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Members of are rewarded by dining and shopping at any of the 50,000 merchants participating in their program. It is free to join Plink and set up your account; from there you can immediately start taking advantage of their offers to earn future rewards.
On the Plink website, you can filter merchants’ offers to see which ones are available in your area. It is likely you have been making daily purchases which would have qualified for offers available to Plink members. 
Each merchant has an offer and a corresponding number of Plink Points assigned to it. In your member account you must select the offers you want. There is a limit as to how many offers you can hold in your “virtual wallet”; however, you can open up more space by referring friends to the Plink Reward Program. Holding more offers in your “wallet”, affords you more Plink Point earning opportunities, and more rewards in the end.
Plink Points are applied to your account when you use your credit card on file to make purchases in accordance to that merchant’s offer. There aren’t any coupons you must print or a membership card to present at the time of purchase. The process is very simple and efficient. Plink points can be redeemed for gift cards, airline miles as well as for monetary donations for the red cross and other charitable organizations, on your behalf.    
When registering, you must link a debit or credit card to the account. In addition to the card information, you must also submit its corresponding account username and password so Plink can download and scan your transactions. This enables them to match your purchases to the pre-selected offers, and then add Plink Points into your account.  
Since only one debit or credit card may be added to your account, maximize your reward potential by linking the one you use most often. View the list of financial institutions connected with Plink to ensure you are holding a card that is accepted through the program. You may delete your online account at any time, and by doing so, all information within the account will be removed along with the credit or debit card information on file.
Reviews found online included mixed opinions from both members and non-members alike. Non-members questioned the security measures in place to protect the confidential information it holds. members were pleased with their earned rewards but some members did not feel there were enough participating merchants where they could make qualifying purchases. Members who have credit and debit cards to earn rewards can simultaneously participate in Plink’s reward program, possibly earning dual rewards per purchase. 

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