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About PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders, found online at, claims they are the "most reliable source" for locating people and finding public records that are associated with them, for a variety of purposes. 

How Does It Work?

PeopleFinders is like many other, similar people search websites, which collect and utilize public records. Public records include information from the internet, social media networks, courthouse, real estate records, driving records, and more. 

This website offers their customers this information in a variety of formats, including People Search, Background Check, Criminal Records, Public Records, Genealogy Search, Reverse Phone Lookup, and more.  

Cost/Price Plans

The prices of the information and services you will find on this website vary widely, with a basic People Search Report costing as little as $1.95, and a full service Background Report costing $39.95.

Customers can choose to purchase each report and service individually, or they can opt for one of their monthly membership programs, which are priced around $29.95, but the website does not go into specifics about what these individual programs offer. 

Refund Policy

PeopleFinders states that customers must understand they what they are paying for is to have this search of information done for them - they are not paying for the accuracy of the information they receive. Because of this, all reports are considered "As Is," and they will not issue any refunds of their charges.

However they do provide a guarantee which says that if you pay for a report and their search returns no results, you can take that money and use it as a credit toward another report.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Currently the only information available for customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints is to do so by phone at (800) 718-8997, or by traditional mail at 1821 Q Street, Sacramento, CA 95811.


Unfortunately this company seems to have many angry customers who were frustrated at both the over lack of information they received, as well as the lack of accuracy of information they received from their reports. Complaints also include billing issues and poor customer service quality.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other online people finder services available, both paid and free, which include,,, and many more.  
If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your PeopleFinders reviews below.

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Steal my money

April27, 2016

This company steals your money. Be careful. DO NOT use it.

I used it for one single number (for a $3.99 one time cost) and DID NOT buy any subscriptions and awards or so on. After few days, I was billed $24.99 again. When I called, they said its for the subscriptions, when I started to argue that I didn't buy any subscriptions or awards, they turned off the phone and never responded my call again.

I am afraid they keep charging me this amount every month.


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