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402 ‘Pimsleur Approach’ Reviews
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Fraudulent Company Awful Services

March 7, 2018

FRAUDULENT. If you really want to learn a language and speak at a near-native level, don't use this crap. I never used Pimsleur language learning tools due to cost and mixed reviews. When I learned about the app I thought it might be worth it to try. I do not recommend whatsoever. I love learning languages and I highly suggest looking elsewhere for language learning.

I use Gabriel Wyner's various language learning tools as well as lessons from NATIVE speakers via iTalki. The speakers' accents aren't the worst that I've heard, but are the worst that I've heard from a "professional" company. I stopped using the app on the second day of the trial. According to their policy if you don't pay for services your subscription would be canceled.

They tried to charge me 4 times and successfully processed a payment nearly a month after the original charge. When I asked for a refund and quoted their policy TRACY said that policy never mentioned when they would cancel a subscription. So they could charge you however long they feel like it. I reported the charge to my bank and am reporting the company on BBB.

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No good

August 17, 2015

I purchased the Pimsleur Spanish Conversational Course and it wasn't what i expected. I was unhappy, so i returned it for a full refund, similar to others i didn't read the small print that i am being enrolled in a $64 per month membership program, however fortunately since I returned it after the first week I was let off their hook.

I recently purchased Conversational Spanish Quick and Easy by Yatir Nitzany, it was way better and cost was amazing, only $12.99 one time fee and shipped to you directly by Amazon! I can't believe how this Pimsleur can pull off these unethical scams and still remain in business for so long!! It's incredible how companies capitalize on the fact that most people don't read the small print prior to purchase, the FTC should enact laws against that!!

Even though we are living in America it's amazing what people are allowed to get away with!!!!!!!! Makes me pissed off and getting my blood boiling just writing this review!!

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January 21, 2015

They took my money over a month ago and I have yet to receive anything. Something has gone wrong with their system and they also can't refund my money? Stunning. I do not understand how this company has stayed in business.

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January 5, 2015

This is a scam! Do not buy!
There is a hidden agenda to force you to buy additional "courses."
I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.
They are a bad comp-any that essentially is stealing my money.

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Pimsleur Approach Marketing is a Deceptive aka SCAM

January 1, 2015

I was interested by the Pimsleur advertising as it appeared to be much less expensive than the Rosetta Stone programs ... WRONG!

I was unaware that I was enrolling in a subscription at $192 a whack. I did successfully stop the shipments and return the last CD, nut I can not get a RMA for the next to the last CD, which I do not want. Although not exactly a 'bait and switch' scheme, it nearly is. It works, but I would buy the Rosetta Stone program, which is less expensive.

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November 20, 2014

Read the small print. They make it appear you are getting a cheap disc but you are really signing up for an overpriced course. Very deceptive.

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November 26, 2013

Read some other people comments who actually ordered. I got lucky to look into details. If you've already ordered, go talk to your bank. 1) If you can sacrifice using the credit card temporarily, freeze the account. 2) Asking if its possible to keep your current credit account, but get a CARD with a different of a #s. 3) Mention you're afraid of some fraud occurring. See if they will monitor it.

I have read soooooo many sites that state the high deceptiveness of pinsleurapproach.com. Its one of the few sites to read its fine print.

The site states (unfortunately) states "....sells Pimsleur products but is not an affiliate of Simon & Schuster, Inc... or of Beverly Pimsleur". Why is that unfortunate? It follows the legal loop whole so they can't be accused of fraud. [I'm not a lawyer, but I know enough in basic business law. Still might be a way of suing and winning.]

Its only $10: False.
Intentional delayed shipping: True
Hidden subscription: True.
Horrid customer service: True

It can, literally, cost you up to $1200 in the long run!!!!

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Bill Sherrill


November 25, 2013

Do not waste your money, company is very slow to ship and don't like to give your money back, I called to cancel future orders on 10/8, was told 2nd order was shipped on 9/25. I also asked for return authorization on that call. I was told I had wait until rec'd. I rec'd it on 10/17, must have been shipped by horse and buggy.

Called on 11/25 for return authorization, sorry you are past the 30 day trial and will be billed 4 times $64. I told them the box had not been opened and was told sorry about your luck. Note: after talking to a supervisor, I got return authorization and only lost $64 for a restocking fee

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Joey Alcala

Scam scam scam!

October 28, 2013

I don't usually write a review but i strongly feel responsible to warn others of this scam. A month after buying the CD, I received a sms from my credit card informing me that I was billed $64. I don't remember anything from their site ordering any additional materials.

I immediately canceled my credit card so they can't bill me again and filed a dispute over the amount.
Stay away from their site!!!

