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PMI Coaching, found online at, is a company which says they are dedicated to providing world class curriculum and resources to real estate investors, website owners, and affiliate marketers.

Established in Utah, this company says that its purpose is to help people who are seeking to establish their own, independent businesses in the areas of ecommerce, real estate, or affiliate marketing.

They do this in two stages. The first is by providing what they call “world class curriculum” and resources to their clients before they go into the business at all, ensuring that they have the proper informational background to begin a business.

The PMI Coaching curriculum development team says they are dedicated to keeping up with the latest success strategies which helps them provide their members with the necessary top training.

The second stage they provide is giving their clients access to PMI Coaching Consultants. These coaches are described as having spent years in their respective fields and are able to adapt to the current changing business environments.

Once you are done going through the curriculum, these coaches will help you set up your own business and take you through the necessary steps to making your very first sales.

The potential problem with the PMI system is that the coaches they use for their instruction and guidance are well known internet and infomercial “gurus” like Dean Graziosi. These systems are often riddled with complaints that they are scams and have long histories of problems with dissatisfied customers.

This does not mean that these programs are scams or that they don’t work, but PMI Coaching works hard to make their clients believe that the curriculum and coaching they will receive is personal, top notch, and only available through their company, when the reality is that this same training and guidance is available to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of whether they go through PMI.

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