia", news to me. Today after receiving 2 emails from Pointshound to let me know that my 1) room had been and room preferences had been confirmed and 2) they had heard from my hotel and my room would be ready by 1:30pm. Neither turned out to be true. I river at my hotel to find out that they had never received any notification of my stay and did not have any reservation/confirmation/record locator number for me. So now I find out that they do not have any customer service number on their web site or any of the multiple emails you receive regarding your reservation and it rapidly became very clear why. If anything goes wrong with your reservation the only way you can contact them is via email and then a computer generates a generic response to let you know that someone will get back to you within 48 hrs. Great to know if you are nearly 3000 miles from home and on a fairly strict budget, only good thing about my situation is that it happened at midday and not midnight. So, 3 hrs later I get an email from Pointshound stating that it was the hotels fault and thankfully a phone number to call. I speak with the Pointshound representative who proceed to tell me that the only thing he can do to help me is to refund the money to my credit card which may take up to 1 week. Interesting, I tell him as it only takes seconds for them to take the money off my credit card when I make the reservation. They will not make another reservation for me and will not compensate me for any inconvenience, apparently not their policy. Additionally, I still have not received any miles into my frequent flyer account from another stay 2 months ago and now I suspect that I probably won't. Back to hotels.com for me!!! The rating of one star was only given so I could submit this review, this company is not even worth a one star rating!

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