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Sick of stinky air in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room? Maybe your office has been holding on to an unpleasant aroma for far too long.

Whatever the case may be, Plug n’ Pure claims to be a product that can help you out. Manufactured by Breathe Green Eco, this device helps to freshen the air around you using unique technology.

But visit the company's website, and something seems to be off - while we don’t think Plug ‘n Pure is a scam based on its presence and mostly positive reviews elsewhere, there are some features that seem to be lacking.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Does Plug n Pure Work?

Plug n’ Pure comes in a variety of formats. This air purifier is designed to be plugged into an outlet in your house to trap harmful airborne particles that cause smelly scents. You can supposedly get rid of odors from dogs, cats, other pets, dust, and even smoke with this portable odor eliminator.

A low-noise ionizer, the Breathe Green Pure device takes up minimal energy - you aren’t going to see your electric bill go up as a result of using it. It can fresh draperies, carpets, and other dust-collecting materials with ease, cleaning your air just like soap cleans your carpets.

It has a modern design that you won’t mind having in your living room or other places where you entertain guests. It has a blue LED light to let you know it’s working, along with a sleek silhouette. Plus, the company offers a 90 day, no-questions-asked guarantee. You can buy with confidence.

Because this air purifier doesn't come with a filter it does not need to be cleaned. It comes with three different settings, depending on how you want to use it. You can slide the button at the top of the unit to the left - this will serve as a nightlight and is not generating ions to clean the air.

Switch it to the middle, and the blue light will go on and off. Switch it to the right, and the light will stop. This is when the ionizer is working to eliminate odors.

Cost and Price Plans

Be wary when ordering Plug n Pure directly from the manufacturer - the payment portal is a bit confusing and frustrating to navigate, leading many customers to question the legitimacy of this website.

You can also order it from Amazon, which is a preferred ordering option for skeptical customers. If you aren’t sure whether this company is legit, we recommend ordering from Amazon since its reputation will allow your payment privacy to be protected and secured in case things fall flat.

Otherwise, you can purchase the Plug n’ Pure device from the manufacturer for $42. This is supposedly a low introductory pricing that is only available for a limited time - but check back to the page several times a week, and you’ll likely see the same price.

If you order directly from the manufacturer, you will be granted up to 55% for your first order. It’s a product made in the United States and offers free shipping to American customers.

Competitors and Alternatives

Plug n’ Pure isn’t the only plug-in air purifying device around. There are tons to choose from, with many available at top retailers like Target, Wayfair, Amazon, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The GermGuardian GG1100B is one to consider. This air purifier offers up cleaner air and reduces airborne germs that are typically caused by pets, bacteria, and cooking. It can be purchased on Amazon and comes with free shipping. It also has an attractive, compact design and can help kill germs in the air, too.

Another option is the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug Mount Odor Eliminator. Although it’s not as stylish and attractive to look at as some of these other options, it nonetheless is quite effective. Plus, it’s offered up by a reputable brand so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. It uses a carbon filter to trap and neutralize odors, so you will need to replace the filters from time to time.

A third and final option out of the seemingly endless list of air purifier choices is the Gideon Mini Plug-in Air Ionizer Air Purifier. This device comes with a fan filtering system and is super stylish in its appearance, having a modern design that blends well into most decors. It can get rid of up to 98% of bacteria and germs in the air, at the same time eliminating odors with its ultraviolet light and ion purifier.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Despite the website’s sketchy-looking design, this product works, according to satisfied reviewers. As with any product - especially one sold primarily online - there are some negative reviews, but these are pretty basic and easy to remedy.

Some customers claim that there are no instructions as to how to operate the device, making it more difficult to use. Several were confused about the myriad settings included with the device, not understanding how to operate it since there were no instructions included.

However, there are other positive customer reviews saying that the Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure worked well at keeping irritants out of the air. It’s particularly effective for people with allergies, cleaning the air and getting rid of unwanted pollens, chemicals, and bacteria in the atmosphere. They also love the attractive, portable design of the air purifier and claim that the odor eliminator works well within just half an hour.

Customer Service

When you’re paying attention for signs that a company might be a scam - or just not legit in some way - it’s important to keep an eye out for warning signs. One of these warning signs is a lack of information about how to contact the company, as well as a mysterious physical address that’s difficult to locate.

Luckily, Breathe Green Eco does not fall into this category. You can easily find information about the company’s contact information on its website. You can call at 1 (888) 415-1295 or drop them a line at their physical address in Union, NJ. You can also email at [email protected]

Where to Buy?

Currently, you can only purchase the relatively new Plug n’ Pure device by visiting the manufacturer’s website. It is also available via one single listing on Amazon.

Is Plug n Pure Worth It?

Picture this - you walk into your home, happy to be there after a long day at work. You drop your coat and bag, take a step inside the kitchen, and take a deep breath. Bam - you’re instantly met with a whiff of awful pet smells.

The Plug n’ Pure may not have the fanciest-looking website, but it seems to be a legit product that can get rid of at least some of the odors in the air you breathe. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can receive a refund - so there’s really no risk in giving it a try.

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