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Pipl.com is an online search engine designed specifically to find and produce information on people through the use of two different tools – something they call the “deep web” and an “identity resolution” engine.

Online people finder services are alternative search engines which have become very popular in recent years, with a large volume of searchers looking for lost relatives, old flames, classmates, possible business contacts, and according to Pipl.com, classic search engines will not help you find the information you want.

Their website says that they “dive into the deep web” in order to find results not available from general search engines. The deep web is described on their site as a “vast repository” of content and online databases 500 times larger than the ones used by regular search engines.

Their search process is described as beginning with a dive into this deep web and pulling out facts, contact info, details from personal profiles, member directories, scientific publications, court records, and other sources.

But, as they say their main goal is to find you the most relevant information which can be compiled in a single, easy results page, they must also make use of their “identity resolution” engine.

This engine is intended to take the recovered information and find the most relevant information for your search, even when the results seem unrelated.

However, once the site has finished its search, they direct you to a list of other finder sites with information about the person you have been searching for, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Been Verified, and more.

Because of this, there is no way to personally opt out of their search process, as you can with other background search sites like PeopleSmart.com. Instead, if you are concerned about who is searching you, you’ll have to manage your online presence through the various sources to which they direct you. However, their service is free to use.

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