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Points.com claims to have been active in helping people manage their multiple loyalty programs in one place for over 10 years, allowing them to not only keep tabs on their accounts but to increase their opportunities for maximizing them.

Points.com says they can help you get the most from all your loyalty programs, from frequent flyers miles and hotel points to credit card rewards and more. To this end, their site allows you to Trade, Exchange, Buy, Give, or Redeem your points, miles, and rewards.

While joining Points.com in order to manage your accounts is free, there are fees associated with some of their functions. For example, in order to Trade points with another Points.com member, you both need to have accounts in each of the rewards programs you're dealing with, and both members will need to pay a fee.

The fee for the trading transaction is dependent on what two programs you are using, as well as the amount of points you will be trading.

Exchanging points with another member does not cost a fee, however often the exchange ratio for programs is not 1:1, meaning that some points will be lost in the transaction, which has upset some members into calling the program a “ripoff.”

However, if you are worried about what exchange rate you will get for a certain program, Points.com offers a page that will give you all of the necessary information before you finalize a transaction.

It is important to know what the fees and exchange rates will be before you go through with a transaction as well, because all transactions on Points.com are final.

Unfortunately, Points.com is not currently accepting new members due to an issue with the website that is being addressed.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Points.com reviews below.

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