October 30, 2013

You may have heard this by now but the Pimsleur APPROACH site is a scam. The actual program does not contain the word APPROACH in it from the pics I saw on the REAL site pimsleur.com. They do not make the claims that APPROACH does. Sorry you got scammed. I go by this rule with internet products that seem too good to be true. First enter the name of that product and follow it with the word scam. Then disregard all of the links that are basically selling the product and scroll down to where people are actually critiquing it. Hope this helps. Same goes for any posts that pull on your heart strings like what you see on Face Book, like for example the man who looks like he is forcing a puppy to drink alcohol. WHen I first saw it I thought, "WHat a sc**bag." It turns out the puppy was chewing on the end of the bottle and the man was trying to pull it away from him. The internet can be a good tool but you really need to have your BS detector on at all times.

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Cancelled I hope!

October 23, 2013

I had read reviews, but apparently the wrong ones. I ordered the CD's but hadn't received them yet (only been a week) so I gave them a call to check up on the order. While I was talking to the phone rep she placed me on hold to check on my order.

When she came back on the line she said she had to recite some scripted stuff about the program, and mentioned the enrollment and the CD's that would be sent at a later date. She then said "so I understand that you want to cancel your enrollment" to which I said YES because I hadn't been told of any future shipments. She said no problem and cancelled my enrollment and I did receive an email from them;

Subject: Cancellation Confirmation


This email is to confirm that I have cancelled you out of receiving any future shipments. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a great day!

Customer Care Advocate

So I hope it has been stopped before anything happens. To be safe I think I am going to change my Card number any.

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Thank you!

October 22, 2013

I was close to falling for it but made the wiser decision to do some research before entering any credit card info. After doing research I must say this was not the first site that popped up. It looks like they are getting people to write reviews for them. I was on the pimsluer aproach site that says only $10 at first and then went to the suggested site of Pimsleur.com.

Looks much more legit and the price looks much more believable. Expensive and believable. I am sure the method is great because even after one weekend with my aunts who speak Spanish I have already picked up on more Spanish, but at this time I can't afford the legit expense. I will just keep listening to them and hope to pick up on it.

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Sneaky and deceptive

October 18, 2013

I ordered the basic set for $9.99. They auto enroll you in the future courses which is not explained to you. Each course is four payments of $64. There are several levels. I received level 1 but was outside my 30 day trial by the time I realized what was happening and called. Now I will be charged the $64 for four months. They just mailed me out level 2 for another four payments of $64.

It just keeps going. I called and cancelled all future shipments and will be mailing back the level 2 as soon as I get it but am stuck with level 1. I agree with previous posts that it is outdated. My brother is fluent and laughed at what he heard.

I will be complaining to the BBB regarding their practices. Hopefully it will stop others from being sucked in as I have been.

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October 29, 2013

YES! Who ever advertises for them, is extremely talented in producing the newest, or currently popular form of propaganda. It also happens to be extremely successful. I was so intrigued just by the advertising and how it was working on my psych, convincing me to purchase their product, when in my head, i know it will never work, but they throw in every reason for why every other product has failed, this way anyone who has tried other products now automatically relates, so now that the consumer(which happens to be me) is desperate to have something cheaper&easier That will provide a cheaper,easier,faster way of doing the same thing, & if I don't like It I have nothing to loose.

October 29, 2013


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Total Scam

October 3, 2013

I had the same crappy experience as most of those above. I refuse to send the discs back AT MY COST because (1) I never asked for them, (2) I don't want them and (3) the website doesn't explain the long-term commitment. This came with the on-line receipt. I caught the mistake, but they sent the discs anyway. If you're similarly tricked, change your CC# and return the discs only if they pay. This prevents them from charging you.

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[email protected]

October 3, 2013

I sympathize with everyone that's been duped by P A; the product itself is outdated and may have worked well back in the 80s, but it hasn't been updated, or aged well. But the purchasing is a nightmare!

A year ago, after ordering the $9.99 item from P A, my bank card began being charged several months later numerous times for over a $100 for something I did not order, nor receive. Called their rep to remove charges, who said that they had confirmation that item was delivered, but I assured them that it was not ordered, nor received by me.

I've read that if you don't read the fine print, or miss declining an additional offer box, that this can happen, but I was very careful to look for these additional offers, as well as recorded the online purchase with a screen recorder that shows nothing other than the original $9.99 item was ordered; therefore, their sales system is adding purchases that people are not making. Even with proof, a half year later they were still trying to make unsolicited charges.

I would encourage anyone who is intent on ordering this outdated product to record their online purchase with screen capture so that you have proof you did not order products that they will charge you for and then say they delivered.

Better still, please avoid this dubious and unscrupulous, if not illegal, practice, with every fibre of your being...just run away!!! But if they do try to get you, be prepared and fight back, because they will!!!!!!!

Also, they are not BBB accredited.

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method works great, just buy the CDs on ebay or bigredbarn

August 29, 2013

I've learned several languages well enough to travel on my own in foreign countries and speak pidgin. Easy ones like Spanish and German, as well as hard ones like Russian and Thai. The method is NOT old-fashioned, it blows the computer lessons like Rosetta Stone out of the water. Rosetta Stone will teach you some basic vocabulary and phrases but Pimsleur really does teach you to think in the language and speak with a decent accent.

