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In today’s modern digital age, the fact that children have forgotten how to play with toys is becoming increasingly real with each passing day.

While a tablet or a smartphone may be an easy way to pacify a child, the overstimulation of the child’s senses does not promote healthy development of the brain and imagination.

This is in stark contrast to more traditional toys like dolls and cars, which required children to use their imagination to create their own fun.

This is why Pley was founded by Ranan Lachman, with the goal of putting the joy of learning and playing back into the hands of children all over the world.

Products specially curates toys that are fun and educational into several differently-themed boxes which are shipped to subscribers on a bi-monthly or 2-week basis.

These Pleyboxes are divided into 3 distinct themes, which are Disney Princesses, Hot Wheels racers and the National Geographic Kids box. Each and every toy included in the Pleyboxes is intended to provide children with hours of endless fun, all while making learning enjoyable.

Here, we look at each package in detail:

Disney Princess

Give your angel the chance to be a Princess with the Disney Princess Pleybox. From figurines to tiaras, t-shirts and color pencils, each Pleybox is packed with fun goodies for every little girl who has ever dreamt of becoming a princess.

Your daughter can follow the adventures of each Disney princess - from Jasmine, to the Little Mermaid. Customers often rave about how each box is never the same and how excited their daughters are with each new Pleybox.

Hot Wheels

Packed with value and fun, the Hot Wheels range of toy cars and trucks are guaranteed to make every aspiring gearhead go wild with excitement.

Each Pleybox comes with connectable tracks and accessories like hoops, lifts, boots and jumps to help your child set up an extensive circuit for his/her cars. Also, every Pleybox comes with a set of cars and a t-shirt to get your child’s engine revving.

With tracks that are specially-designed to work together with household items, you will be able to boost your child’s creativity through play. Finally, subscribers will also get early access to new Hot Wheels releases before they hit the stores.

National Geographic Kids

If your child has a special interest in animals, then the National Geographic Kids Pleybox is the choice for you. Each box is packed with fun and educational content that takes your little explorer all over the world.

From maps and stickers to coloring books, this Pleybox opens the mind of your little explorer to the world around us. From foreign countries to amazing animals, the adventure lies right in the box. Interactive lessons and learning missions allow your child to have a fun time learning.

Cost and Price Plans

For both the Disney Princess box and the Hot Wheels box, you have three plans to choose from: 6 boxes, which costs $22.99 per box, 3 boxes for $23.99 per box and lastly, 1 box for only $24.99.

On the other hand, the National Geographic Kids box costs $17.99 per box if you choose the 6-box plan, $18.99 per box for the 3-box plan and $19.99 for the 1-box one.

Customer Service

You can get into contact with the Pley team on the contact form on their website here. Or alternatively, give them a ring at +1 888 812 8749.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Overall, after having a look at several review sites, it can be said that Pley has received a rather bad reputation in the community.

In some rather limited cases, customers have stated that they were pleased with the service that they had received from Pley, with many citing how happy their children were with the selection of toys on offer.

However, a disturbingly large number of reviews have also noted that Pley oftentimes failed to fulfill their orders, were late with their deliveries and in some cases, delivered boxes with many missing items.

Along with this, many disgruntled customers noted that Pley’s customer service team was unhelpful and could not be reached most of the time. Finally, many have noted that they found it rather difficult to cancel their subscription and were often overcharged.

If you are looking to subscribe to Pley, it is best that you exercise some degree of caution.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for a monthly subscription box service that offers educational toys other than Pley, you may want to have a look at some of these companies.

First of all, there’s Trunkaroo, a subscription service that delivers hands-on project boxes that are specially intended to make learning about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) fun for kids.

Genius Box encourages children to learn by playing and exploring the environment around them. Each Genius Box contains various activities that will stimulate and expand your child’s mental growth.

Lastly, Flintobox is a lot like Trunkaroo and Genius Box, in which they nurture a child’s development through various fun, learning activities. Similar to Pley, all of these alternatives are educational and will help your children learn.

Where to Buy?

If you want to purchase any of the three Pleyboxes, visit Pley at their website at


Given the rather poor reviews submitted by many customers, it would perhaps be better if you had a look at some of the other alternatives on the market.

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