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About is a company made up of “hardcore gamers, artists, and technical gurus” who work together to create the kinds of “ultimate gaming experiences” they would want to play, for their customers.

How Does It Work? is probably better known for the games they have created, including Stormfall: Age of War, Sparta: War of Empires, Soldiers Inc., Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Total Domination, and Nords: Heroes of the North, a new game that will soon be released.

All of these games are set in historic or magical lands, where people must rely on the strength and cunning of themselves and their characters to make choices and decisions which allow them to survive, thrive, and conquer others in real time strategy (RTS) warfare scenarios. games are browser based massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy games, which they describe as focused on RTS warfare that is raw and realistic, as opposed to some of the trends towards more cartoonish animation. Instead, the games made by focus on high quality 3D graphics, with realistic characters and fully voiced missions.

Currently their games have a collective community of more than 95 million players in 50 different countries around the world. 

Cost/Price Plans follows the popular movement of providing the games themselves completely for free, while allowing and encouraging their players to make in-game purchases. Generally speaking, you’ll be encourage to purchase Virtual Goods and Virtual Currency. 

These Goods and Currency are designed to assist players in more quickly and efficiently leveling up, beating enemies, rebuilding armies, or whatever particular objective you are hoping to reach in a gaming session. Of course, the specific purchases, their benefits and their costs, will vary based on the game you are playing.     

Refund Policy

The Plarium website says that all purchases of Virtual Currency and Virtual Goods are “deemed to be final and non-refundable,” unless they clearly state otherwise. If something occurs that you feel justifies requesting a refund, you are welcome to request one, but know in advance that at no point in time will Plarium provide cash refunds. Any refunds provided will be done with game currency or virtual products at their sole discretion. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website, either via their “Leave Feedback” link on their home page, or whenever you are the page of a project or offering that you would like to have more information on.


Unfortunately there are very few reviews available of this company. Instead, potential customers would be much better off to search for reviews of the individual game that are considering playing – this will provide a much better reflection of the information you are actually trying to find. 

In addition, people who unfamiliar with these kinds of games should be prepared for some of the complaints often associated with these kinds of games, specifically that many players get frustrated that these types of games promote themselves as being free, when they believe the reality is it is nearly impossible to move through the game without purchasing the items they sell.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Real time strategy MMO browser games are some of the most popular online games being played on the internet today. If the games offered by do not appeal to you, then there are many, many others that may better meet your needs.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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