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If you are looking for affordable housing, you might have considered whether communal living is the right choice for you. Looking to stay one night? A week? A month? PodShare has options for you.

How Does PodShare Work?

Each pod is custom built to be minimalist and transformative. Pods have twin or queen-sized beds, with some beds converting into desks. You may also receive access to a closet or trundle area, a 22” flat screen TV with Netflix and Hulu, games, personal outlets, memory foam mattresses, and LED nightlights.

There is no curfew, but instead pods will give users 24 hour access via a keypad. There are also RAs and managers on property. When you sign up to stay in a PodShare, you are purchasing a membership. You have access to housing across the city of LA and can find kitchens with breakfast foods, bathrooms with showers, clean towels, and toiletries, and PodShare computers.

PodShare allows you to engage in a unique co-living business model. This concept allows you to pay your rent as a nightly, weekly, or monthly cost, giving you a unique experience in how you choose to rent. You can live in different neighborhoods all over the city, and you don’t have to worry about paying for maintenance, membership, utilities, or security deposits.

This business model recognizes that urban housing can be expensive, and that these fees associated with the cost of living can be limiting. However, by purchasing a pass to just one PodShare location, you receive access to the entire network of locations.

Whether you are a traveler, transitioner, or temp worker, PodShare could be a good choice for you. Often referred to as a “coworking space with beds,” PodShare is a viable option for forward-thinking travelers.

Cost and Price Plans

PodShare room prices vary depending on where you are looking to stay. For example, pods in the Westwood area tend to be cheapest, with rates starting at $40 per night. You can alternatively choose to pay $280 a week or $1000 per month. Rates in other areas, like San Francisco, are more expensive, charging a monthly cost of $1800. You can view rates by visiting the PodShare website and entering your ideal check-in date and location.

Competitors and Alternatives

Many people believe that PodShare is just another type of hostel. However, the creators of PodShare argue this vehemently. Instead of being simply a place to sleep, which is the usual comparison made vs. hostels, pods are more live-work or co-living communities. That being said, there are some realistic alternatives to PodShare if you are looking for a place to stay.

Many people choose to stay in Airbnbs while visiting the city. These are generally more expensive but are another safe, affordable alternative to staying in a hotel. You can also check out coworking and co-living sharing spaces like Nomad List 2.0 and Coworking. Coffee. Both of these services help connect travelers and workers with the best places to stay and get some work done, with locations all over the country.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

PodShare generally has positive reviews, with most members coming back again and again. With an equal mixture of male and female tenants, as well as a large percentage of international visitors, “Podestrians” generally feel safe and welcomed in the pods. Most visitors come back, with nearly 66 percent of all visitors coming back and staying more than three nights in a pod.

One of the major complaints about PodShare? You won’t have any privacy. However, this information is all available and clear up front - the whole point of living in a pod concept is that you will be living with other people. You won’t be lonely, but you definitely won’t get much time to yourself.

Safety is not much of a concern with PodShare. Although there have been some questions raised about the security of these pods, each guest is prescreened before receiving a pod and post-screened afterward. This helps keep unsafe visitors out of the pods.

There are also strict rules about living in the pods - for example, no sex is allowed in the pods. The community is self-policing with a design element that has pods built facing each other. Some reviewers have expressed issues with bed bugs, but this is an issue that can plague the most upscale hotel rooms, too, so is not exclusive to just PodShare.

Customer Service

PodShare’s customer service department is easy to contact, regardless of whether you are hoping to build pods, collaborate with PodShare, or simply have a question about how the system works. You can contact them via email at [email protected] or call 213-973-7741. There is also an easy-to-use fillable contact form available on the PodShare website. The company has a headquarters located in Hollywood, CA.

Where Can I Sign Up For PodShare?

You can sign up to become a Podestrian on the PodShare website. Here, you can view room rates and satisfied feedback from other members.

Is PodShare Worth It?

If you’re comfortable with the idea of living with others, and accept access to housing rather than complete ownership, PodShare might be a good choice for you. You can lay your head, met other Podestrians, and use free WiFi and laundry facilities. Just as you wouldn’t own a gym but rather pay for membership, PodShare allows you temporary access to the facilities that you need. It’s a great choice if you are willing to live in the same vicinity as other travelers, giving you a unique learning and living experience all at the same time.

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