I listen to the lessons to and from work and work through several lessons a week, usually listening to each lesson twice or three times.

Don't buy the CD's from some website that forces you into some sort of marketing scheme, just buy the whole set new from bigredbarn, or used from ebay. After you're done with them (and have them ripped onto your iPod) you can sell them on ebay yourself and get some of that cash back. And nobody has your credit card number to keep on charging it!

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September 03, 2013

He/She is absolutely right on the credit card autocharged when you don't return their materials after 30 days. It's very annoying. I really dislike this merchandising strategy.

September 23, 2013

Even after I returned mine on time, they continue to charge me. Every month I have to dispute it with my credit card company

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Even better then it appears

August 26, 2013

First, one really needs the complete set, not the introductory program. The imperfections or flaws are not accidental, they are purposely designed to build up additional vocabulary and to help prepare one for the more advance lessons. Despite what any source claims, learning a foreign language require a long term commitment. Those 10 minutes a day programs simply do not work. If they did, every high school graduate should know at least two foreign language!

I completed Level 1 Russian, and now on lesson #9 level 2. By the time I finish level 3, I will be able to converse rather well.

Rosetta Stone is almost worthless. I might use it to help learn some random vocabulary and listen to a different native speaker. At best, Rosetta Stone might be an acceptable supplement.

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support pimsleur method

August 15, 2013

Its very much true that the $10 deal is just a scam to make u pay more than u wanted to. Don't buy from pimsleur approach THEYRE JUST TRYING TO TRICK U! but DO buy from pimsleur.com becuz theyre more open and honest and wont charge u extra for their products. Pimsleur is a very well respected name in the linguistic community. The product is rlly really proven to work so don't pass up on the amazing opportunity! Jus don't make the mistake of buying it from the wrong website. Pimsleurapproach are the resellers that r trying to forcefully take money out of ur pocket but pimsleur.com is more "approachable" and less dishonest about their products. Also approach is the one.that advertises that "learn in ten days" pitch whereas pimsleur.com does not at alll. Its gonna take u a two wks to a month to finish one lvl of a course which is 30 lessons.
So do not support "pimsleur approach" but do support "pimsleur method"! I even unfollowed pimsleur approach on twitter becuz i was so displeased with how theirbilling system works. And yes i kno to read the fine print but some companies even violate their own rules.

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August 27, 2013

Thank you for your review. I ordered the $10 trial offer from PimsleurApproach and wanted to know the difference between "Pimsleur" and "PimsleurApproach". I'm thinking I don't want anybody taking $59 x 4 installments out of my account. I'd rather just buy the program I want upfront. Makes me nervous to have anything deducted.

September 03, 2013

I wish I could read your review earlier. Thanks for pointing out the difference between the two pimsleurs. I will check the honest pimsleur to see how it works.
Thanks again !!!

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Dan T

Pimsleur Works - if you do!

August 12, 2013

Several years ago, I moved to Las Vegas. Recognizing that speaking Spanish would be very helpful with the increasing Hispanic population in Vegas, I considered my options. Since I was spending a lot of time in my car, I liked the Pimsleur approach through CDs. Now - to be honest - I checked out the large Pimsleur system FREE through the public libraries, and long before I finished the 70 CDs, I was conducting business in Spanish. I was also getting compliments on my accent. Again - to be honest - most of the complaints I'm reading here deal with the marketing practices, not the actual results. So - I'm recommending that you find a way to get the CDs, because Pimsleur works, if YOU DO. My next foray - Mandarin Chinese, and yes, I'll use Pimsleur!

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August 11, 2013

I didn't buy the program, but from what I've read it's quite possibly the worst piece of s*** out there. First, they charge ya $10, which is a LITTLE too good to be true, then they charge 4 payments of $64, which they TRY to make it sound cheaper by saying the number 64, then they say yo "owe them" money, and if you don't pay them, they hack into your credit card account, and steal about 3x the amount of money they tried to charge you, so don't buy, don't even LOOK at it, just close the tab and try to forget you ever saw it, or you'll be sorry. If you buy it, then death is upon you.

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Thanks for saving me $$$ and Pain

August 8, 2013

Thank you all for the comments. I added the software to the shopping cart and was about to buy, then decided to read the reviews. Your time in writing these reviews is appreciated.

Did the actual program work or was that a joke too. if it works i would be willing to trade Rosetta Stone Spanish for a copy of yours. If its really not a good program then i appreciate knowing that too.

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Kerry Le Blanc
August 08, 2013

If you want just a passing knowledge of a language then yes this system will suffice, but it's no Rosetta Stone, the grammar rules aren't there, and while it may be true that the FBI uses their program, the agents already have a passing knowledge of the language their learning.

August 18, 2013

they are = they're

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