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If you consider your furry friend an important part of your family, you're in good company. According to surveys, 95% of Americans adore their pets and are more than willing to make the health and well-being of their cats and dogs a priority.

As consumers continue to grow more knowledgeable about nutrition, the demand for wholesome pet food is increasing.

With all the animal love, it is unsurprising that the market is seeing an increase in healthy pet food options from companies like homemade dog food brand, PetPlate.

What Is Pet Plate?

PetPlate focuses on using whole ingredients to create delicious meals that help optimize the health of your beloved canine companion. 


The promises of healthy dog food options like PetPlate include tasty, nutritious meals and treats for your pet, convenient delivery, and peace of mind knowing that you will not have to experience the fear of a pet food recall, which can have devastating consequences.

The company claims to be serious about developing high-quality dog food.  Their meals are designed by nutritionists in accordance with AAFCO standards and cooked in USDA kitchens.

Another popular question: Who owns PetPlate? The company was founded in 2016 by MIT graduate Renaldo Webb who appeared on an episode of Shark Tank but left without a deal. This did not stop them from moving forward, however. In 2020, the company caught the eye of high-profile investors like General Mills and earned $9 million in start-up funding.

How Does Pet Plate Work?

It is easy to sign up for a PetPlate subscription. Simply fill out a questionnaire on their website about your pet’s lifestyle and food preferences. Then, choose from two plans: The Full Meal Plan, which provides 100% of your dog’s food, or The Topper Plan, which allows you to integrate PetPlate with your pet’s current diet.

There are four food flavors to choose from: Barking Beef (grain-free) Chomping Chicken (grain-free) Tail Wagging Turkey (made with healthy grains) and Lip Licking Lamb (made with healthy grains).

Next, set your delivery schedule to ensure that your dog always has a supply of fresh meals. Then, wait for the goodies to be delivered-  packaging is eco-friendly and includes dry ice.

They claim that it is easy to change your preferences or cancel your subscription at any time. They also offer a money-back guarantee for your first trial box. If you or your pup is dissatisfied with the food, you are eligible for a full refund.

Your cat might be curious if PetPlate offers healthy meals for cats. Unfortunately, your feline friend is out of luck for now. The company currently sells only dog food, but their website has a waiting list that you can sign up for to be notified if they expand into the cat food market.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about PetPlate from pricing to what dogs and their humans think of the service.

Cost and Price Plans

The full meal plan option starts at $2.50/day and provides free shipping. Their website notes, however, that prices will vary depending on your dog’s dietary needs.

Customer Service

If you have questions about these products, you can reach out by e-mailing [email protected] or by dialing their customer service number: 855-981-6109.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

This line of dog food has been well-received. Self Magazine named them one of the best pet food delivery services, praising its balanced meals and convenience. Additionally, customers have left glowing reviews on the company website about everything from the food quality and health benefits of PetPlate to its packaging, convenience, and fast shipping times.

Negative reviews on the PetPlate website are sparse, but we appreciate that the company did not remove them from sight and responded to many of the criticisms. Complaints include that the containers take up too much freezer space, that the meals did not look appetizing, and that the service is too expensive.

You can also find positive reviews of PetPlate on Instagram from users who tag the brand in posts – the best bonus about these reviews is that they are always accompanied by adorable dogs posing with their purchases.

Finally, the blogosphere has great things to say about them. Dog Endorsed, for example, praises the company for the nutritional value of its food and the flexible subscription plans. They do, however, complain that PetPlate does not offer sample sizes for trial purposes and claim that the food looks better on the website than it does up close.

Canine Journal also offers praise for the customer service and food quality but notes that PetPlate does not take dog health issues into account.

Competitors and Alternatives

Healthy pet food subscription services are flooding the market to address the growing need for convenient, nutritious dog food. Popular PetPlate competitors include Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog.

All three competitors sell nutritious dog food subscriptions that are easy to modify and cancel. Like PetPlate, exact pricing depends on your pet’s size, weight, age, and dietary requirements. The average price for an Ollie subscription is $6.00/day a day while the average price for a medium-sized dog with Nom Nom Now is $7.00/day and a Farmer’s Dog subscription start at $2.00/day.

Customers rave about all three of these services. Nearly 500 reviewers on Trustpilot have given Ollie a 4.4/5-star rating. Customers say that they love the convenience, and their dogs love the food. Many also noticed health benefits including shinier coats and more energy.

Similarly, Farmer’s Dog boasts many satisfied customers who have stopped by their Facebook page to praise the company for going above and beyond for their customers and providing healthy, wholesome food. Finally, Nom Nom Now has earned a 4.3/5-star rating on Trustpilot with customers raving about the food quality and their pet’s improved activity levels.

Is Pet Plate Worth It?

Doting pet parents are always looking for new ways to pamper their pets.  PetPlate offers benefits that both you and your dog will appreciate. If you are looking to improve your dog’s health and quality of life, this is a great place to start- we think that your pup will be barking for more!

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