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PlanPrescriber, located at and offered by eHealth, is an online tool and resource intended to help people qualified for Medicare and Medicaid insurance find the best possible plan for them.

Established in 1997, eHealthInsurance is the internet’s first and potentially best established online resource for helping people understand, compare, and buy insurance policies.

PlanPrescriber is the division of eHealth which claims to be a leading provider of comparison tools, as well as educational materials, specifically for a special subset of insurance recipients – those eligible for Medicare.

Medicare is a national medical insurance program that is run by the United States Federal Government and is available to citizens over the age of 65, and younger citizens with certain disabilities.

Medicare is comprised of a variety of different parts that play different roles. Part A covers hospital costs, Part B covers outpatient services, Part C covers your network medical coverage, and Part D covers prescription drug plans.

Navigating Medicare is widely recognized as a very difficult process. PlanPrescriber says they can help people choose the right plan for them through simplifying the process of understanding and navigating your plan options and by offering side by side comparisons of thousands of different plans.

Another aspect of PlanPrescriber is that they say they will help assist your beneficiaries with understanding your policies and benefits. According to their website, they have helped over 7 million beneficiaries identify more than 2.8 million dollars in healthcare savings.

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