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About PlateJoy

Unlike most meal planner companies, PlateJoy doesn’t necessarily provide you with a cookie-cutter selection of ingredients. Rather, they guide you towards selecting suitable ingredients that’ll help you reach your goals, whether that’s eating healthier or losing weight.

That being said, what truly sets PlateJoy apart is the fact that they provide a comprehensive service at truly reasonable rates.


Generally, PlateJoy offers customized packages based on three different categories. 

For example, there’s the Weight Loss package that features personalized meal plans, access to your own virtual health coach as well as helpful video lessons to guide you through the journey to your goals.

With this particular plan, PlateJoy will tell you which ingredients are best to buy for weight loss and recipes that will help you reach your goal faster. As part of the Weight Loss package from PlateJoy, you get:

An unlimited amount of custom meal plans, including ideas for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner;

  • Readily available personal coaching
  • Time-saving and waste-reducing grocery lists
  • Customized recipes
  • Access to helpful video interviews that are conducted by leading health experts
  • You are able to add your own personal recipes
  • Complete nutritional profile for each meal, so you know what you’re eating and why
  • Easily sync PlateJoy with apps like Fitbit or JawBone

It’s important to note here that most of the above-mentioned listed points come as standard features on all the PlateJoy packages, with only a few variations here and there.

The Plan Meals package, on the other hand, is aimed at the average individual or couple that don’t seem to have enough time to cook and ends up eating out every night as a result. In other words, this package is a money saver. 

With this plan, you start out by taking a lifestyle quiz that helps PlateJoy to better understand your tastes, preferences and needs. Then, you get truly personalized meal plans as well as quick shopping lists that are delivered to your phone.

However, you are able to opt to have your groceries delivered to your home instead. Other features of the Plan Meals package include:

  • Customized recipes
  • An option to change your dietary preferences, free of charge 
  • Readily available nutritional coaching 

Lastly, the Prevent Diabetes package is uniquely designed to help clients prevent Type 2 diabetes and it’s actually covered by your insurance provider. 

As soon as you choose this plan, you’ll get a complementary scale and Fitbit delivered to your door, personalized meal plans designed to help you reach your goals as well as video lessons to reduce your Type 2 diabetes risk by almost 60%.

With the Prevent Diabetes plan, you start out by taking a quick survey to determine whether you do have an onset of Type 2 diabetes. Then, you’re provided with carefully prepared and scaled meal plans for every member of your family. 

You’ll also have access to one-on-one virtual sessions with a professional nutrition coach, whenever, wherever. That said, come of the unique features in this package include:

  • Free membership to PlateJoy meal planning
  • Personalized meal plans
  • The option to add your own recipes to the menus you get

How Does It Work?

The mission behind PlateJoy is to help you save time and money by providing you with handy ingredient lists of what you need to add to your pantry, while taking stock of what you already have, so that you don’t make unnecessary purchases. 

To find out what your preferences, tastes and needs are, PlateJoy offers you a quiz to fill out, so that they’re able to anticipate your needs and provide you with ingredients, meal plans and recipes that are beneficial to your health.

However, not only that, these are palatable and add value to the goals that you’re trying to achieve. Theirs is a highly customizable service, so much so that you are able to set it to cater to as many individuals as you need it to - even your whole family.

As a result, each individual member gets to enjoy what they like while improving their health. PlateJoy places the power into your hands by letting you decide which meals you want them to help you with.

Not only that, you also get to choose whether to use in-season or out-of-season ingredients as well as purchase the suggested ingredients from your preferred store - whether local or international.

Cost and Price Plans

By now, you must be asking: “is it free?” The answer is that it’s not. However, the good news is that PlateJoy offers a variety of price plans for the different packages. 

For example, the PlateJoy Meal Planning package is available as a 6-month subscription for $69 and $99 for a 12-month subscription. That means you’ll be paying roughly $8 to $12 per month, which is billed as a single installment. 

On the other hand, the Weight Loss package costs $89 for 3 months and $119 for six months, which equates to a monthly cost of about $20 to $30. 

Keep in mind that these rates do not include the cost of food, but rather, they cover the cost of the service provided to you by PlateJoy.

Customer Service

Should you wish to find out more, you are able to contact PlateJoy on their website, where you are able to create an account and start your journey. They even offer a trial plan so that you try out the service before you buy it. 

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll still have access to their refund policy, which has a refund period of 10 days from the sign-up date. Refunds typically take about 10 days to clear on your account and you may even pause or cancel your plan at any time.

Online Reviews/Complaints

So far, PlateJoy has received positive reviews, with most admitting that it is a truly wonderful concept. 

That said, there are a few complaints and recommendations here and there, such as those that say PlateJoy should consider changing the color of their website landing page. Some also say that they should offer same-day delivery and allow users to change their macros. 

Others also complained that some of the recipes and techniques were quite complex, while others are too basic as well as the repeated use of the same ingredients in different recipes. 

That said, PlateJoy generally contains more pros than cons and have already started improving on some of the suggested changes, like offering more diversified ingredients as well as a fitness tracker (in this case Fitbit).

Competitors and Alternatives

Believe it or not, there are a few competitors that are attempting to give PlateJoy a run for its money. For example, there’s SOS Cuisine, which offers customizable meal plans, grocery lists, action plans and more.

However, their limitation is that they only offer Mediterranean-based plans and recipes, but they still cater to a wide variety of diet preferences. 

On the other hand, Designed to Fit Nutrition is based on a similar premise and also provides personalized meal plans, one-on-one coaching and grocery shopping lists. 

Lastly, if we were to compare PlateJoy vs Blue Apron, then you’d find that the latter service is not as versatile as PlateJoy in that they don’t specifically cater to goals or a particular demographic (i.e. Type 2 diabetes, weight loss).

Where to Buy?

Sign up for any of the PlateJoy packages by visiting their website at


PlateJoy is a marvelous meal planning service that offers more than just your normal list of ingredients and recipes. It provides you with personalized recipes, meal plans, one-on-one coaching, useful video interviews from health experts and more.

The ingredients are designed to reduce waste while the recipes are convenient and will save you time and money. PlateJoy is a really cool and intuitive service that stands above the rest in the meal planning industry for innovation, convenience and value for money.

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