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Arrogant, uncaring supplier

Reviewed By d barton on February 21, 2014

I certainly have another opinion. I placed an order with Pet Discounters that they shipped to my PO Box via the USPS. Although the Postal Service did deliver that package somewhere, they did not deliver it to ME. I contacted Pet Discounters and they told me that I should go the the post office and "ask them to find your package."

When I told Pet Discounters that the USPS only deals with the shipper (the one that paid the USPS and guaranteed the delivery) and that the postmaster told me that the SHIPPER had to file a claim, they lady told me that it was "simply out of her hands" and that I MUST have received the merchandise because the Post Office told her that I got it and that I was "lying" to her.

There are other, more reputable places to buy

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Pet Supplies at Lowest Price

Reviewed By Tiffany on October 8, 2011, Hermitage, PA

I did business with Pet Discounters a month ago, and I am so pleased with my service. They were efficient and very fast with my order. It was very difficult to find shells for my growing hermit crabs to switch to. If they get too big in the shell they're in, they'll die, so this was urgent. I placed my order, and not only was it so inexpensive, the packagers took the special time to make sure I had the widest variety of shell sizes, without even asking! I will do all my online pet shopping here, and recommend you do the same!

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